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The Traveling-public. --Among the visitors at present in this city may be mentioned Col. C. F. M. Garnett, Hanover; Lieut. Col. Thos. G. Golday, 4th Ala., Thos. D. Claiborne, Va., W. H. Fowler, Dr. Spence, C. S. A.; Lash Turner, Rappahannock county; Col. Thomas F. Goode, 3d Va., Cavalry J. Horace Lacy, Stafford, Wm., Dew, King and Queen; Beverley Kennon, Va.
, they held, virtually, paralyzed all day, two strong brigades of the enemy, with their batteries (four) of rifle guns. As before said, two regiments of Ronham's brigade, 2d and 8th South Carolina volunteers, and Kemper's battery, took a distinguished part in the battle. The remainder, 3d Williams's, 7th Bacon's South Carolina volunteers; 11th (Kirkland's) North Carolina regiment; six companies 8th Louisiana volunteers; Shield's battery, and one section of Walton's battery, under Lieutenant Garnett, whether in holding their post or taking up the pursuit officers and men discharged their duty with credit and promise. Longstreet's brigade, pursuant to orders, prescribing his part of the operations of the centre and right wing was thrown across Bull Run early in the morning, and under a severe fire of artillery, was skillfully disposed for the assault of the enemy's batteries in that quarter, but were withdrawn subsequently, in consequence of the change of plan already mentione
C. S. District Court. --The Confederate States Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, (Judge Halyburton presiding,) again convened yesterday at the State Court-House. James P. Oliver, an infant, under 18 years of age, was discharged, under writ of habeas corpus, from military service. The case of Thomas Kinney, suing under writ of habeas corpus for discharge from the army, was continued till Thursday. John S. Newton, also petitioning for discharge from military service, on account of being a shoemaker, was heard, and the Court took till to-day to decide in the matter. The petitioner was admitted to bail. The habeas corpus case of Whitfield W. Phillips, suing for discharge from military service, was partly heard and continued till to-day. The injunction of the Roanoke Valley Railroad Company against Col. C. F. M. Garnett and George E. Walker, was continued till to-day.
C. S. District Court. --This Court assembled in the State Court House yesterday morning pursuant to adjournment. The case of the Roanoke Valley Railroad against Col. C. F. M. Garnett and Capt. Geo. E. Walker was partly heard and continued until Thursday. The petition of John S. Horton, under a writ of habeas corpus, for discharge from military service, on account of his being a shoemaker, was granted, and he was released from custody. Westfield W. Phillips, petition for a discharge from Col. Robins's command, in order that he may be enabled to connect himself with some Tennessee command, was partially heard yesterday, and its further consideration postponed until this morning. The habeas corpus case of A. J. Pitts, who claims exemption from military service, was partially examined into yesterday, and postponed for further consideration till Friday. The Court then adjourned till 11 o'clock this morning.
C. S. District Court. --Judge Halyburton's Court was again in session Saturday. The petition of J. C. Ritterhouse, asking to be discharged from Capt. Hayward's company, was granted, and the petitioner discharged from custody. The argument in the case of the Roanoke Valley Railroad Company against Col. C. F. M. Garnett and Capt George E. Walker, was partly heard and its further disposition postponed. The Judge will announce his decision on the petition of Thomas E. Kinney, praying to be discharged from military service, on Monday.