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D.--Sg't Jno W Harrison; privates Henry Bartlett, Jas P Powell, and Geo L Whitley. Company E.--Corp'l Thos R Marray; privates Seth Brinohnson, Alfred A Lawrence, Lawson A Rendleman, Samuel Strayhorn, and Geo S Winters. Total killed, 2 Captains, 11st Lieut, 4 Sergeants, 6ates James Anderson, Wm Burnham, John T Beard, Elijan Croom, Combs, Geo W Casey, Wm Dinkins, John Daniel, John Holmes, Stephen Holmes, T R Lhard A Baynor, John Rivers, David Besnor, Jas Brickell, Wm Mallison, Geo Whit- 2d Lieut Dan'l P Latham, Serg't Major F Williamson, Henry C Cuon, Isaac Meekins, Isaac S Swindell, Appleton Squires, Dan'l Briley, Geo W Mears, Henry Cutler, Stephen H Whitley Joshua W Silversthorn, Langrm, Privates Jas T Atkinson, leg; Barnyard Barnes, shoulder and arm; Geo B Battle, head, Wiky Farmer, arm; Jas C Farmer, arm and shoulder; Jod: 1st Lieut Leo Creekmur, Corp'l Z B Carwan; privates W- Calloway, Geo R Roe, and William Norman, mortally,; privates James N Rees, leg; T
The Daily Dispatch: June 13, 1862., [Electronic resource], Federal officers captured by Jackson. (search)
. Capt C Penrose, U S A. Capt Vincent Von Koebar, 1st Md Cavalry. Capt Henry E Clark, 1st Nd Cavalry. Capt Amos H White, 5th N Y Cavalry. Capt J W Dickenson, 8th N Y Vols. Capt John H Shelmore, 1st N J Cavalry. Capt Geo H Bean, 1st Vt Regiment. Capt W E Daviz, 27th Ind Vols. Capt G Stammer, 3d Wis Vols. Capt W D Richards, Jr, 29th Penn Vols. Capt B H Sibley, 1st Md Vols. Capt Charles Strous, 46th Penn Vols. Capt James A Betts, 5th ols. Lt Virgil J Mercer, 1st Md Vols. Lt Maurice Abough, 1st Md Vols. Lt Daniel L Stanton, 1st Md Vols. Lt Frank M Collier, 1st Md Vols. Lt E Gittings, 3d Wisconsin Vols. Lt Edward J Price, A Q M, 5th Conn Vols. Lt Geo E Johnson, 29th Penn Vols. Lt Jas C Sinton, 29th Penn Vols. Lt J H Goldsmith, 29th Penn Vols. Lt M C Spencer, 32d Wisconsin Vols. Lt Wm M Provest, 1st Michigan Cavalry. Lt Wm E George, 1st Maryland Vols. Lt John B Ho
M Lipsy, 19th Miss; Wm Henry, do do; Sam Kendrick, 44th Ga; Geo R Oiler, 60th Va; J A Cronch, 35th Ga; Ellis Hatchin, 38th Nhum, 13th Ala; Jas H Battle, 12th Miss; R H Cross, 14th Ala; Geo C Nex, 19th Ga; R C Lackey, 38th N C; Geo Freeman, 44th Ga; th N C; C D S Wilkins, 4th Tex; E C Riley, Orr's regt; Geo W Newlin, 8th Va; J T Freeman, 22d N C; Thos Rutherford, 14t. David N Puckett, 35th Ga; Dolphin T McKenzle, 35th Ga; Geo W Bowen, 40th Va; W M Bond, 35th Ga; Corp'l Wm Londenwick, 1 H H Allved, 16th N C; Jas Floyd, 13th Ala; Nickleson Adams, Geo W Horn, Wm Sheppard, Pleasant Spann, Sgt Geo Horn, P H KrislN C; Wm R Floyd, co G, 16th N C; Wyloy Green, co H, 44th Ga; Geo W Shafer, co H 22d N C; John W Hutchins, co H, 22d N C; Thostal wounded 5. Company I, Lt Trott in command.--Killed: Lt Geo L Trott and Jno Bain. Wounded: Capt Chas E Cormler, 1st LVandergraft, wounded in foot, 5th Alabama battalion. Capt Geo. C Lewis, company K, 12th North Carolina, slight wound in
The Daily Dispatch: May 21, 1863., [Electronic resource], Casualties in the late battle near Fredericksburg. (search)
"Stonewall Brigade, " the 2d and 5th, in the late battles on the Rappahannock: Second Virginia regiment: Co A — Lt Geo A S Davis commanding. Killed: Serg't D T Rawillins. Wounded: Privates L S Byrd, A J Darnell Jno W Jones, Samuel C Rolanlleff, Wm Peregoy, J N Merchant, Henry Ludwig. Co F--Captain James B Burgess, commanding Wounded: privates John Foley, Geo H Goodwin, Wm Hillard, Jno Addison. Co G — Lt W C Sheerer, commanding. Killed: Sgt B S White. Wounded: Cp'l J D Kerri; privates A H Asquith, Solomon Fry, J S Bendick, Col Geo F Eicherberger. Co H — Capt J J Jenkins commanding. Killed: Private John W Crisfield. Wounded: John A Link. Co I--Capt James H O Bannon commanding — Wounded: Lt A S Allen, Lt J E Nunn, Sgt S Bonham, mortally; privates Wm Cleveland, Jullen Morvallis, John W Grubbs, T K Glover, Jas Brown, M T Myers, Geo W Joy, Shoddy Connor. Co K — Capt C H Stewart commanding. Killed; Cpl Willis Skinner, privates Samuel Cooty, Samuel Ph
e by statutes made liable to persons robbed within the limits, under certain circumstances, in damages equivalent to the loss sustained. These enactments have been greatly extended in modern times, in their corp and objects; until now, by the riot act the black act, as it is called, and others scullery, there is scarcely any injury to property committed in a violent and tumultuous manner, that may not be redressed in that country by action against the hundred. To these may be added the 57th Geo. III, ch 19 sec 38 against injuries by tumultuous assemblies, making the city or town liable if not within a hundred. But we have no such legislation here. I do not know that it is claimed by those who are asking redress by the city for losses inflicted by the late riot, that those losses have arisen from the failure of the Council to take proper measures or of the officers of the city property and faithfully to exert themselves, to prevent and suppress the riot; but in neither aspect o
The Daily Dispatch: June 25, 1863., [Electronic resource], The capture of the Maple Leaf by Confederate prisoners. (search)
4th Ark; Capt Jos. Long. Capt J Giesecke, Lt J Schlick, 4th Texas Cav; Perser E A McGowan, Diana; Lt. Jno Smith, Lt J Weish, Lt Z M Porter, Arizona Battalion; Lt Broyle, 7th Texas Cav; Lt H. Wilkinson, C S A, Miss; Lt J M Obley, Choctaw Battalion; Capt Pronett, Lt, Andrew, 1st Ala; Lt D Estis, 9th Tenn Cav; Capt D J Semmes, C S Artillery; Capt E A Scott, Lt D Kirkland, 9th Lt Cav; Capt D H Creath, Gen Bee's staff; Capt G W Holloway, 1st La Bat Inf; Capt G L Fusilier, Gen Taylor's staff; Capt J J Atkinson; Capt E Holmes, Lt Wm Nelson, Lt Sam Aliston, Lt Aug. Burgniens, Lt Wm H Rogers, Crescent La Vols; Lt Jos Hinsofi, Miles's Legion; Lt Chas Comfort, 11th La; Lt T W Brown, 9th La Bat Inf; Lt J Webre, 28th La; Lt Jules Durbiege, Diana; Lt Chas Roupel. C S A; Lt A O Morse, C S Artillery; Lt T D Melville, 18th La; Lt H Fiek, Queen of the West; Lt R Stark Jackson, Lt Geo W Stafford, 8th La Vols; Lt D Hughes, Miles's Legion; Lt W C Jeter, Lt E Carmonche, 4th Lt; Lt J Guillebean, 30th Lt.