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ram O Folkes, Wm T Gibbs. Company D--wounded: Privates Sterling a Daniel, John H Singleton, John S Harris missing: Privates Geo W Adams, Charles H Gilliam, (supposed to be killed) Company E--wounded: Edward a Johnson, in head; W B Bagby, shot ; Milton H Ferguson, severely in shoulder; a L Scott, severely in breast; C S Nance, in arm; Lewis Bates, slightly in leg; Geo R Turner, slightly across the body; and W a Morgan, arm broken. J N Angel and T G Hubbard, missing. Company I--Lieut ; J W Davis, in shoulder, badly; J Y Jennings, in head, slight; J R Johnson, in leg, badly; Ed B McGinnis, in head, badly; Geo W Mays, Sr, in thigh, slight; James W Mays, arm broken; P P Stinnett, in arm, slight; R N Stinnett, mortally; Henry Ward, ley Neale, severely; R C Robinson; B U Burnett; R B Mitchell, A Atkins, B F Davis. R Hilliard, H B Grubbs, Robt S Myland, Geo B Stacy. The two last were not regular members of the company, but acted as volunteers for the day. Casualties i
ounded: Privates B Kornegay, since dead; G L Mayberry. D A Griffin, Henry Davis, John Moses, F James, R Hogan, John Henry, W W H Brown, N Smitherman, Wm Green, Geo Woodruff, L Taylor, J N Suttle, slight; Wm Childers Company G.--Wounded: Privates Geo W Brewer, leg amputated; David C Cox. Company H.--Missing: Private John Lano, reported to be wounded; Private J A Allen. Company I--Wounded: Corp'l J A Kirkland, R L Smith, A W Dama, Private J M Vale. Company K.--Wounded: Corp'lV Ingram, Corp'l J C Habbard, Privates W W Walker. Madison Buck, Joseph Lovell. Wounded Capt John D Fry, in wrist, severely; Sgts B B P Jackson, slightly; Thos C Woodall, do; Privates J K Buck, slightly; Jos G Barber, leg and shoulder, severely; Geo C Campbell, both thighs, severely; J C Clendenning, slightly; E G Clark, do; W S Elliott, head, severely; J K P Elliott, slightly; Ed Feley, head severely; David Jennett, slightly; J B Love, in ankle, severely; John Lewis. in hand; B O Rutherford
P Hill, badly. Company B, Capt. H C Boule — Wounded: Lieut Geo T Allen, mortally; Sergt Hubert Moss, slightly; Privates Privates Geo W Newlon, Bushrod Carter, and Zachariah Royston, badly. Company C, Capt Robt H Taylor — Wounded: Orderly Marcus B Cartin, do. Company D. Capt. Wm N Berkeley — Wounded: Sergt Geo W Moran, very seriously; Albert Morris, slightly; Corpl F, Capt. J O Berry — Killed: Private Asa Peck. Wounded: Privates Geo L Williams, slight; Armistead Thompson, slight; Thos Ho, slightly; Privates C W Farr, badly; Wm Legg. badly. Rev. Geo. W Harris volunteers to the regiment, was badly wounded nding, wounded in head. Killed: Lt James H Reynolds, Corp'l Geo L Kintzley, Privates John W Givens and Philip J Williams. Wolds, Privates B M Kerr, John T Dervin, Jas R McPherson, and Geo L Reynolds. Company D, Lieut Stewart, commanding. Kille-Wounded: Captain and Ass't Quartermaster E M L Engle. Corp Geo R Brown. W E Livingston. Second Company, Lieut., Till
List of casualties. To the Editor of the Dispatch. Please be kind enough to publish this list of causalities of the Hampden Artillery, of Richmond, (company C, 38th battalion Virginia light artillery,) Lieut Thos B McCurdey commanding, in the fight on the farm of O P Hare, near Petersburg, Va, on the afternoon and evening of Thursday, June 16th, 1864. Killed Privates Walter D Jones, J A Pates. Wounded. Corp'l Woodson Dunn, right arm slightly. Privates Geo W Rowe, face and right arm severely; John Rogers, both arms, neck, and body severely. The battery did good execution with canister as the enemy advanced upon our lines, mowing them down upon each of the five attempts to break our lines. J K B.