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be here. The cars arrived, and were immediately surrounded and the soldiers paroled. The ladies all the while were in the cars administering comfort to the wounded. They remained about three hours, took off every horse they could find, and every servant that they could induce to go, which was very few, and then rode off without burning the houses or offering other injury to the villagers. They belonged to Stoneman's command. They went over this county, Goochland, Louisa, and a part of Fluvanna, without molestation. They became alarmed, however, and cut their career short. They went to Columbia for the purpose of destroying the canal, but in their haste did it very little injury. The injury to the railroads was slight, and easily repaired. To individuals they did some mischief; at W. they fed four hundred horses at my brother's barn, took his buggy horse, and rode off. His neighbours, and others in their route, fared very much in the same way. In Richmond the excitement was te
hrough which more than one half of their supplies are received — so that, in the opinion of competent judges, neither line, provided the rebels have every facility for the work, can be repaired in less than four weeks; destroyed millions of dollars' worth of commissary stores, and other supplies; obstructed travel upon the main pikes, by destroying all bridges over large streams; gave the citizens of ten counties, namely, Culpeper, Spottsylvania, Orange, Hanover, Henrico, Louisa, Goochland, Fluvanna, King William, and New-Kent, an opportunity to see for themselves that not only are the Yankee soldiers confident and in good spirits, but are really human beings and not inhuman savages, as represented by the Richmond chivalry; captured hundreds of horses, and above all met the one great objection made to the Emancipation Proclamation, so far as the counties visited are concerned, by letting the colored population know that they are free, and weakening the producing class in rebeldom by th
orders, ended any part taken by my company in the struggles around Richmond. I will take occasion to say, though not actually engaged, the men acted in a manner entirely satisfactory, and evinced an earnest desire to take an active part in the late great struggles around Richmond; but as all this occurred under your immediate observation, I will only say that they obeyed all orders cheerfully and soldierly. Major, I have the honor to be, Yours, with high respect, John J. Ancell, Captain Fluvanna Light Artillery. Report of Lieutenant Woolfolk. headquarters company A, Second battalion reserve artillery, July 11. 1862. Major Charles Richardson, commanding Second Battalion Reserve Artillery Corps: Major: In pursuance of your orders, I have the honor to make the following report of the services of this battery from the twenty-sixth of June. At this date, we were on picket duty at Mrs. Price's house, opposite the New Bridge, seven miles from Richmond. We were then under
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 6. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Stonewall Jackson — the story of his being an Astrologer refuted — an eye-witness describes how he was wounded. (search)
al and the troops, then moving down the pike, to keep them from seeing who it was; but it was impossible, and we met some men with a litter before we had gone ten steps, on which we put the General, and while doing so the enemy opened fire on us at short range from the battery planted on the pike, and also with infantry. The horses jerked loose and ran in every direction, and before we had proceeded far, one of the litter-bearers was shot, having both of his arms broken. This man lives in Fluvanna or Louisa county, Virginia, where the citizens made up a purse after the war and bought him a home. While General Jackson lay on the ground after he fell from the litter, he grew so faint from loss of blood, his arm having begun to bleed afresh, that he asked for some whiskey, and I immediately ran over to Melzei Chancellor's, where I had noticed a hospital-flag as we passed, thinking I would get some whiskey from the Yankee surgeons, but they all denied having any;. and as I could get non
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 17. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), A list of Confederate officers, prisoners, who were held by Federal authority on Morris Island, S. C., under Confederate fire from September 7th to October 21st, 1864. (search)
t., Asheley. Zzz=2d Lt. R. C. Campbell, 53d Va. bat., King William county. Zzz=2d Lt. J. M. Frasier, 1st Va. cav., Loudon. Zzz=2d Lt. C. P. Johnson, partizan rangers, Hampshire. Zzz=2d Lt. P. B. Akiss, 11th Va. inft., Lynchburg. Zzz=2d Lt. L. Green, 5th Va. cav., Petersburg. 2d Lt. H. C. Jones, 50th Va. inft., Gladesville. Zzz=2d Lt. J. W. Harris, 58th Va. inft., Bedford. Zzz=2d Lt. J. S. Hix, 44th Va. inft., Goochland. Zzz=2d Lt. F. A. Appleberry, 44th Va. inft., Fluvanna. Zzz=2d Lt. J. W. Hughes, 44th Va. inft., Cobham. Zzz=2d Lt. W. D. Davison, 27th Va. inft., Callards. Zzz=2d Lt. D. B. Cunney, 4th Va. inft., Elk Creek. Zzz=2d Lt. John A. Donaghue, 10th Va. inft., Parnassus. Zzz=2d Lt. J. L. Hearnslead, 25th Va. inft., Dubuque Inn. Zzz=2d Lt. W. B. Dodson, 5th Va. cav., Danville. Zzz=2d Lt. R. B. Hart, 5th Va. cav., Stevensville. Zzz=2d Lt. J. W. Davis, 20th Va. cav., Clarksville. Zzz=2d Lt. ——--Hopkins, 19th Va. inft., Scottsvil
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 25. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), chapter 1.13 (search)
Orders to burn. Reaching my quarters in the city about 2 o'clock A. M. of the 3d, my adjutant, Linden Kent, a youth about eighteen (who afterwards became a distinguished lawyer in Washington city, and died a few years since), showed me an order from General Ewell, directing all the tobacco warehouses, then full of tobacco, to be burned at a certain signal. He and Captain Herron, of Orange, the ranking officer in my absence (Captain W. T. Early, of Albemarle, and Major James Strange, of Fluvanna, then being absent, sick), had made all the arrangements necessary to carry this order into effect. I directed Captain Herron and Adjutant Kent, so soon as the signal was given, to fire these buildings, then pass over the river on Mayo's bridge and follow the army. Being dead tired, I threw myself down to rest, fell asleep, and did not waken until the arsenal exploded. This woke me up most effectually. I threw my blanket over my shoulder, sword and haversack on one side, and canteen, wi
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 28. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), chapter 1.28 (search)
and roster of the command. To the Editor of the Dispatch: I herewith enclose roster of Company D, 44th Virginia Infantry, Colonel W. C. Scott, of Powhatan county, for publication in your Confederate column. I think it will be of interest at least to the surviving members of the regiment. This company was mustered into the service of the Confederate States on the 9th of June, 1861, as from Louisa. The men, in fact, were about in equal numbers from Louisa, Goochland, Hanover and Fluvanna. After drilling at Camp Lee a few weeks, it was ordered to reinforce General Garnett at Rich Mountain, W. Va. It arrived just in time to witness his defeat and death. It then fell back to a strong position, where the Staunton and Parkersburg turnpike crosses the Greenbrier river. Colonel Edward Johnson, of the 12th Georgia, and others, under command of General Henry R. Jackson, arrived and fortified this position. The Federals, under General Reynolds, advanced and fortified on Cheat moun
59 Tyler171 Upshur130 Warren241 Wayne51 Wetzel744 Williamsburg15 Wirt166 Wise18 Wythe32 Goggin's (opp.) Maj's. Accomac......93 Albemarle......372 Alexandria......372 Amherst......78 Augusta......768 Bedford......571 Braxton......32 Buckingham......68 Campbell......256 Caroline......117 Carroll......117 Charles City......179 Charlotte......3 Clay......41 Culpeper......22 Cumberland......48 Elizabeth City......50 Essex......55 Floyd......183 Fluvanna......156 Franklin......116 Giles......111 Gloucester......18 Greenbrier......110 Hardy......417 Henrico......393 Henry......157 James City......80 Kanawha......679 King George......9 Lancaster......49 Lee......64 Loudoun......1076 Louisa......99 Marshall......195 Mason......141 Matthews......62 McDowell......82 Mercer......128 Monroe......173 Montgomery......227 Morgan......13 Nansemond......191 Nelson......356 New Kent......107 Nicholas..
180 Brooke91Botetourt246 Buckingham44Chesterfield654 Caroline360Clarke72 Carroll550Dinwiddie172 Culpeper22Doddridge301 Cumberland45Elizabeth City30 Franklin216Fauquier42 Floyd200Fairfax38 Gloucester184Harrison52 Goochland155Henrico350 Fluvanna120James City8 Grayson174Jefferson541 Greene189Loudoun177 Halifax366Lewis90 Hancock49Norfolk City239 Isle of Wight225Montgomery31 King and Queen97Nottoway40 Louisa349Petersburg439 Lunenburg21Pittsylvania300 Madison246page109 Marshall115ority by2,633 The remaining 65 counties in the State not heard from gave Goggin 105 majority at the late Gubernatorial election. The following are the returns received by telegraph and other sources, from the State, since yesterday: Fluvanna. --Returns from seven precincts give Breckinridge 242; Bell 215. The majority for Breckinridge in the whole county will be about 20--a Democratic gain of 155. Washington County --Gives Breckinridge 300 majority. Goochland --G
ht609 King George42 King and Queen255 King William173 Lewis.300 Lunenburg275 Madison750 Mecklenburg471 Northumberland126 Orange48 page796 Prince Edward47 Prince William479 Roanoke80 Shenandoah1440 Tyler100 Warren186 Washington280 Wetzel549 Wythe177 11,943 Bell's majorities Albemarle201 Alexandria446 Amelia24 Augusta2330 Bath40 Berkeley83 Botetourt1 Bedford429 Buckingham22 Campbell317 Chesterfield456 Culpeper1 Dinwiddie135 Elizabeth City83 Fairfax7 Fluvanna32 Henrico700 James City88 Jefferson801 Loudoun1253 Marshall80 Montgomery287 Nansemond58 Nelson336 New Kent94 Norfolk City547 Norfolk county255 Northampton53 Nottoway57 Ohio280 Petersburg747 Portsmouth118 Powhatan98 Prince George75 Princess Anne72 Pittsylvania645 Pulaski82 Rappahannock120 Richmond City1234 Rockbridge892 Rockingham206 Spottsylvania95 Stafford1 Surry74 Taylor50 Williamsburg6 13,909 Breckinridge's majorities11,943 Bell's clear maj. over Breckinr
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