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ain Commanding Fortieth Ohio. April 10, 1863. Official list of killed, wounded, and missing of the Fortieth Ohio volunteer infantry, in the engagement at Franklin, Tenn., April tenth, 1863: killed--Orderly Sergeant Wilson Burrows, company A; privates Washington Link and Thomas Huntington, company C. wounded--Privates Alpheus Babb, company B; Martin Woolether, company C; Samuel I. Morrow, company B; and James Bradley, company C. missing--Sergeant Jesse Norain, Elwood Hale, and John Fleming, company B; Albert Williams, Wilson Olney, Oscar Duvall, and Samuel Hubbard, company A; Adam Suverly, Wallace Bennett, and Michael Madigan, company C. Nashville Union account. Franklin, Tennessee, April 11, 1863. We have been so much accustomed of late to skirmishing, that any serious thought of an attack on this place was not entertained, and even when, on yesterday, about one P. M., the firing became continuous, no excitement was manifest either in the citizens or soldiers.
The Daily Dispatch: January 3, 1861., [Electronic resource], Speech of U. S. Senator Benjamin on the Crisis. (search)
throughout the war, and survived it many years. Another was the venerable Judge Wm. Fleming, for many years President of the Court of Appeals. These Flemings, we believe, were descendants of Pocahontas, and therefore related to a large number of families in Virginia. But the name was at one time in danger of becoming extinct, the late Tarlton Fleming, of Goochland, being, after the death of Judge Fleming, the only one who bore it. The latter gentleman, however, left several sons. John Fleming was a gentleman of property, and a lawyer. When he left his profession and his home, at the call of his country, although still young, he, was rapidly rising to the head of the bar. We have, indeed, heard a person who know him well, and who was well qualified to judge, say that there was scarcely a name at the Virginia bar, that of Patrick Henry alone excepted, which he might not have hoped to rival. He gave himself up to his country without reserve, to fall on one of her most glorious
speration and suffered severely. Killed.--W. H. Crane, head; Julius Ferrill, face; George Butler, body; Bryan Morel body.; Thos. Purse, head. Wounded.--John A. Belvin, hip, severe; Frank Lenz, thigh severe.; L. Lipman, ankle, leg, and shoulder, severe.; Frank B. Bevill, breast, severe; James E. Carolan, hip, severe; R. Q. Baker, arm, severe; -- Estelle, arm, severe; -- Girardeau, face, severe; -- King, hip, severe; William Shellman, chin, slight; A. Holmes, wounded and prisoner; John Fleming, arm, severe; -- Rayzor, shoulder, slight; Martin, leg, slight; C. Hardwicke, leg, slight; Usena, leg, slight; J. Hunter, neck, slight; McDonald, body, severe; M. Franklin, arm and thigh, slightly; A. Tinsley, both arms, severe; Joe Godfrey, wrist, slight; E. Davis, shoulder, slight; Ivey, shoulder, severe; B. Donevan, leg, severe; S. Dasher, slight; Cole, arm, slight. Taken Prisoners.--S. Branch, Eastmead, Krenson. About six are missing. Seveney-eight went into the fight. Ove
Discharged prisoners. --The following persons, having been examined before Commissioner Lyons, were a few days ago discharged from the jail of Henrico by order of the Confederate Government: John Fleming, Robert Wood, (recommitted,) John H. Lashorn, Chas. Walker, Peter L. Anderson, Jesse Fellows, Alexander Fellows, H. Dickens, Thomas Williams, David Williams, J. W. Cole, James Cantly, J. F. Bingham, W. Woodworth, Wm. Hurst, Henry Kernall, Dwight J. Partello, William Belville, S. Schermerhorn, Benjamin Kimball, Joseph Rollins, Ludwig Hesse. There are now twenty-four prisoners of war in the county jail.
ller, Artillery. Major Vorhies. Captain Horton. Orderly Sergeant J H Laughlin, 15th Arkansas regiment. Lieut. G. R. G. Jones, heavy Artillery. private B T Stone, heavy Artillery. Serg't J R Smith, 3d Alabama battalion. private R N Fleming, 3d Alabama battalion. private S S Sears, 3d Alabama battalion. private James Nolen, 3d Alabama battalion. private Samuel Currey, 3d Alabama battalion. private J C Cooper, 3d Alabama battalion. private John Fleming, 3d Alabama battalioprivate John Fleming, 3d Alabama battalion. Corporal M D Kellingworth, 3d Alabama battalion. Corporal S M Phillips, 3d Alabama battalion. private Z J Phillips 3d Alabama battalion. private J O Winstead, 3d Alabama battalion. private J L Harris, 27th Alabama. private a K Harris, 27th Alabama. private John Harris, 27th Alabama. private W N Sutherland, 27th Alabama. private J M Berns, 27th Alabama. private George McDonald, 10th Tennessee. private Thomas Hailey, 10th Tennessee. private John Galden, 10th Tennessee.