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Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 10. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones) 2 2 Browse Search
Horace Greeley, The American Conflict: A History of the Great Rebellion in the United States of America, 1860-65: its Causes, Incidents, and Results: Intended to exhibit especially its moral and political phases with the drift and progress of American opinion respecting human slavery from 1776 to the close of the War for the Union. Volume II. 2 2 Browse Search
Henry Morton Stanley, Dorothy Stanley, The Autobiography of Sir Henry Morton Stanley 2 0 Browse Search
G. S. Hillard, Life and Campaigns of George B. McClellan, Major-General , U. S. Army 2 0 Browse Search
Francis Jackson Garrison, William Lloyd Garrison, 1805-1879; the story of his life told by his children: volume 4 2 0 Browse Search
James Russell Lowell, Among my books 2 2 Browse Search
Col. John C. Moore, Confederate Military History, a library of Confederate States Military History: Volume 9.2, Missouri (ed. Clement Anselm Evans) 2 0 Browse Search
Col. O. M. Roberts, Confederate Military History, a library of Confederate States Military History: Volume 11.1, Texas (ed. Clement Anselm Evans) 2 0 Browse Search
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 28. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones) 2 0 Browse Search
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 31. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones) 2 0 Browse Search
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the Rev. W. Turner , Jun. , MA., Lives of the eminent Unitarians, Introductory Sketch of the early history of Unitarianism in England. (search)
pels his brother from that which he believes as the manifest word of God to an implicit faith (which he himself condemns) to the endangering of his brother's soul, whether by rash belief or outward conformity, for whatever is not of faith is sin. In 1575, twenty-seven foreign Baptists were apprehended, four of whom recanted their opinions under the terror of the stake. Shortly afterwards two Dutchmen were actually burnt in Smithfield, notwithstanding an eloquent expostulation addressed by Fox the martyrologist to Queen Elizabeth. To say the truth, it hardly deserved to succeed, for all he aims at is to substitute some milder form of death, thus virtually conceding the principle of persecution for opinions in all its extent. In 1579, W. Hamont, a plough-wright, of Hetherset, near Norwich, underwent the same frightful sentence. The heretical opinions laid to his charge, as reported by Mr. Locke, See Mr. Locke's Letters to Limborch, Oct. 7, 1699. are evidently such a distortio
the Rev. W. Turner , Jun. , MA., Lives of the eminent Unitarians, James Peirce (search)
hrist. This (he adds) is your act as well as ours. But the authoritative separating and commissioning him to the work is not your act, but primarily the Lord's, and secondarily our acting in his name. If we are to rely on the account given by Mr. Fox, of Plymouth, in his curious and biographical papers, See Monthly Repository, O. S., vol. XVI. Mr. Peirce was not indisposed, as long as his popularity continued, to carry matters with a high hand in the assembly; and he even insinuates thatuch as to shew that he had a sufficient feeling of his own importance, and was fully sensible of his superiority to the men who were enabled by circumstances to annoy and overcome him. It must on the other hand be observed, that no one can read Mr. Fox's papers without immediately perceiving the prevailing bias of his mind to satire, so that his accounts of his contemporaries, where they tend to their disparagement, must be taken with some few grains of allowance. The first serious indicati
Historic leaves, volume 5, April, 1906 - January, 1907, Charlestown schools after 1825 (Continued.) (search)
the teacher. The books prescribed for the primary schools: My First School Book, Worcester's Second and Third Books of Reading, the Young Reader, the New Testament, the New National Spelling Book, Introduction to the National Spelling Book, Emerson's First Part in Arithmetic, Alphabetical Cards, the Mt. Vernon Reader. In the grammar schools: American First Class Book, Young Ladies' Class Book, National Reader, Worcester's Third Book, National Spelling Book, Murray's Grammar, Parker and Fox's Grammar, Frost's Grammar, Bailey's Algebra, Emerson's Second and Third Parts in Arithmetic, Robinson's Bookkeeping, Blake's Philosophy, Comstock's Chemistty, Wilkins' Astronomy, Worcester's Geography, Mitchell's Geography, Worcester's History, Boston School Atlas, Sullivan's Political Class Book, Gould's Latin Grammar and Latin Reader, Smellie's Natural Philosophy. 1841-1842. The teachers in the outside schools for this year were: Miss Mary E. Brown, at No. 17; Miss Leonora Skilton,
Spelling Book, 98. Neck School, 51, 52, 70, 71, 75, 77, 78. Newell, Ann E., 83. New England Magazine, 7. Newhall, A., 12. New National Spelling Book, 98. Odin, John, 11. Old Cambridge, 66. Old Elm, 2. Old Five Mile Woods, 30. Old Granary Burying Ground, 4, 5. Old Red Gate, The, 86. Owen, John, 38. Paddock Elms, 4. Paddock, Major, Adino, 4. Paddock's Mall, 4. Page, Jacob, 14. Park Street, 57. Park Street Church, 5. Parker, Benjamin, 14, 15. Parker and Fox's Grammar, 98. Parker, G. A., 76. Parker, John, 16. Parker, L. M., 16. Pearson, E., 15. Permanent Funds of Trustees of Charlestown Schools, 72. Perry, Sarah, 12, 16, 17. Phillips Pasture, 4. Pbipps, J., 13. Phipps, W. C., 13. Phipps, William S., 18. Pierce, —, 51, 52. Pierce, A., 12. Pierce, Charles, 20. Pierce, Toel, 21, 74, 77, 79, 83. Pine Hill, Medford, 30, 38. Pine Island Pond, 61. Pitman Street, 60. Pitts, Samuel, 46. Polly Swamp, 53, 60, 85. Pool, Lot,
laborer, Beacon. Flanagan, Edward, laborer, h. Milk. Flanagan, John, laborer, h. Spring hill. Foley, William, laborer, h. Medford. Fogg, George S., b. clerk, h. Cross. Forbes, John, h. Joy. Foy, Oliver, brickmaker, h. Linwood. Fox, Joseph, engineer, h. Beacon. Fox, Lewis M., brickmaker, h. Derby. Foster, Robert, lumber dealer, h. Bow. Forster, Charles, cabinet dealer, h. Broadway. Fosdick, Daniel, shoe dealer, h. Milk near bleachery. Freeman, Moses H., b. macFox, Lewis M., brickmaker, h. Derby. Foster, Robert, lumber dealer, h. Bow. Forster, Charles, cabinet dealer, h. Broadway. Fosdick, Daniel, shoe dealer, h. Milk near bleachery. Freeman, Moses H., b. machinist, h. Spring. French, George, brickmaker, h. Medford. Frost, Samuel T., yeoman, h. Milk. Fultz, Joseph, blacksmith, h. Elm. Fulsom, Benjamin W., furniture dealer, Lime. Fullick, G. K., painter, h. Bow. Garrett, Robert, h. Beacon. Galletly, James, twine manufacturer, h. Cambridge. Gates, William, provision dealer, h. cor. Cambridge and Dane. Gay, Francis C., milk dealer, h. Walnut. Gay, John, blacksmith, h. Linden. Garven, Thomas, rope-maker, h. Milk. Ga
The writings of John Greenleaf Whittier, Volume 1. (ed. John Greenleaf Whittier), Narrative and legendary poems (search)
shers, He was merriest of them all. When, among the jovial huskers, Love stole in at Labor's side, With the lusty airs of England, Soft his Celtic measures vied. Songs of love and wailing lyke-wake, And the merry fair's carouse; Of the wild Red Fox of Erin And the Woman of Three Cows, By the blazing hearths of winter, Pleasant seemed his simple tales, Midst the grimmer Yorkshire legends And the mountain myths of Wales. How the souls in Purgatory Scrambled up from fate forlorn, On St. Even'all no longer meet, But all sit equal at the Master's feet.” On the stone hearth the blazing walnut block Set the low walls a-glimmer, showed the cock Rebuking Peter on the Van Wyck clock, Shone on old tomes of law and physic, side By side with Fox and Behmen, played at hide And seek with Anna, midst her household pride Of flaxen webs, and on the table, bare Of costly cloth or silver cup, but where, Tasting the fat shads of the Delaware, The courtly Penn had praised the goodwife's cheer, A
The writings of John Greenleaf Whittier, Volume 3. (ed. John Greenleaf Whittier), Songs of Labour and Reform (search)
ings sneer, let fools deride, Ye heed no idle scorner; Free hands and hearts are still your pride, And duty done, your honor. Ye dare to trust, for honest fame, The jury Time empanels, And leave to truth each noble name Which glorifies your annals. Thy songs, Hans Sachs, are living yet, In strong and hearty German; And Bloomfield's lay, and Gifford's wit, And patriot fame of Sherman; Still from his book, a mystic seer, The soul of Behmen teaches, And England's priest craft shakes to hear Of Fox's leathern breeches. The foot is yours; where'er it falls, It treads your well-wrought leather, On earthen floor, in marble halls, On carpet, or on heather. Still there the sweetest charm is found Of matron grace or vestal's, As Hebe's foot bore nectar round Among the old celestials! Rap, rap!—your stout and bluff brogan, With footsteps slow and weary, May wander where the sky's blue span Shuts down upon the prairie. On Beauty's foot your slippers glance, By Saratoga's fountains, Or twinkle
The writings of John Greenleaf Whittier, Volume 5. (ed. John Greenleaf Whittier), Tales and Sketches (search)
s of having lost in any degree my early admiration of heroic achievement. The feeling remains; but it has found new and better objects. I have learned to appreciate what Milton calls the martyr's unresistible might of meekness, —the calm, uncomplaining endurance of those who can bear up against persecution uncheered by sympathy or applause, and, with a full and keen appreciation of the value of all which they are called to sacrifice, confront danger and death in unselfish devotion to duty. Fox, preaching through his prison-gates or rebuking Oliver Cromwell in the midst of his soldier-court; Henry Vane beneath the axe of the headsman; Mary Dyer on the scaffold at Boston; Luther closing his speech at Worms with the sublime emphasis of his Here stand I; I cannot otherwise; God help me; William Penn defending the rights of Englishmen from the baledock of the Fleet prison; Clarkson climbing the decks of Liverpool slaveships; Howard penetrating to infected dungeons; meek Sisters of Chari
Thomas Wentworth Higginson, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Chapter 11: Hyperion and the reaction from it (search)
r, it is no great matter. There are Indians here: savage fellows;— one Black-Hawk and his friends, with naked shoulders and red blankets wrapped about their bodies:—the rest all grease and Spanish brown and vermillion. One carries a great war-club, and wears horns on his head; another had his face painted like a grid-iron, all in bands:— another is all red, like a lobster; and another black and blue, in great daubs of paint laid on not sparingly. Queer fellows!—One great champion of the Fox nation had a short pipe in his mouth, smoking with great self-complacency as he marched out of the City Hall: another was smoking a cigar! Withal, they looked very formidable. Hard customers. . . . Very truly yours H. W. L. Ms Note, again, how this tendency to home themes asserts itself explicitly in Longfellow's notice of Hawthorne's Twice-Told Tales at about the same time in The North American Review, (July, 1837):— One of the most prominent characteristics of these tales is
1757Jan. 4, 1758In house of Wm. McClinton. Sarah (wife)Reading, Rachel (daughter) Fitch, John B.Aug. 31, 1797 Flora (negro)Charlestown,Dec. 12, 1765Sept. 1, 1766In family of Henry Putnam. Floyd, BenjaminBoston,Mar. 23, 1767Boarder in house of Noah Floyd. Floyd, HepsibahJan. 30, 1791 Floyd, HughMaiden,Mar. 15, 1759In house of Benj. Parker, Jr. Tenant of Col. Royall before 1772. Abigail (wife) William Children Susanna Children Fowle, JohnAug. 31, 1797 Fowle, MehitabelJan. 30, 1791 Fox, CatherineJan. 30, 1791 Freeman, Primas Primus wife and familyApr. 16, 1784 Jan. 30, 1791 Freeman, RichardJan. 20, 1740Negro in house of John Hammon. Freeman, RichardChelsea, October, 1761Aug. 30, 1762 French family, ACharlestown, May, 1751Tenants in house of John Willis. Frost, RufusAug. 31, 1797 Frost, MaryCambridge, May 16, 1772Daughter of Abraham Frost. In family of Moses Tufts. Fuller, BenjaminLynn, May 7, 1764In house of Wm. Hall. Fury, SimonMarblehead, October, 1770In f
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