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Medford Historical Society Papers, Volume 3., Medford in the War of the Revolution. (search)
, we see the graves of those whose hearts beat fast with patriotic fervor on that eighteenth of April one hundred twenty-three years ago. There they rest—the Committee of Safety, the Representatives to the General Court, the heroes of Stillwater, the patriot preachers, the minute-men, and the heroic women, side by side. Over their graves waves the Star Spangled Banner, without a stripe lost and with many stars gained since they fought and suffered beneath its folds. May we preserve what they began! A union of States none can sever, A union of hearts and a union of hands, And the flag of our Union forever. Sarah Bradlee Fulton Chapter, D. A. R. Officers for 1899. RegentMRS. Mary B. Loomis. Vice-RegentMISS Ella L. Burbank. ChaplainMRS. Sarah E. Fuller. SecretaryMISS Helen T. Wild. RegistrarMRS. Emma W. Goodwin. TreasurerMISS Sarah L. Clark. HistorianMISS Eliza M. Gill. Executive Board. Mrs. Hannah E. Ayers. Mrs. C. Edith Kidder. Mrs. A. H. Evans
Thus with much difficulty we have contrived and divided if his Honr: the Sd. Judge please to confirm it —Memo: It's agreed before signing that the Widows Mrs Prudence swan and Eliza Wade shall have Liberty of ayard at the West End of the Barn where the old pound stood for Yard & Cart ways to the said barn besides the Yards before mentioned &ra William Iohnson James Converse Iohn Greenland Peter Tufts Stephen Ffrancis Allowed of the aforesd Division <*> Ias. Russel Ip. Entred & Examined, <*> Samll. Phipps Regr. E Libo. 9no: Pa. 245, 6, 7,8 Examined <*> ffra: ffoxcroft Jun Regr: Officers of Sarah Bradlee Fulton Chapter, D. A. R. For year Ending April, 1902. Regent.—Miss Helen T. wild; Vice Regent.—Miss Eliza M. Gill; Secretary.—Miss Ida L. Hartshorn; Treasurer.—Miss Jessie M. Dins-more; Chaplain.-Mrs. Sarah E. Fuller; Registrar.—Mrs. Emma W. Goodwin; Historian.—Mrs. Elizabeth A. Chaney. Board of Managers.— Mrs. C. Edith Kidder, Mrs. H. Elizabeth Ayers, Mis
rge S. Delano. Followed by a social hour. November 19.—The Trees of Medford. Illustrated. Mr. Charles H. Morss. December 17.—The Royall House and its people. Miss Helen T. Wild. January 21.—The Restoration of the Flag to Sumter. Illustrated. Capt. D. Eldredge of Boston. February 18.—Some letters of Miss Lucy Osgood. Rev. Henry C. DeLong. March 18.—Annual Meeting. How I found the spinning Wheel. Mr. F. H. C. Woolley of Malden. April 15.—Women in the Civil War and now. Mrs. Sarah E. Fuller. May 20.—The first Methodist Episcopal Church in Medford. Mrs. Abby D. Saxe. Supplementary course. December 1.—Russia of the Past and of the Future. Prof. Leo Wiener of Harvard University. January 5.—Present Day Aspects in Latin America. Senorita Carolina Holman Huidobro of Boston. February 2.—Over Boston Neck to Mystic (Medford). Mr. Walter K. Watkins of Malden. March 2.—Rambles in the Western Wilds. Illustrated. Mr. Moses W. Mann. April 6.—Fro
Medford Historical Society Papers, Volume 20., Historical Society Reaches Majority in its New home. (search)
as a hopeful indication and outlook. Three of these camps, Sagamore, Mystic and Nahanadah, united under their guardians, Mesdames Kenny, Proctor and Snell, as the Sag-my-nah Council, were the guests of the evening. Their entrance of the hall, their costumes and ceremonies, their salute to the flag and pledge of loyalty were of great interest. Surrounding the broad hearthstone they lit the Society's initial fire, that some members had been anxious before to do. We will quote here from Mrs. Fuller in the Medford Messenger— In accordance with the usual custom at all meetings of the Camp Fire Girls, the central symbol of the society was then demonstrated by kindling a fire by the Indian method of the rubbing stick. For the first time the flames of a matchless fire rolled brightly up the new fireplace, as the girls, seated on the floor in a semi-circle, chanted an ode to the Great Spirit, followed by the singing of Burn, Fire, Burn, Mammy Moon, and Wo-he-lo, the latter portraying
Medford Historical Society Papers, Volume 20., What the women of Medford are doing in the present War crisis. (search)
ion, and more will be furnished if needed. Hand-in-hand in the same work, ever remembering the unselfish life of their namesake, and ready not only to emulate the deeds of their fathers, but to aid others in the service of our country, is Sarah E. Fuller, Tent 22, Daughters of Veterans. With equal loyalty to the cause of liberty for which their sires fought in ‘76 are the Daughters of the American Revolution, named for Sarah Bradlee Fulton, whose name has come down in Medford annals as ons Alliance (Unitarian), Mrs. Charles Sawyer, chairman. Sesame Club, Miss Miriam Clark, chairman. Catholic Woman's Club (W. M.), Miss Kate Duane, chairman. Watchful Circle (King's Daughters, S. M.), Mrs. C. L. Carpenter, chairman. Sarah E. Fuller Circle (King's Daughters, S. M.), Mrs. G. S. T. Fuller, chairman. Grace Guild (Episcopal), Mrs. Julia Hadley, chairman. Mystic Congregational Church, Miss E. Josephine Wilcox, chairman. Trinity M. E. Ch., (W. M.), Mrs. Herbert A. We