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was discovered that it had passed completely through. His death must have been instantaneous. Twenty-five others of the rebel dead lay along the inside of the breastworks, while several fresh graves marked the places where others had been interred. A shell burst directly over Colonel Gooding's head about four o'clock on Monday afternoon, scattering the pieces in every direction. Another time a shower of grape whistled on all sides of him. While riding across the field with Captain Fordham, his Assistant Adjutant-General, a little later, a round shot struck the ground some distance ahead, ricochetted again and again in a direct line, and rolled harmlessly at their horses' feet. A young rebel, about eighteen years of age, belonging to the Eighteenth Louisiana, was about sundown shot through the stomach and taken prisoner. He asked Lieutenant Bailey for a drink of water. When given to him he thanked him very kindly, prayed that God would bless and prosper him. He said
gled on, was in a few strides further passed in succession by Starke, Royallieu and Wizard; Optimist, with Thormanby and Doefoot, following in close order. At the distance, Royallieu was beaten, Thormanby following suite in a few strides after, and their places were taken by Optimist, who, in company with Wizard, waited upon the leader to the entrance to the rails, when the favorite ran by his horses, and came on with a clear lead, Starke lying second, and Optimist third, on the stand side of the course, the three running extremely wide to the stand, when Fordham called upon his horse, (Starke,) who answered in the most gallant manner, and, after a protracted finish, landed the American colors first by a head only, Wizard defeating Optimist by three lengths for the second money; Thormanby finished a bad fourth; Mon Etoile, who ran through as the others were pulling up, was fifth, Wallace sixth, Doefoot next, and Royallieu and Lady Clifden the two last. Run in 4 minutes 50 seconds.
erica, to be come his ball for any amount. "No, no" said Her are, "I prefer to go to prison. The thing will attend thousand to the circulation of the Tribunes. The pure. Bath Course. May 27. --Tenth bimetal staker of 10 sova. each, with 50 sova. added for feals of 1859: colts, 8st 10lb., fillies and gelding, 8st. 7lb. with certain allowances. One mile and a half. The second to save his stake. 43 subs. Mr. R. Ten Broeck's Olive Branch, by Lexington, 8st. 4lb. (3lb) (Fordham) Mr. T. Parr's b. c. Tolurne, 8st, 7lb. (3lb) (Chements.) Mr. J. Clark's b. c. Bloodhound, 8st, 7lb. (3lb) (J. Snowden) Mr. Merry's b. c. The Knave, 8st, 10lb. (Challoner) Duke of Beaufort's b. c. Cemse, by Wild Payrell — Chamols, 8st. 7lb. (3lb.) (A. Day) Marquis of Allesbury's ch. c., by Windhound — Splitvolte, 8st. (10lb.) (J. Foater) Mr. Merrifield's Margery, 8st. 7lb. (Drew). Mr. T. Stevens' b. f. Ethel, 8st, 7lb. (Payne) Betting--5 to 4 on the Knave, 9 to 2 agai<
General Peel, 8 st. 10 lbs (Wells) 2 Lord Stamford's Cambuscan, 8 st. 10 lbs. (Edwards) 3 Mr. Launde's The Miaer, 8 st. 10 lbs. (J. O. borne) 4 Mr. W. S. Cartwright's Ely, 8 st. 10 lbs. (Custance.) Mr. Bowes's Claremont, 8 st. 10 lbs. (J. Goater.) Mr. Bowes's Baragah, 8 st. 10 lbs. (Ashmal.) Mr. Pardoe's Knight of Snowdon, 8 st. 10 lbs (Ashcroft.) Duke of St. Albans's Brindini, 8 st. 10 lbs. (F. Adams.) Duke of Beaufort's Black Rock, 8. st. 10 lbs. (Fordham.) Betting--Two to one against Elair Athol, eleven to four against General Peel, six to one against The Miner, seven to one against one hundred to six against twenty-five to one against Ely and each; thirty to one against Knight of Snowdon, and fifty to one, each, against Brindisi and Black Rock. Blair Athol, at the half distance, came out, and shooting past General Peel and Cambuscan with the utmost case, won literally in a canter, without ever being punished, by two lengths; a