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. Kidwell. Wounded — Samuel J. Ewing, Henry Alder, Julius Goff, Chas. Edwig, M. Fredericks, Jackson Hewitt, all severely; Sergeant R. A. Gault, privates David Akins, Peter Lawrence, Wm. Joy, George A. Webb, all slightly. Missing — James Davis. Total--Killed two; wounded, eleven; missing, one. Number engaged — Commanding officers, two; enlisted men, fifty. Co. G, Capt. W. W. Munn, Commanding. Killed--Privates H. T. Hues, Joel Strong. Wounded--Corporals John Bridgeman, Wm. Garrett, D. W. Young, private Daniel Worthington, all severely; Sergeant II. S. Young, Corporal 11. B. Hunt, privates T. J. Gray, L Houseworth, Charles Moss, O. Stevenson, Martin Searles, M. Watts, G. Pickett, all slightly. Missing--Private Horton Smith. Total — Killed, two; wounded, thirteen; missing, one. Number engaged — Commanding officers, two; enlisted men, fifty-three. Co. H, Capt. Wm. J. Morgan, Commanding. Killed--Private John C. Lenhart. Wounded--Sergeant Henry S.
and our boys hailed a cup of coffee and a hard cracker with great joy. The distance travelled was six hundred and ninety miles. The expedition was the greatest of the war. We lost but two killed, five wounded, and probably ten or fifteen prisoners, whilst the rebel loss was five hundred and fifty killed, wounded and prisoners, among which were Col. Love, of the Sixty-second North-Carolina, a major, two captains, and four lieutenants. The following officers accompanied the expedition: Colonel Garrett, Colonel Walker, Seventh Kentucky cavalry, Captain Watkins, chief of cavalry of General Granger's staff, all of whom rendered every aid in their power. expedition. Richmond Examiner account. Richmond, January 2, 1863. A body of Yankee cavalry numbering, it is reported, some four thousand men, made a raid on Monday upon the East-Tennessee and Virginia Railroad, and destroyed two important bridges--one across the Holston, and the other across the Watauga River. The bridge acr
n, slightly. Company F, Capt. Alexander Grayson--Killed: Lieut R O Grayson; Private Wm T Dickey. --Wounded: Lieut H W Chamblin, badly. Company G, Capt. J O Berry — Killed: Private Asa Peck. Wounded: Privates Geo L Williams, slight; Armistead Thompson, slight; Thos Holden, badly; J W Butler, badly; Geo Ghee, badly; J W Kidwell badly; Robt Wells, badly; Company H, Capt. Fistus Griffith--Wounded: Corpt Chas A Cox, badly; Private John Manett, slightly. Company I, Capt. Wm F Garrett — Killed: Orderly Jas. A Garrett; Sergt B W Skilman. Wounded: Private Saml Cole, badly. Company K, Capt. J J Smith — Killed: Lieut E L Fant. Wounded: Sergts E M Herrington, slightly; John N Garrison, badly; Corpl L M Lawrence, slightly; Privates C W Farr, badly; Wm Legg. badly. Rev. Geo. W Harris volunteers to the regiment, was badly wounded in side while bearing off a wounded soldier. Total Killed8 Total Wounded52 60 This regiment went into action with 185 mus<
Police Court. --The insignificant nature of the proceedings at this Court yesterday, will appear from the following summary. By if it will be seen that the momentous affairs transpiring on this and the other side of the Chickahominy absorb and divert attention from the doings of the petty offenders, whose fate it is the province of the Head of Police to decide by a wink or nod. James Armstrong, free negro, arrested for being without "papers," (certificate of his freedom,) was discharged.--Delaware, slave of George Turner; William, slave of J. P. Herndon; and Henry, slave of Dobson & Cheevers, were committed as runaways.--An aged negress, known as Katy, slave of Wm. Nockman, arraigned for assaulting Mrs. S. Lormand with an axe, was let off.--The case of George and William Lumpkin, for a threatened assault on Mrs. Jane and Wm. Garrett was continued.--Burnet Loring was fined $3 for permitting his son to fire a pistol in the street.
Stampeding negroes. --The negroes in Louisa county, taking advantage of the supposed proximity of their Yankee friends, have already begun to leave their owners in considerable numbers. From a gentleman just from that county, we learn that Alexander Garrett has lost two; Geo. Carpenter, three; Rev. Dr. Buckner, one; and D. J. Saunders, one. It is also said that the Yankees, in a recent incursion into Louisa, took prisoner Mr. Wm. Garrett, of the firm of A. Pearce & Co., of this city.
The Daily Dispatch: August 9, 1862., [Electronic resource], The enemy's Raid upon Frederick Hall. (search)
tes his loss at #2,000. The damage to the railroad track was slight, and has been repaired. The telegraph operator at the station left with his instruments before the enemy arrived. The cavalry, which was the same that burnt the buildings at Beaver Dam, said their next trip would be to Tolersville, about six miles beyond. The party was led by a negro, who ran away from his owner, Mr. S. C. Tally, at Frederick's Hall, and who took a very active part in the destruction of property. Mr. Smith certainly deserves credit for his boldness in making this trip, and for collecting the foregoing valuable information. From another source we learn that the Yankees arrested Mr. Wm. Garrett, a merchant of this city, who was on his way to Louisa county, and sent him to Washington, and stole six negroes from Alexander Garrett, his brother. Direct communication with Gordonsville having been temporarily cut off, we have no late intelligence respecting military movements near that point.
Police Court. --Saturday, Charles Butler was arraigned, charged with breaking down the door of Mr. Warrock's kitchen and taking possession of the bad of his servant. The case was continued — Martha Norman, colored, was arraigned for living in the city with Henrico county papers, and harboring Peter and William; slaves. The whole party were ordered to be thrashed — Henry Exall was fined $5 for violating the health ordinance.--Wm. Garrett, the same amount, for the same offenc
For hire — men, Women, and Boys --Among them are Factory hands, Blacksmiths, Furnace hands, Cooks, Washers and Ironers, and House Servants. Apply to the subscriber. Wm. Garrett, Cary st., between 13th and 14th. de 30--6t*