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ant charge of the brigade. Officers and men behaved in every way as becomes the soldier of the Southern Confederacy. While I cannot but be happy in commending those who survive, we must not pass unnoticed the gallant dead, and most conspicuous among them, the noble young Lieutenant-Colonel Petoray, who fell at the head of his regiment. I should do injustice if I failed to mention the conspicuous conduct of Colonels Rutledge, Ransom, and Ramseur--the two latter being severely wounded. Major Frances, too, of the Twenty-fifth, deserves the highest approbation. To my staff, Lieutenant J. G. Ashe, acting Assistant Adjutant-General, Lieutenant N. E. Broadnax, Aid-de-camp, Captain Fred. Blake, volunteer Aid-de-camp, I am indebted for valuable assistance in the field. To Lieutenant J. L. Henry, First North Carolina cavalry, Ordnance Officer, I must express my thanks for his energy and zeal in collecting arms and accoutrements under fire. A list of casualties is here appended: Sixty
reet Spaulding, Mr. and Mrs. A. C.10 Putnam Street Spratt, Mrs. Lizzie D.16 Grant Street Staples, Mr. and Mrs. M. G.42 Prospect Street Stevens, Miss Edith A. 11 Grant Street Stone, Mrs. H. H.69 Heath Street Story, Mr. and Mrs. O. L.Devroe Street, Arlington Stover, Miss Annie44 Highland Avenue Strout, Mr. and Mrs. C. O.17 Flint Street Studley, Mr. and Mrs. C. S.84 Boston Street Sturtevant, Mrs. Lydia A.31 Warren Avenue Sturtevant, Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm .33 Warren Avenue Surrell, Mrs. Frances 59 Preston Road Sylvester, Mrs. Roscoe 28 Montrose Street Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. William 91 Glen Street Taylor, Miss Sarah D.39 Auburn Avenue Thayer, Mr. and Mrs. P. B. S.29 Gilman Street Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. Frank,1047 Saratoga Street, East Boston Trickey, Mrs. E. A.10 Auburn Avenue Turner, Mrs. Frank12 Austin Street Twombly, Mrs. Susan F.19 Greenville Street Tufts, Mrs. Charlotte 85 Mt. Vernon Street Ulm, Mrs. Albert A.59 Preston Road Wait, Miss Lizzie22 Webster Street Warr
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 37. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Index. (search)
Flying machine of the Confederacy, 302. Fredericksburg, Suffering in, after the battle, 355. Forrest in West Tennessee, 304; Bravest of brave, 364. Forsyth, Gen. James W., 174. Franklin, Admiral, 42. Freelinghuysen, Joseph S., 165. General, Capture of the Engine, 264. Gettysburg Campaign 210; deliberate insinuations as to and reflections on, 211, 227; Color Episode of, 266; First day on left at, 326. Gibson Col. J. C., 237. Goodwin, Rev. R. A., 328. Goolrick. Mrs. Frances B., 355. Gorgas, Gen. Josiah 2 16. Gorgas Col. W. C., 17. Grandstaff, Lieut. D. W., 366. Greely Horace, asked to bring about speedy trial of Jefferson Davis, 214, 252. Grimes', Battery, Centennial of, 169. Hampton Gen. Wade, 35. Halleck, Gen. 99. Harrison, Capt. Carter B., 56 Heckman's Brigade? Who captured, 181. Heth, Gen., intended to cover his error, 369. Hodges, Col. James G., 184; where he fell, 195. Hoffman, Fred., of Color Guard, 275. Hooker.
Medford Historical Society Papers, Volume 1., Medford Historical Society. (search)
orace D. Hall, Dr. W. L. Hallowell, Mrs. Anna D. Hallowell, Miss May. Hallowell, N. P. Hallowell, Richard P. Harlow, Miss Catherine E. Haskins, Mrs. M. J. Hatch, Frank E. Hayes, Edward W. Hayes, Miss Martha E. Hedenberg, Dr. James. Hervey, James A. Hillman, Charles H. Hinckley, Miss Ella S. Hodges, Gilbert. Hogan, Mrs. Mary. Hollis, Benjamin P. Hooper, John H. Howard, Daniel N. Johnson, Cleophas B. Jones, Charles N. Jones, Mrs. Frances W. Jones, Miss Amy W. Jones, James E. Joyce, Allston P. Kidder, Fred H. Kidder, Mrs. C. Edith. Kingman, William F. Kummer, Charles E. Langell, E. I. Larkin, Charles E. Law, Asa. *Lawrence, Rosewell B. Lawrence, Hon. Samuel C. Lawrence, Mrs. Carrie R. Leary, Mrs. Fanny S. Leighton, Miss Ella. Leonard, Benjamin C. Lincoln, Miss Agnes W. Loomis, Charles H. Loomis, Mrs. Mary B. Loring, Clifton. Lovering, Frank H. Lovering, lion
Medford Historical Society Papers, Volume 4., Medford Historical Society. (search)
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The Daily Dispatch: December 12, 1862., [Electronic resource], Proclamation of the Governor, of Texas. (search)
Going away --A flag of truce is expected to start for City Point to-day or to-morrow, carrying away a number of Abolition prisoners of war lately received here. Among the miscellaneous parties who are to be sent off are Mrs. Frances, D. Jamison, of New York, captured near Centreville some time since, (and since held as a spy;) Mrs. Maria Underwood, of Washington, (arrested as a suspicious character,) and Mrs. Sarah Webster, wife of the man executed some months ago as a spy. All of these parties have been, and are now, at Castle Thunder. Two hundred and fifty Abolitionists will be sent to City Point this morning at ½ o'clock, in charge of Lieut. Bossieux. A boat arrived at the Point on Wednesday, and is waiting there to receive them.