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The Charter Election is near at hand, and old Jefferson Ward has not seceded from the city of Richmond. We beg leave to present to the voters of that ward the following gentlemen for Councilmen and Aldermen: For Councilmen: R. O. Haskins, W. H. Richardson, J. H. Greanor, N. B. Hill, Jas. M. Talbott, mh 26--dtde For Aldermen: W. Taylor, A. F. Picot, C. B. Hill, George E. Sadler, R. D. Sanxay. Jefferson Ward.
ermen and Common Council for Jefferson Ward. Whereupon, N. M. Lee was called to the Chair, and Thos. J. Starke appointed Secretary. On motion, a committee of seven were appointed by the Chair to make nominations, who having retired, brought forward the following names, which, upon being put to the vote, were unanimously nominated: for Aldermen: for Councilmen: C. B. Hill, R. O. Haskins, N. M. Lee, J. M. Talbott, George E. Sadler, N. B. Hill, Dr. A. F. Picot, J. H. Greanor, Thos. J Starke. John J. Wilson. The following resolutions were unanimously adopted: Resolved, That the Common Council of the city of Richmond be requested to cause a poll to be opened at each precinct in the city of Richmond, for or against secession, and that each voter be asked the question, are you in favor or against secession, and that his vote be recorded accordingly. Resolved. That the other two Wards will adopt a similar resolution. N. M. Lee, Chairman. T
A Flag of the Southern Confederacy was raised yesterday over the private dwellings of Messrs. A. Johnston and J. H. Greanor, corner of Broad and 20th streets. Jefferson Ward is now thoroughly aroused on the subject of Southern rights.
Brutal assault. --Yesterday afternoon a negro named George, slave of J. H. Greanor, got into a difficulty with a woman named Phebe, the property of Dr. Wellford, in the bottom near the Central depot, and made a violent assault upon her with an axe. He was at once seized and placed in custody of the police. The woman's injuries are severe, but probably not fatal.
rd Fox221321363 Grain Measurer: Henry Davis221332368 Manager Poor-House: Jno Pearce223322364 Captain Night Watch: J. B. Pleasants13180153 L. M. Carter6295107 Richard Reins21148109 L. M. Jude13511 A. Jenkins00001 Jefferson Ward.--Hustings Court--A. F. Picot 210, Wm. Taylor 216, N. M. Lee 186, E. A. J. Clopton 214, Richard D. Sanxay 214; scattering 32. Council — R. O. Haskins 214, N. B. Hill 212, James M. Talbott 218, W. H. Richardson 166, A. Y. Stokes 164, R. J. Christian 91, J. H. Greanor 19, Luther Libby 5. Madison Ward.--Hustings Court--James K. Caskie 302, James Bray 319, Geo. N. Gwathmey 317, Wm, B. Smith 203, John Purcell 216, Samuel S. Cottrell 103, J. E. Burress 98. Council — D. J. Burr 313, Geo. K. Crutchfield 317, P. R. Grattan 311, J. A. Scott 315, Thomas H. Wynne 305, scattering 10. Monroe Ward.--Hustings Court--N. C. Lipscomb 366, W. W. Timberlake 362, J. F. Regnault 362, C. E. Anderson 364, J. W. Beveridge 360. Council — D. J. Saunders 359, S D. D<
Bridge Guards. --Company A, of the City battalion, numbering 75 men, have been sworn in under Captain J. H. Greanor, and put to work guarding the three bridges spanning the James river at this point. This work was formerly entrusted to the Second Class militia, but on the promulgation of the order a few evenings since relieving them from guard duty, the honor was conferred as above. As yet Company A is the only one mustered into service, though one or more of the others are making fair headway. As the bridges are guarded night and day, the company is detailed in two parts, and no doubt have their hands full, though the duty exacted of the members does not involve any great personal risks to themselves.
ge to say, on Thursday the battery did not lose a single man. At a late hour on Thursday evening intelligence was received of the enemy's repulse on Taylor's farm, and everything became quiet. It was generally believed that this was the end of the last movement" on the Richmond." Last of Casualties in the twenty-fifth Virginia Battalion, Colonel W. M. Elliott, on the twenty-ninth of September at Fort Gilmer. Field and Staff.--Killed — None. Wounded — None. Company A, Captain J. H. Greanor commanding.--Killed--Lieutenant R. E. Mills. Wounded--Privates Cornelius Graham, severely in hand — in hands of enemy; Dennis H. White, slightly in head. Company B. Sergeant John D. Hansom commanding.--Killed — None. Wounded--Privates J. F. Johnson, in hand; H. L. Poole, in thing; J. J. Gains, in hand; David Thomas, in hand. Company C, Lieutenant C. D. Anderson commanding.--Killed — None. Wounded — None. Company D, Lieutenant McIntosh commanding, Killed — Non