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Executive appointments. --The Governor has re-appointed the old Directors of the Penitentiary, namely: Samuel D. Denton, John A. Belvin. L. W. Glazebrook, Robt. A. Paine, and Henry G. Cannon. He has also appointed and commissioned Dr. Wm. A. Patterson as Surgeon of the Penitentiary and the Public Guard. The following appointments of Bank Directors have been made, Northwestern Bank: Wheeling--Dr. M. H. Houston, Zach. Jacobs, Lewis Steenrod. Wellsburg — F. H. Pendleton, D. W. Carothers. Parkersburg — Thomas Chancellor, George Neale, Jr. Jeffersonville--Dr. John M. Estill, John L. Dougherty. Fairmont Bank--Austin Merrill, William Hood, Eph, B. Hall, Wm., Meredith. The appointments for the Farmers' Bank and the Bank of Virginia have not yet been mad
was concluded N. B. Hill, of Jefferson Ward, moved that R. O. Haskins be appointed temporary Chairman. Carried. L. W. Glazebrook, of Monroe Ward, then moved that David J. Saunders, the former incumbent, be re-elected President of the Council. CWm. B. Smith, R. M. Burton. Monroe Ward — Council: D. J. Saunders, T. C. Epps, Fleming Griffin, S. D. Denoon, Larkin W. Glazebrook. Aldermen: N. C. Lipscombe, Chas. E. Anderson, John F. Regnault, J. W. Beveridge, Wm. W. Timberlake. The fol presented to the Council as a part of this report, and the matter is referred to the Council to determine. L. W. Glazebrook, Com." N. B. Hill, Com. D. J. Burr, Com. The protest of Mr. Higgins reads as follows: "To the Honoee of the Council having such matters in charge. Mr. Scott reiterated his former views, quoting the ordinances. Mr. Glazebrook explained the actin of the committee. Mr. Hill renewed his motion for reference. Mr. Burr said that the Cou
the City Hall. Present: Messrs. Saunders, Grattan, Crutchfield, Glazebrook, Hill, Burr. Griffin, Talbott, Denoon, Scott, Greanor, Wynne, Eppherwise.--[Adopted.] Committee--Messrs. Grattan, Burr, Hill, Glazebrook and Denoon. By Mr. Scott: Resolved, That a special commees for the year 1861: Finance--Messrs. Grattan, Burr, Hill, Glazebrook and Haskins. Commissioners of Streets — Jefferson Ward--Messarket--Messrs. Stokes, Talbott and Wynne. Second Market--Messrs. Glazebrook, Denoon and Crutchfield. Hospital--Messrs. Crutchfield, Hill and Greanor. Accounts--Messrs. Crutchfield, Haskins and Glazebrook. Seabrook's Warehouse--Messrs. Greanor, Burr and Scott. Haskins, Greanor and Burr. Disputed Elections--Messrs. Burr, Glazebrook, Epps and Talbott. Gas Works Committee — Jefferson Ward--MesThomas H. Wynne and George K. Crutchfield. Monroe Ward--Messrs. Larkin W. Glazebrook and Thos. C. Epps. Water Works Committee--Jefferson
Burglary. --We learn that the dwelling house of Mr. Larkin W. Glazebrook, on the corner of Clay and 2d streets, was entered and robbed on Saturday night last. The burglar took the beds, bedding and furniture — so we learn — thus rivalling the daring exploits of Jonathan Wild. For brazen impudence, this felony exceeds any we have heard of in a long time. Fortunately, when the family removed temporarily to the country, as they did some time since, the silver plate was entrusted to the care of a neighbor. We have not heard that any clue has been obtained by which the guilty party may be detected. Some person unknown rang the bell about nine o'clock Saturday evening--possibly the burglar himself, who took this means of apprising himself of the absence of the famil
en that the body of Capt. Wise would arrive at the Petersburg Depot by the night train, a resolution was adopted that all of the ex-commanders of the Blues be requested to attend and act as pall bearers. Honorary members John F. Regnault, Larkin W. Glazebrook, and Richard D. Sanxay, were appointed to act with the captains as pall bearers. Col. Thos. B. Bigger was appointed chairman of a committee, consisting of Messrs. L. W. Glazebrook, Chas W. Purcell, John F. Regnault, Thos. U. Dudley, aMessrs. L. W. Glazebrook, Chas W. Purcell, John F. Regnault, Thos. U. Dudley, and J. H. Crenshaw, raised for the purpose of receiving contributions for the relief of such Blues as are now prisoners of war. On motion of Colonel George W. Munford, it was resolved unanimously that the meeting repair in masse to the depot of the Richmond and Petersburg Railroad company, to act as a guard of honor to the body of the lamented deceased in its transit from thence to the Capitol. It was also resolved that the members of the meeting would attend Captain Wise's funeral in a bod
City Council. --The Council held a called session yesterday evening, at 4 o'clock, for the purpose of considering the Tax bill. There were present--Messrs. D. J. Saunders, Thos. H. Wynne, Nath. B. Hill, Larkin W. Glazebrook, Fendall Griffin, Peachy R. Grattan, David J. Burr, Wm. Helt Richardson, Richard O. Haskins, and James A. Scott. The ordinance "Imposing taxes for the support of the City Government" was read by section, discussed, amended, and passed. The 1st section makes the tax on all real estate not exempt from taxation $1 on every $100 value thereof; the 2d section imposes the same tax on all personal property, except slaves. The poll tax is fixed at $3. Merchants, shop-keepers and traders are divided into twenty-four classes and taxed from $3,000 to $5, according to class. Manufacturers are divided into fifteen classes, and taxed from $3,000 to $10, according to class. Keepers of ordinaries and houses of private entertainment are divided into ten classes, and
City Proxies in Internal Improvement Companies. At the last meeting of the Council, held Thursday evening, the following gentlemen were appointed proxies to represent the interest of the city in the various companies named, viz: James River and Kanawha Company.--Messrs P. R. Grattan, S. D. Denoon, and J. M. Talbott. Bank of Virginia.--Messrs. R. O. Haskins, Geo. K. Crutchfield, and Fleming Griffin. Richmond and Danville Railroad Company.--Messrs. N. B. Hill, E. Y. Stokes, and Thomas H. Wynne. Virginia Central Railroad Company.--Messrs. D. J. Saunders, David J. Burr, and Larkin W. Glazebrook.
The Daily Dispatch: April 2, 1863., [Electronic resource], Reported Confederate triumph in North Carolina. (search)
t Water Works--J. L. Davis. Superintendent Poor House--John Pearce. Captain Night Watch--Jas B. Pleasants. Jefferson Ward — Aldermen: Richard D. Sanxay, Wm. Taylor, Abel F. Ploot, James A Icles, and John Hampden Pleasants. Common Council: Mcthaniel B. Hill, Richard O. Haskins, Edward A. J. Clopton, W.Deit Richardson, and Allen Y. Stokes. Madison Ward — Aldermen: James K. Caskie, James Bray, George N. Gwathmey, George W. Gillism, and William B. Smith, Common Counch: David J. Burr, George W. Randolph, James A Scott, George K. Crutchfield, and Richard F. Walker. Monroe Ward — Aldermen: John F. Regnault, Wm. W. Timberlake, N. C. Lipscomb, Adolphus Gary, and Thomas M. Jones. Common Council: Thomas C. Epps, Larkin W. Glazebrook, Fleming Grimn, David J. Saunders, and Samuel D. Denoon. In Monroe Ward the voters made the mistake of turning out two very good magistrates, and in Jefferson Ward a gentleman was elected to that office who declined being a candid
city Council --Resolutions Regarding the Death of Gen Jackson.--A meeting of the Council was old at 11 o'clock yesterday in the City Hall. Present D J. Saunders, Richard F Walker. David J. Bure, Samuel D. D. noon Richard O. McReed, Larkin W. Glazebrook, E. A. J. Cropton. Gen. K. Crutonfield, Wm. Holt Richardson, George W. Randolph, Nath, B. Hill, Fendals 4-riffle, Allen Y. Stokes, James A. Scott, and Thomas C. Epps. The President announced the melancholy tidings of the death of the lutions, and he would move that one be appointed, to consist of three or five members, as might seem best. The President adopting the suggestion for the larger number, appointed as sail committee Messrs. Randolph, Hill, Scott, Haskina, and Glazebrook. The committee, after a brief retirement, returned, and through their chairman offered the following resolutions, which were mously adopted: Resolved by the Council of the city of Richmond. That profoundly impressed with the great calami