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nd to his left, on the adjoining eminence, Drake's brigade was posted in the following order: Fourth Mississippi, Major Adair; four pieces of light artillery, Captain French; Fifteenth Arkansas, Colonel Gee; two companies of Alabama Battalion, Major Garvin; and the Tennessee Battalion, Colonel Browder. The brigade organization was not preserved regularly beyond this point. The next commands in order were the Fifty-first Virginia, Lieutenant-Colonel Massie; Third Mississippi, Lieutenant-Colonelonel Gregg; and First Mississippi, Lieutenant-Colonel Hamilton. To the left of Wharton, Drake put into action his brigade — the Fourth Mississippi, Major Adair; Fifteenth Arkansas, Colonel Gee; two companies of the Twenty-sixth Alabama, under Major Garvin; and a Tennessee battalion, under Colonel Browder. As was said, Forrest supported the extreme left flank. In this disposition of the forces, the right of Pillow's wing rested on the trenches; and, as each command took its position to the lef
but Colonel Barnes, found it necessary to withdraw it, and re-form his line on or near his original ground in the hollow. Two of the companies of this regiment at first, McMeekin's and Erwin's, afterward relieved by Booker's and company G, Lieutenant Garvin commanding, had, during the halt in the hollow, been deployed as skirmishers in advance, to watch the enemy. The two last named only resumed their places in line after the return to the hollow. At this time, in consequence of the difficul two hours. During the halt, by order of the General, I sent company F, Captain McMeekin, and company H, Captain Erwin, in advance, to watch the movements of the enemy, and afterward relieved them by company D, Captain Bookter, and company G, Captain Garvin. In the performance of this duty, company F and company 1) had each two men wounded. About five o'clock P. M., as near as I can guess, the Twelfth and First regiments were formed in line — the Twelfth having only eight companies, the two
d North Carolina regiment, Colonel Christie, carried the heights in magnificent style, planting their flags inside the works. In this charge the gallant Lieutenant-Colonel Garvin, of the Twenty-sixth Alabama, fell, desperately wounded, inside the works. In the mean time the residue of Rodes's, Iverson's, and Pender's troops, moviments — the Sixth, under Lieutenant-Colonel Lightfoot and Major Gordon; the Twelfth, under Colonel Pickens and Captain Proskauer; the Twenty-sixth, under Lieutenant-Colonel Garvin and Major Bryan, and the Fifth, under Colonel Hall and Lieutenant-Colonel Hobson--moved in line of battle with this regiment, and, although passing throuthe report of Colonel Pickens, of the Twelfth Alabama, under whose gallant leadership they so heroically fought. Justice demands that I should mention Lieutenant-Colonel Garvin, commanding the Twenty-sixth, and Captain Renfro, commanding the Fifth Alabama, who were both severely, if not mortally wounded, while gallantly leading
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 2. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), General B. E. Rodes' report of the battle of Chancellorsville. (search)
portion of Iverson's brigade, and a portion of Pender's troops, under the immediate command of Brgadier-General Pender, coming up, he ordered them all forward. The enemy was compelled to abandon the barricade and fall back, and pressing on, Colonel Hall's two regiments, the Fifth and Twenty-sixth Alabama, together with Twenty-third North Carolina regiment, Colonel Christie, carried the heights in magnificent style, planting their flags inside the works. In this charge the gallant Lieutenant-Colonel Garvin, of the Twenty-sixth Alabama, fell desperately wounded. In the mean time the residue of Rodes', Iverson's and Pender's troops moving forward to the left of Hall and Christie, were met and repulsed by the enemy, thus leaving the flank of the party on the heights exposed to an overwhelming force. They were compelled to fall back behind the plank road, with the loss of over 100 men and both Alabama flags. A second line of battle having been assembled along the log breast-works on
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 22. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), chapter 1.24 (search)
partment and ordered to report to E. Kirby Smith. Gardner, R. B., Surgeon, appointed by Secretary of War Oct. 14, ‘62, to take rank from Aug. 8, ‘62, Senior Surgeon Dec. 31, ‘62 3d Georgia Battalion. Passed Board at Shelbyville May 16, ‘63. May 25th, transferred to Hardee's Corps, June 30, ‘63, 1st Georgia Regiment, Headquarters A. T., July 21, ‘63. Oct. 31, ‘63. 37th Georgia Regiment, April 30, ‘64, 37th Georgia. Griffin, P. H., Surgeon. Sept. 30, ‘63, 18th Mississippi Regiment. Garvin, S. H., contract $100 made by Major Breckinridge Sept. 11, ‘62, with Cavalry, closed Dec. 6, ‘62, made by J. P. Logan, Jan. 15, ‘63. Jan. 15, ‘63, Fair Ground Hospital, Atlanta, Ga., Feb. 2, ‘63, contract cancelled. Gamage, W. L., Surgeon, com'd Aug. 17, ‘61, Senior Surgeon 3d Brigade, McCown's Division, 4th Arkansas Regiment. May 9, ‘63, transferred Department Mississippi. Ganaway, Christopher Columbus, Assistant Surgeon, appointed by Secretary of War, June 2,
ys the Vicksburg Sun.) has had a class of ladies learning to shoot with the pistol. In these times it has become an essential and popular part of female education.--A few days ago, the Captain resorted with a few members of his class, to the residence of A. H. Arthur, Esq, for the purpose of practicing, with the following result. The target was placed ten paces distant. Mrs. W. H. Stevens rang the bell four times out of five shots, with a rest, and eight times out of fifteen off-hand. Mrs. Garvin four times with a rest out of five, and four times out of fifteen off-hand. Mrs. Gen. T. C. McMackin twice out of five times with a rest, and six times out of fifteen off-hand. Mrs. A. H. Arthur twice out of five times with a rest, and seven times off-hand out of fifteen shots. Capt. Travis says that it equals any shooting he ever saw by any class. We are in no danger when every one of our noble ladies is a hero, and can use the weapons of Mars upon their enemies as effectually as
n steamer Union, which was wrecked on the coast of North Carolina, whilst on her way to murder and plunder the people of the South, it seems, was commanded by Captain Garvin, the well known commander for many years of the steamship State of Georgia. Apart from his base ingratitude, we are glad Lincoln availed himself of the services of this man Garvin. He seldom made a trip with the State of Georgia that some accident did not happen to her, and so repeated were such occurrences, that the passenger business of the steamer was entirely broken down. Garvin is now a prisoner of war in North Carolina, and we would regret to see him discharged, except under oGarvin is now a prisoner of war in North Carolina, and we would regret to see him discharged, except under obligations to take charge of another important Lincoln transport. It would save our batteries the expense and trouble of many a shot. Southern lace. From the Charleston Courier, of the 21st, we extract the following item: We have had the opportunity of examining the celebrated piece of lace, made by a lady of this
Robt McCaw, H R Neal, Jas Wood, R R Robinson. O P Barron, W A Fewet, W W East, G T Hall, John Kersey, severely; Sergt J M Adams, Corp G L McElwee, privates J J Coward, D M Hope, F Jeffreys, C C Roberts, W E Rose, T C Williams, J S K Sims, slightly. Missing: H Surratt. Company H, Captain Martin.--Wounded: Lieut J J Brown, slightly; Serg't T C Brown slightly; Corp'l B T Martin, slightly; privates D Cash, A J Gee, Jas T Paris, slightly; Missing: T W Martin, A M Cash. Company I, Captain Garvin--Killed: Privates J T Lawson, J G Masingaw. Wounded a Serg't W E M Richardson, slightly; Corp'ls W J King, D H Templeton, S M Neal, severely; privates Berry Blackwell, J B Cantrell, J R Crane, Rucker Mauldin, Daniel Mills T Roper, G F Williams, P E A Williams, R S Medlin, slightly; private W J M Ferguson, severely; privates W G Smith, W A McDow, seriously; private J W. Giltrap, mortally. Company K, Captain Evins--Killed: Corp'l Jas A Moon; privates Geo N Hughston, Marsh T Beyson.
Thirty Dollars Reward. --The above reward will be given for the apprehension and delivery to me, at the camp of the 25th regiment Alabama Vols, A N Va, or for his lodgment in the jail at Richmond, Va, so that I can get him of my boy Edward Robertson. Said boy is about 20 years of age, dark copper color, bushy hair, about 5 feet 11 inches high, stout built, a small scar on his forehead, pleasant spoken, smart and a good body servant. His left arm was broken near the shoulder by the fall of a tree on the 3d of April last, and was still in a sling when he left me in Richmond on the 10th of May. He is still about the city. Jno S Garvin, Lt Col 26th Ala Regiment ja 25--3t*