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Historic leaves, volume 3, April, 1904 - January, 1905, John S. Edgerly: and his home on Winter Hill (search)
iness men's, and he had time to enjoy his garden and plenty of choice books. We were always glad on Christmas morning to have the Brown boys bring over their new books, for while we had our share of the good things the Father and Mother Santa Claus brought on the night before Christmas, when all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse, we didn't always have the books our neighbors had, and it was an added pleasure for each to enjoy the other's gifts. Next came Charles Forster's family. Words fail to express the love and respect everyone felt for this saintly man. I cannot tell his best characteristics, but, literally, none knew him but to love him, or named him but to praise. The Forster school on Sycamore street is named for him. The Stickney & Poors were among our smart and spicey friends, and many the good times we had at their expense. There was a saying that they kept a carpenter employed between them all the time, and their homes showed it. It seem
gerly Schoolhouse, 43. Edgerly, Thomas, 37, 43. Eldridge,——42. Elliot, —, 32. Elliot, Charles D., 25, 56, 59, 70. Emerson, John S., 57. Endecott, —, 29. Essex, Eng., 25. Everett, Hon., Edward, 38, 65. Everett, Governor, 24. Faire Grammar School, 52, 82. Fillebrown (family), 24. First Congregational (Unitarian) Church of Somerville, 21. First Church Gathering, 75. Fiske, David, 78, 84. Fiske, David, Sr., 83. Fitz, Abel, 20. Fitz, N. E., 42. Foorth, Mary, 25. Forster, Charles, 41. Forster School, 42. Fort Washington, 51. Forth Willm, 25. Fort Winthrop, 30. Foss, Sam Walter, 62. Foster, Captain, 48. Foye, John, 12. Framingham, Mass., 78, 86. Francis, Nathaniel, 16. Franklin Park, 7. Franklin Street, Somerville, 24. Fresh Pond, 54, 74. Fresh Pond Meadow, 53. Frost, Abigail, 90. Frost, Joseph, 13, 15, 16. Frothingham, Historian, 47. Frothingham's History of Charles-town, 19, 59. Frothingham, Deacon, Samuel, 14, 67. Furber, William
, Charles Thompson (president), J. W. Valentine, M. D., George W. Warren (treasurer), Alfred Allen, James Underwood, Charles Forster, Thomas Browne, Jr. (secretary). 1837, the same. 1838, Richard Frothingham, Jr., Charles Forster, Alfred AllenCharles Forster, Alfred Allen, Thomas Browne, Jr., George W. Warren, James Underwood, Eliah P. Mackintire. 1839, the same, except that John Sanborn succeeds Mr. Mackintire. 1840, Richard Frothingham, Jr. (president), George W. Warren, Charles Forster, John Sanborn, Eliah Charles Forster, John Sanborn, Eliah P. Mackintire (treasurer), Frederick Robinson (secretary), Francis Bowman. 1841, John C. Magoun, M. F. Haley, Philander Ames, Alfred Allen, Frederick Robinson, Richard Frothingham, Jr., E. P. Mackintire, Charles Forster, John Sanborn, Francis BowCharles Forster, John Sanborn, Francis Bowman, George W. Tyler (?). 1830-1831. The (summer) schools beyond the Neck were kept six months, beginning with the third Monday in April. Miss Abigail Bradley (No. 4)and Miss Sarah A. Mead (No. 5) received $16 per month, and Miss Miranda Whitt
use. A large willow once grew near Pitman street, and was the scene of many good times remembered by scholars of the Franklin school. The girls used to sit in the branches, which spread out near the ground, and the boys made whistles of the twigs, which led to trouble in school later.! The Franklin school yard, now a playground, is well stocked with shade trees, which were set out under the supervision of the school committtee in 1849 or 1850. One of the scholars recollects that Deacon Charles Forster, so well remembered by residents of Winter Hill, was on the school committee and had a prominent part in the work. Another scholar remembers the willows at the foot of the yard in 1847. None are there now, but two or three peep over the high fence of the Bleachery, and a row of them probably once thrived on the border of a creek there. A walk along Elm street reveals a thoroughfare in keeping with its name. A row of aged pine trees, however, on the corner of Cedar street gives
ardner; Clara D. Whittemore, of the Russell; Sarah M. Burnham, of Milk Row; Elizabeth P. Whittredge, of Prospect Hill; and Abby Mead, of Winter Hill road. May 9 Mr. Forster was authorized to procure a teacher until Miss Mead is able to take charge. Miss Ellen A. Damon was elected to this position June 11. These schools were assighe top of Winter Hill for establishing a primary school there, and requesting the board to present the same to the town in their annual report, was presented by Mr. Forster. Mr. Allen presented a report of the examination of the Winter Hill school, which was ordered to be placed on file. A petition from Clark Bennett and William B10.74 Benjamin Track, for work4.00 Moses Bacon, for work34.00 The auditors of all bills that came before the trustees were Richard Frothingham, Jr., and Charles Forster. Special appropriation to repair Russell district schoolhouse$200.00 Salaries: Joshua Bates (Winthrop school)900.00 and for teaching ancient languages.10
rchard, with a great variety of fruit, was one of the attractions of this homestead, and there are left of it four trees, still bearing, three of which belong to a member of the second generation. Of the rest of the orchard, which was located across Medford street from the Tufts house, as well as back toward Central street, only the memory of a tree, the fruit of which was very sweet, though no larger than a crab-apple, remains. Many of the trees on Forster street were set out by Deacon Charles Forster, who was interested in the formation of the first church in Somerville, and in other measures for the good of the community, when it was separated from Charlestown, in 1842. Going down Broadway, one on the lookout for old trees is brought to a halt at the sight of a spreading apple tree on the estate of I. A. Whitcomb. Investigation leads one to conclude that it is probably one of an orchard planted by Joseph Tufts, who lived in the Tufts homestead at the corner of Central stree
Historic leaves, volume 5, April, 1906 - January, 1907, Charlestown schools after 1825 (Continued.) (search)
igned to the care of Messrs. Allen and Underwood, of the trustees. The report of Charles Adams and others, reported at the last town meeting, was referred to Messrs. Forster, Underwood, and Sanborn, who are to ascertain the number of children at Winter Hill. This committee reported in favor of a school on the top of this hill, onr 21 Miss Charlotte Reynolds was selected for the Gardner district, at a salary of $225. Levi Russell was elected for the winter term in his home district. Messrs. Forster and Sanborn, a committee for estimating the cost of a new building on Winter Hill, reported May 11 that Mr. Charles Adams will give to the town a piece of lanis son from school. The committee approve entirely of the teacher's course. The boy's case of being allowed to return, if of good character, is referred to Messrs. Forster, Mackintire, and Frothingham, who are to confer with Mr. Vinson and report. Voted that Mr. Vinson deserves and hereby receives the thanks of the board for th
. Fletcher, Annie L., 53. Fisk, Ellsworth, 53. Fitchburg Railroad, 65. Fitz, N. E., 53, 59, 90. Flagg, Wilson, 34, 38. Flanagan, Lewis C., 61. Flanders, Miss, 18. Flora of Somerville, The, 55. Follet, Bradbury, 70. Ford, C., 15. Forster, Charles, 49, 77, 78, 82, 92, 96, 97. Forster, Deacon, Charles, 60, 88. Fort Hill, 4. Fort Wagner, 4. Foster, T., 13. Franklin School. 60, 65. French, Miss, Rebecca, 17, 21. Fresh Pond, 9, Frost's Grammar, 98. Frost, Martha, 18, 19. FrosForster, Deacon, Charles, 60, 88. Fort Hill, 4. Fort Wagner, 4. Foster, T., 13. Franklin School. 60, 65. French, Miss, Rebecca, 17, 21. Fresh Pond, 9, Frost's Grammar, 98. Frost, Martha, 18, 19. Frost, Samuel, 12. Frost, Samuel Tufts, 57. Frost, William, 13. Frothingham, —, 22. Frothingham, James K., 48, 70, 81, 96. Frothingham Richard, Jr., 4, 51, 82, 94, 95, 97. Furber,—William H., 53, 90. Garden Court, 58. Gardner District, 50, 51, 67, 78, 79, 83, 93, 96, 99. Gardner, Henry, 11. Gardner, Mary B., 75. Gardner, Miles, 67. Gardner, Miss, 20. Gardner Row, 77. Gardner, Samuel, 14. Gardner, S, Jr., 14. Gardner School, 67, 71, 72, 73, 74, 75, 76, 77, 92, 96, 97. Gaffield,
47 Tyngsborough,799 Waltham,4,464 Watertown,2,837 Wayland,1,115 West Cambridge,2,202 Westford,1,473 Weston,1,205 Wilmington,877 Winchester,1,253 Woburn,3,954 ——— Total,161,385 Census of 1840,106,611 Inc. in 10 years,54,774 ——— Somerville town Government for 1851-52. Selectmen, John S. Edgerly (chairman), Thomas J. Leland, Charles Miller, Chester Guild, John Runey. Treasurer, Robert Vinal. School Committee, Augustus R. Pope (chairman), Edwin Leigh (secretary), Charles Forster, Fitch Cutter, George O. Brastow, Edwin Munroe, Jr., Isaac F. Shepard. Town clerk, Charles E. Gilman. Assessors, John C. Magoun (chairman), William Bonner, Abel Fitz. Overseers of Poor, Columbus Tyler (chairman), Oliver Tufts, John S. Edgerly. Constables, Hugh Moore, William Higgins. Collector, Hugh Moore. Auditors, Columbus Tyler, Edward L. Stevens, Samuel T. Frost. Fence Viewers, Hugh Moore, William A. Tufts, David A. Sanborn. Field Drivers, Hugh Moore, Th
a, b. merchant tailor, h. Mount Vernon. Fitz, Abel, h. Mount Vernon. Fisher, Mrs., widow, h. Porter. Flemmin, Nicholas, laborer, Beacon. Flanagan, Edward, laborer, h. Milk. Flanagan, John, laborer, h. Spring hill. Foley, William, laborer, h. Medford. Fogg, George S., b. clerk, h. Cross. Forbes, John, h. Joy. Foy, Oliver, brickmaker, h. Linwood. Fox, Joseph, engineer, h. Beacon. Fox, Lewis M., brickmaker, h. Derby. Foster, Robert, lumber dealer, h. Bow. Forster, Charles, cabinet dealer, h. Broadway. Fosdick, Daniel, shoe dealer, h. Milk near bleachery. Freeman, Moses H., b. machinist, h. Spring. French, George, brickmaker, h. Medford. Frost, Samuel T., yeoman, h. Milk. Fultz, Joseph, blacksmith, h. Elm. Fulsom, Benjamin W., furniture dealer, Lime. Fullick, G. K., painter, h. Bow. Garrett, Robert, h. Beacon. Galletly, James, twine manufacturer, h. Cambridge. Gates, William, provision dealer, h. cor. Cambridge and Dane
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