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The Daily Dispatch: March 7, 1864., [Electronic resource], More of the raid — the division of Kilpatrick's command. (search)
er go to than to go back to Richmond." This opinion seemed to prevail, and they determined to force their way through. Of course, Col. Johnson, will his handful of men, could not stop them, but he cut into their rear and brought off twenty-one of them as they got by. With the exception of Lieut. Pollard's attack this was the last time they were "operated" upon. The City troops. The local troops have all returned to the city. It should have been stated in our notice of the fight at Green's farm that at the fight at "Glen-Birney," (Hix's farm,) Waller's battalion of local troops were engaged with Henley's battalion, and behaved very handsomely. The cavalry, under Maj. Wm. S. Wood, returned to the city Saturday night under the following complimentary order from Maj. Gen. Hampton: March 5th, 1864. Major Wood. Major: Move your command as seen as you are ready back to Richmond, and report to Gen. Elzey. The Chesterfield and 42d battalion will also return. I beg yo
, Va. Anderson, Lewis, William, John, Nat, and James Heath, slaves of Dunlop Fisher, Goochland, John and Robert slaves of Wm. C. M Henrico; William, Robert, and Philip, slaves of Col. J. A Tompkins, Richmond; Miles, Hanson, Mark, Moces, and William, slaves of James A Korson, of Goochland; Walker, slave of William Cuper, of Louisa; Chastain, slave of Jack While, Powhatan; Thomas, slave of Martin Springfellow, Orange; Newman, slave of Fisher, Goochland; Arthur, slave of Anderson King, Hanover; George, slave of Dr. McKensie, Powhatan; William, slave of Ben Green; Philip, slave of B. Trent, Cumberland; Joe, slave of Edward Streight, Louisa; Patrick, slave of Baswift, Louisa; Billy, slave of Jas Dunlop, Richmond; Mack, slave of John Tyler, of Spotsylvania; Richard, slave of John Wickness, Henrico; Henry, slave of Richard Alled, Goochland; James, slave of Richard Jones, Glob Thomas, slave of Mrs. Martin Robinson, Luther Edward — Heary, Davy, John, and way slaves of Dr. Walker, Goochland.
d at 4 o'clock in the evening the attack was made. The Yankees (particularly Gregg's division) resisted stubbornly, but were soon driven from their breastworks, and the Confederate cavalry, in the language of our informant, "walked right over them." As the flying Yankees passed our lines on their retreat, they were shot down indiscriminately, and thirty dead bodies were counted in front of one regiment. Without mentioning the troops engaged on our side in this affair, we may state that Capt Ben Green's company, of the local battalion, occupied a position on the left, and behaved very gallantly. The pursuit of the enemy was kept up until o'clock, to within two miles of Charles City Court-House. The retreat was precipitate, amounting, indeed, to a rout, the dead and wounded of the enemy being left in our hands. It is stated that our men mounted the breastworks and charged with impetuosity in the very face of the foe, killing and wounding a great number, and putting them to fligh
Hustings Court. --The following is the third day's proceedings of the November term of the Hustings Court of Magistrates: William, slave of Ben Green, charged with breaking into Elizabeth Wunnicutt's house an stealing a lot of clothes, was ordered to receive thirty-nine lashes to-day and the same number to-morrow. Jacob Drew, free negro; Jacob, slave of Ann Ford; and Curtis, slave of Jesse F. Keesee, charged with breaking into J. N. Hoetlick's store and stealing several thousand dollars' worth of groceries, &c., were convicted offence, and the first ordered sold into slavery, the second to be sold into slavery, and the third was discharged. Joseph Myere, charged with larceny, was discharged. Patrick and Dennis, Sweeney, charged with assaulting Matthew Macauley, were discharged.