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Historic leaves, volume 3, April, 1904 - January, 1905, Gregory Stone and some of his descendants (search)
e for the school without the Neck, that he have an order for £ 34 10s Od, the whole sum named for said school. But as Mr. Gardner's and Mr. Russell's orders were drawn (but not paid) and recorded in this book, this is deducted, and makes his paymend for the school under his care the sum of £ 22 13s 5d. May 8, 1780, the year of inflated values, the selectmen, with Samuel Gardner added, were made a committee to regulate all the schools, and the following December Mr. Tufts, as one of this body, lectmen, and must have been intimately acquainted with the school in his own section. May 11, 1778, with Caleb Call, Samuel Gardner, and Philemon Russell, he was appointed to regulate the outside schools of the town. The following year this committee consisted of Samuel Tufts, Samuel Gardner, and Amos Warren. February, 1782, the school, under the direction of Samuel Tufts, received £ 29 10s to offset the expenses of the year before. Nathaniel Hawkins, generally styled Collector Hawkins, as
op, 30. Foss, Sam Walter, 62. Foster, Captain, 48. Foye, John, 12. Framingham, Mass., 78, 86. Francis, Nathaniel, 16. Franklin Park, 7. Franklin Street, Somerville, 24. Fresh Pond, 54, 74. Fresh Pond Meadow, 53. Frost, Abigail, 90. Frost, Joseph, 13, 15, 16. Frothingham, Historian, 47. Frothingham's History of Charles-town, 19, 59. Frothingham, Deacon, Samuel, 14, 67. Furber, William H., 60. Gardner, Henry, 16. Gardner Locks, 3. Gardner Row District, 15, 87. Gardner, Samuel, 91. Garrad, Margaret, 73. General Sullivan, The, 26. George III., King, 38. Gibson's Lock, 3. Gilman, Charles E., 38. Glines, Jacob T., 43. Goodwin, Timothy, 44. Governor's Garden, 30. Governor's Island, 30. Great Stanbridge, Eng., 25. Greaves, Thomas, Esq., 12, 14. Green, The, 30. Griffin, —, 22. Groton, Eng., 25, 35. Groton Manor, England, 25. Hadley, Eng., 25. Hale, Edward Everett, 39. Hamlet, William, 53. Hancock, Rev., John, 84. Hanover Street, Bo
Historic leaves, volume 4, April, 1905 - January, 1906, Charlestown schools without the Peninsula Revolutionary period. (search)
3, was serving his district. October 10, 1776, Samuel Gardner was serving in this capacity, and his name is f for teaching in their respective districts, as Samuel Gardner and Amos Warren were on the school board at the again in 1784. August 2, 1784, Amos Warren and Samuel Gardner are allowed to keep tavern. We are justifiednd find a room for the school. Voted to give Samuel Gardner five shillings a week to board Ruth Jones to Deed June 7 of that year. Our notes on the name of Gardner are exceedingly meagre for a family of so much prom, ‘77, John Hay, Timothy Tufts, Walter Russell, Samuel Gardner; £ 60 (for all the schools). May 11, 1778, Caleb Call, Samuel Tufts, Samuel Gardner, Philemon Russell; £ 140 (for all the schools). May 20, 1779, Samuel Tufts, Samuel Gardner, Amos Warren; £ 500 (for all the schools). [Committee within the Neck, Nathaniel Goavid Wood.] May 8, 1780. The selectmen, with Samuel Gardner, a committee to regulate the schools; £ 6,400 (<
Turner, Rev. James Walker, Joseph Phipps, Nathan Tufts, 2d, James Russell, Samuel Gardner, Leonard M. Parker. 1824, Rev. James Walker, Joseph Phipps, James Russell, Samuel Gardner, Leonard M. Parker, Chester Adams, Thomas Hooper. 1825, James Russell, L. M. Parker, Chester Adams, Rev. Henry Jackson, Lot Pool, Edward Cutter, No. 4 schoolhouse, to see if it is necessary to have new paint. August 17, Samuel Gardner proposed to convey a lot of land a few rods south of the present schoolhouslete expense account for building this new house, dated January 21, 182:;— Gardner and Fay's bill for labor$145.76 Sarah Cutter, for brick4.00 John Fisk, for l and glass39.50 William Flagg, for labor10.50 Jonathan Gibbs, lumber4.44 Samuel Gardner, labor25.00 Elijah Vose, Jr., stove and funnel19.16 ——— $392.14 Thislewife (elewive) bridge, was to be superintended by James Russell; No. 5 by Samuel Gardner; No. 3 by Messrs. Hooper and Phipps. They were also to have charge of the
hingham, James K., 74, 90, 91, 92, 94, 96. Frothingham, Joseph, 82, 85. Frothingham; Miss Mary. 91. Frothingham, Nathaniel, 82, 85. Frothingham, Captain, Richard, 45. Frying-pan Shoals, 31, 35. Fuller, Mr., 67, 68. Gage, General, 86. Galley, Augustus (ship), 87. Gardner, Edward, 17, 18, 20, 22. Gardner, Henry, 18, 20. Gardner, James, 18, 20. Gardner, John, 20. Gardner, Rev., John, 20. Gardner, Lucy, 20. Gardner, Richard, 20. Gardner Row School, 14, 16, 17, 22, 94. Gardner, Samuel, 18, 19, 20, 21, 90, 94, 95, 99. Gates, Isaac, 71, 72, 91. George, 23. Gibbs, Jonathan, 95. Giles, Joseph B., 47. Gilman's Field, 11. Glisson, Captain, 33. Gloria. Patri, 3. Gloucester, Eng., 77. Gloucester, Mass., 1. Goodwin, Captain, 40. Goodwin, Deacon, David, 63, 66. Goodwin, John, 89. Gordon, Captain George A., 77. Gordon, Robert, 68, 71, 72, 92, 93, 97, 99. Gordon, Yorick S., 71, 73. Gorham, Mary, 39. Gorham, Nathaniel, 21, 42, 63, 65. Gorham, Nathaniel, Jr
House Barn &c4141.70 P. R. RussellHouse Barn &c7054.14 S P TeelHouse Barn &c2218.91 Names of Resident LandholdersHouses &cAcresTax Eb. Cutter610.18 T Gould2-3 do 1-3 Brewery39.22 J HagerHouse & Store15.13 E Lampson L Stanton65.63 Samuel GardnerHouse Barn &c5527.02 Jonathan Teel jrHouse Barn &c3616.92 Jonathan Teel71 1/241.40 (18 Resident Landholders) N. R. Landholders C Thomson Wm. Wyman N. Wyman W Dale C Wright166.16 (5 N. R. Landholders) Tenants Charles BradburyHouse &rd16.11 Jacob Page2.50 S Childs10.93 I Thorning8.33 Benj Parker8.10 A Cook1119.34 A Larkin64.12 A Dickson Clark6.38 9 Tenants Young men C Bradbury jr2.50 J. Hager jr2.50 Wm A Russell9.74 T Teel3.15 N. Lampson4.77 S Lampson2.50 S Gardner jr2.50 ————— (7 young men)507$522.30 Names of Common LaborersHouses &cAcresTax E Whitney N J Varnum S SawyerTenant15.20 R Judkinsat Sawyers2.50 A. Thurstondo2.50 A. S. Tandydo2.50 E. Chillisat Greenleafs2.50 J Cooper6.75
e until they should receive further order from the board. It is the opinion of your committee that the schoolhouse at Winter Hill may be made convenient and comfortable by merely placing the desks farther apart and altering the form of the seats, with the addition of crickets, without the removal of the partition or the addition of a porch. The committee was given full powers with reference to both houses. Miss Susan Ann Warren began the summer term at Winter Hill June 4; the next week Miss Gardner at No. 5, and Miss Ann Brown at No. 4 opened their schools. The last mentioned, being transferred to one of the primary schools on the peninsula, was succeeded by Miss Elizabeth Gerrish, July 3. About this time Mr. Kelley resigned, and Chester Adams was assigned to his place on committees. At the same meeting it was voted to authorize the treasurer to purchase three maps of the world and three of the United States for the three grammar schools. The outside schools had their usual fal
d, Jr., 4, 51, 82, 94, 95, 97. Furber,—William H., 53, 90. Garden Court, 58. Gardner District, 50, 51, 67, 78, 79, 83, 93, 96, 99. Gardner, Henry, 11. Gardner, Mary B., 75. Gardner, Miles, 67. Gardner, Miss, 20. Gardner Row, 77. Gardner, Samuel, 14. Gardner, S, Jr., 14. Gardner School, 67, 71, 72, 73, 74, 75, 76, 77, 92, 96, 97. Gaffield, E., 12. Garrison, William Lloyd, 37. Gates. Miss, 52. Geddes, Alex., 11. Gerrish, Miss, Elizabeth, 21, 46. Gerrald. S., 12. Gerry,Gardner, S, Jr., 14. Gardner School, 67, 71, 72, 73, 74, 75, 76, 77, 92, 96, 97. Gaffield, E., 12. Garrison, William Lloyd, 37. Gates. Miss, 52. Geddes, Alex., 11. Gerrish, Miss, Elizabeth, 21, 46. Gerrald. S., 12. Gerry, Martha J. H., 53. Gilman Estate, 90. Glillen, S., 15. Glines, Jacob, 90. Goddard, N., 13. Goddard, T., 13. Gould's Latin Grammar and Latin Reader. 98. Gould, T., 14. Green, J., 15. Green, General, 57. Greenleaf, P., 15. Greenleaf, T., 15. Griffin, M., 12. Grove Street, Watertown, 9. Gulliver, Lemuel, 22, 46, 50. Hadley, Benjamin, 11. Hager, J., 14. Hager, J., Jr., 14. Haley, M. F., 49. Hall Avenue, 63. Hall house, 63. Hall, John K., 51. Hanover Square, 5. Harr
Arrests. --The following arrests were made by the military police yesterday: J. J. Gillespie, of Buckingham county, for robbing soldiers; Samuel Gardner, Second battalion, Eleventh United States infantry, for attempting to take, by force, property from negro girls; John Farley, negro, for assaulting and beating a woman of his own color; William Gallagher, for careless driving and breaking the wagon of a negro man; Moses Thwacker and John Mahaly, small white boys, for fighting in the First Market (released on their promise not to offend again); John Jackson, a little negro, for stealing iron; George Fields, Twenty-fourth Massachusetts regiment, for assaulting a lady; William O'Raynor, Third battalion, Eleventh United States infantry, drunk and without a pass; Nancy Smith and Lavinia Ligon, negroes, for fighting; and David McCarty, for getting drunk and creating a disturbance in the street.