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other members of the company, to be employed in their work for a while, and then to live of themselves. To anticipate the intrusion of John Oldham, who was minded to settle himself on Boston Bay, pretending a title to much land there by a grant from Robert Gorges, Endicott with all speed sent a large party, accompanied by a minister, to occupy Charlestown. On the neck of land, which was full of stately timber, with the leave of Sagamore John, the petty chief who claimed dominion over it, Graves, the surveyor, employed some of the servants of the company in building a great house, and modelled and laid out the form of the town with streets about the hill. To the European world, the few tenants of the huts and cabins at Salem were too insignificant to merit notice; to themselves, they were chosen emissaries of God; outcasts from England, yet favorites with Heaven; destitute of security, of convenient food, and of shelter, and yet blessed as instruments selected to light in the wil
exponent of the temper of an administration which chose the gallows to avenge the simple agreement not to buy English goods, it was read throughout the continent with uncontrollable indignation. In Boston the report prevailed that as soon as more soldiers should be landed, six or seven of the leading patriots would be seized; and it was in truth the project of Gage to fasten charges of rebellion on individuals as a pretext for sending them to jail. On Friday, the first of July, July. Admiral Graves arrived in the Preston, of sixty guns; on Saturday the train of artillery was encamped on the common by the side of two regiments that were there before. On Monday these were reenforced by the fifth and thirty-eighth. Arrests, it was confidently reported, were now to be made. In this moment of greatest danger, the Boston committee of correspondence, Samuel Adams, the two Greenleafs, Molyneux, Warren and others being present, considered the rumor that some of them were to be taken up,
nd at New York to officers without ability; and the aged and imbecile Arbuthnot was succeeded by Graves, a coarse and vulgar man, of mean ability and without skill in his profession. Rodney should ha fourteen sail of the line, frigates, and a fire-ship into the Chesapeake, where a junction with Graves would have given the English the supremacy in the bay. But Graves, who was of higher rank than HGraves, who was of higher rank than Hood, was out of the way on a silly cruise before Boston, which had no purpose unless to pick up a few prizes. Meantime de Barras, with eight ships of the line, sailed from Newport, convoying ten tranday after de Grasse had arrived in the Ches- Sept. 5. apeake. Early on the fifth of September, Graves discovered the French fleet at anchor in the mouth of the Chesapeake. De Grasse, though eightee Cornwallis must be relieved; at all events before the end of October. The next day RearAdmiral Graves answered: I am very happy to find that Lord Cornwallis is in no immediate danger. One peril y
Medford Historical Society Papers, Volume 3., Report of the School Committee made March 8th 1838. (search)
ble to the Teacher & Scholars. The Primary South of the river has been interrupted by the sickness of the teacher Miss Richardson whose place for a time wass supplied by Miss Gardner The school however appears to be in fine order and progressing well. One family in this district are in the habit of sending their children late to school. a practice very much to be regretted. The east Primary taught by Miss Mansfield was so large that it was found necesary to employ an assistant— And Miss Graves has divided her labours between that and the Grammar school kept in the same house. This school very backward the last year.—and not fully instructed until an assistant was employed—is now progressing very well. The deservedly popular characters of Mr. Tweed & Mr. Magoun as Teachers, has secured for them in neighboring towns a higher reward for their services than your appropriation (however liberal) would allow your Com to give. We notice with satisfaction that Mr. Foster and Mr. Baxt<
sed by the precincts in the county. The majority for reference is 164. S. Roanoke. Salem--C. P. Taylor (Union) is elected in this county by 66 majority. The majority for reference is the same. [Associated press Dispatches.]Henrico. Hungary, 11 o'clock.--Garnett 32; Wickham 10. Caroline. Bowling Green, 10 o'clock.--Morris has a majority of 90 at this precinct. Hanover. Ashland, 1 o'clock.--Richardson's majority at this precinct 50. Chesterfield. Graves' Precinct, 1 o'clock.--Cox 174; Burfoot 3. Manchester.--Cox 292; Burfoot 144. Polls closed. Petersburg. Petersburg, Feb. 4.--The following is the result of the election here; Branch (Union) 739; Lyon (Union) 427; Wallace (Secession) 427. The counties. Petersburg, Feb. 4.--In Dinwiddle, Prince George, Sussex, Greenville and Surry, Union men are elected. Norfolk. Norfolk--Gen. George Blow (Union) has a majority of 484. The majority for reference is 425. P
. Conrad was disposed to modify so as to meet the views of all. He preferred the mode suggested by Mr. Wise, and would place the resolution in his hands. After consultation with Mr. Wise, Mr. Conrad submitted the resolution, so modified as to make it read "to said committee all resolutions touching Federal Relations which may be offered in Convention shall be referred; and it shall be their duty," &c. The resolution then passed in that form. Resolution of thanks. On motion of Mr. Graves, the thanks of the Convention were tendered to Wm. F. Gordon, Jr., for the handsome manner in which he had discharged the duties of temporary Clerk. Peace Conference. Mr. Wilson offered the following: Resolved, That the Virginia Commissioners to the Peace Conference now in session in the city of Washington, be respectfully requested to report to this body, at their earliest convenience, whether, in their opinion, any result acceptable to Virginia may be expected from the del
assengers, D. & W. Currie. Schr.Del. Farmer, --, Baltimore, lumber, Jno. Abrahams. Schr. Amythis, Cates, Portland, plaster, Robertson & Miller. Schr. Danville, Chester, New York, mdze., D. & W. Currie. Schr. Rough and Ready, Moore, Eastern Shore, potatoes, A. Millspaugh. Schr. Champ, --, James River, billets and hoop poles. Sloop S. M. Herman, Rowe, Servan River, oysters. Schr. S. G. King, Andrews, Baltimore, mdze., W. D. Colquitt & Co. Schr. Ashland, Graves, Baltimore, guano, E. B. Bentley. Schr. Clara Belle, Mitchell, Baltimore, guano, Bacon & Baskerville. Schr. Florida, Hayes, Jacksonville, lumber, J. A. Belvin. Schr. Nelly D., Studdard, Philadelphia, coal, S. P. Hawes & Son. sailed, Schr. Hope, Frank, down the river, light. Memorandum. Capt. Cates, of schr. Amythis, reports: March 31st, off Cape Cod, passed a large fore and aft schooner, sunk, with only mast heads out of water, which were painted green — win
d on the 19th of this month, and that we will support the nominee of the same, provided he is in favor of the separation of Virginia from the North and the recognition of the independence of the Confederate States. 5. That ten delegates be appointed from each magisterial district in the county, to attend the Suffolk Convention, and they are hereby instructed not to cast the vote of this county for any one who will not carry out the foregoing resolution. The resolutions offered by Mr. Graves were adopted by the meeting with very few dissenting voices. The Southern Citizen, published at Madison Court-House, says, in its issue of Friday last: We do not believe that a betrayed and injured people can much longer tolerate the farce which is being daily perpetrated in Richmond. The sovereign people will rise in the majesty of their power, and break up the Pandemonium, which is crippling her strength and murdering her honor. The people will soon take the matter in their o
Supreme Court of Appeals, April 16th, Judge Allen presiding, and present a full bench. Medley us. Oliver — Appeal allowed from the Circuit Court of Halifax county. Layne es Morris Administrator — Argued by James Garland for plaintiff, and Macfarland & Roberts for the defendant. Judgment of the Gireouit Court of Amherst county reversed. Henry vs. Graves — Argued by Wood Houtdin and Geo. W. Read for the appellate, and Howard & Sands for the appealers. Decrees of the Circuit Court of Halifax affir
t rejoicing among our people, who are since that time united in sentiment, all being in favor of Virginia making common cause with her Southern sister States. At a meeting Saturday night, speeches were delivered by Messrs. W. T. Sutherlin, B. M. Jones, Dr. Withers, and others. Monday night Major Withers and Vincent Witcher, Esq., spoke to the citizens of this place, and especially the young men, to come forward and join one or the other of our volunteer companies; a good many enlisted. Capt. Graves, of the Blues, made at the same time an appeal to the audience to subscribe money for procuring better arms for our volunteer companies. Several gentlemen responded to the tune of between $300 and $400. I understand the subscription was raised yesterday to about $2,000--two gentlemen giving about $500 each. Ben Halevi. P. S.--News just arrived from Richmond that the Convention passed a Secession Ordinance. The streets ring with applause. Our companies were out to raise a Conf
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