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Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 22. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), chapter 1.24 (search)
s for assignment. Jan. 31, ‘64, 58th and 60th North Carolina. May 31, 64, Surgeon Griffin reports him absent, supposes him captured; returned Jan. 12th. Nov. 1, ‘64th Mississippi Regiment. January, transferred with command from Department. Griffin, G. G., Assistant Surgeon, A. and I. G. O., Richmond. March 17, ‘64, ordered 21, ‘63. Oct. 31, ‘63. 37th Georgia Regiment, April 30, ‘64, 37th Georgia. Griffin, P. H., Surgeon. Sept. 30, ‘63, 18th Mississippi Regiment. Garvin, S. H.,tillery, Jan. 31, ‘63, Feb. 28, ‘63, absent, sick; command not in division. Griffin, E., contract $80, made by J. P. Logan Oct. 1, ‘62. Jan 1, ‘63, Medical Collet Cavalry, Aug. 31, ‘63, Sebrell's Battery, Oct. 7, ‘63, contract annulled. Griffin, Hamilton, Surgeon, appointed by Secretary of War May 30, ‘63, to rank from 24mball, L. M., Assistant Surgeon. May 31, ‘64, 1st and 3d Florida Regiments. Griffin, 1. G., Assistant Surgeon. May 3, ‘64, 42d Georgia R
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 33. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), The honor roll of the University of Virginia, from the times-dispatch, December 3, 1905. (search)
Mobile, Ala., 1865. Geiger, G. H, Va., Gettysburg, Pa. George, L. A., Lt., Va., Five Forks, Va. Gilchrist, J. M., Capt., Ala., Wilderness, Va. Glenver, J. T., Lt., Va., 1862. Goggin, W. L., Lt., Va., Lynchburg, Va., 1861. Goodloe, D. G., Tenn., Ohio, 1861. Goodman, J. B., Asst. Surg., Va., Charleston, S. C., 1864. Gordon, G. L., Va., Malvern Hill, Va., 1862. Gordon, G., Va., 186—. Green, R. H., Va., 186—. Gregg, J. J., Capt., S. C., Hammond, S. C., 186—. Griffin, J. W., Chapl., Va., Roanoke Co., Va. Grivot, W. P., Capt., La., Forsythe, Ga., 1864. Grogan, K., Md., Greenland Gap, Va., 1863. Guiger, G. H., Va., Gettysburg, Pa., 1863. Gunn, S. R., Miss., Leesburg, Va., 1861. Garland, H. A., Col., Mo., Franklin, Tenn. Haden, J. W., Va., Petersburg, Va., 1864. Hairston, H., Md., Cascade, Va., 1862. Hairston, G. S., Miss., Shiloh, Tenn., 1862. Hale, S., Capt., Va., Spotsylvania, Va. Hall, G. A., Lt., Ga., Yorktown, Va., 1862.<
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 33. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Roster of the Battalion of the Georgia Military Institute Cadets (search)
Cadet F. E. Courvoisier, of Savannah, Ga., was wounded in hip in August, 1864, siege of Atlanta. He recovered. Died in Port Royal, S. C., 1896. Cadet A. H. Alexander, of Forsyth, Ga., was killed instantly by a solid ball from a six-pounder cannon, passing entirely through his body, in siege of Atlanta, August 12, 1864. Cadet A. T. Luckie painfully wounded in eye in 1864. Cadet Samuel W. Goode painfully wounded in the arm, near shoulder, at Atlanta, in July or August, 1864. Cadet Griffin slightly wounded on nose in 1864. Cadet W. E. Myrick wounded in head at Oconee bridge, on Central railroad, in November, 1864. Died in Mississippi, 1867. Cadet Sergeant J. Scott Todd was wounded in arm, which was amputated at once, at Oconee bridge, over Oconee river, on Central railroad, in Washington county, Ga., on November 23, 1864, in charge on Yankee pickets in Oconee swamp. He is now Dr. J. S. Todd, of Atlanta, Ga., and surgeon of Georgia Division of U. C. V. Cadet Tho
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 33. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), chapter 1.33 (search)
en's. Ewell's Second Corps, next on the extreme Confederate left, composed of: Early's (Gordon) Division, perhaps slightly; Johnson's Division, partly in action; Rodes' Division (possibly), slightly, with the artillery of this corps. Firing in a desultory manner from the works, with infantry, but with 29 guns vigorously in action also firing from works, and as follows; Guns. Second Howitzers (Jones'), Third Howitzers (Smith's), Powhatan Artillery (Dance's), Salem Artillery (Griffin's)15 Orange Artillery (Fry's), with men of other batteries; Staunton Artillery (Garber's), with men of other batteries8 Guns from either Braxton or Nelson6 — 29 Federal Army. Warren's Fifth Corps, on the Federal left, composed of: Four Divisions—24,423 April 30th, and 19,321 June 1st. Infantry not in action, but 26 guns were, as a diversion in front of Hill's Corps. Hancock's Second Corps, next to Fifth and to the right of it, composed of: Four Divisions—27,007 April 3<
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 35. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), The Confederate dead buried in the Vicksburg Cemetery. (search)
47th Ohio. June 14—Wm. Teracy, Company G, 4th (West) Virginia, a prisoner. June 14—Lieut. Lace, 17th Louisiana. June 15—Lieut. Sam Bates, Company I, 22d Iowa. June 17—Col. Garrott, interred by his friends. June 19—C. B. Hooper, Company K, 99th Illinois. June 20—Lieut. J. H. Langston, Company B, 5th Regiment, Mississippi S. T. June 22—R. Kenell, Botetourt Artillery. June 24—Lieut. Col. McLaurin, (officers' lot). June 26—J. J. Banks, Partisan Rangers. June 27—Major (Brigadier.) Gen. Green, of Missouri. Buried on Geo. Marshall lot. June 27—Prisoner, unknown. June 27—Lieut. Col. Griffin, of 31st Louisiana. June 28—Five soldiers from Washington Hotel. June 30—G. R. Moreley, Botetourt Artillery. June 30—Sergt. E. Jones, Company D, 38th Mississippi. July 2—Lieut. J. Kelsey, Company A, 61st Tennessee. July 3—J. N. New, Botetourt Artillery. July 4—Lieut. V. M. Stevenson, Company F, 1st Arkansas. July
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 35. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Hanover Grays. (search)
ohn O. (wounded and dead). Christian, Horace (dead). Christian, R. A. (detailed; dead). Crump, Edward. Curtis, Armistead (dead). Dunn, John H. (killed at Drewry's Bluff). Dunn, Charles (killed at Drewry's Bluff). Dunn, Robert S. (wounded; dead). Dunn, Henry C. Ellett, Thaddeus (wounded). Ellerson, Thomas H. (wounded). Gaines, William (detailed). Gray, John (wounded and dead). Gardner, R. E. (discharged; dead). Gibson, John T. Gibson, Robert H. Griffin, R. R. (wounded). Harwood, John W. (detailed). Haw, Edwin (dead). Haw, John H. (sergeant). Haw, Richardson W. (twice wounded; dead). Haw, William (wounded). Hazelgrove, Andrew (died in prison). Hogan, William (dead). Home, Robert R. (died in prison). Home, Ralph R. Hott, William (wounded). Hughes, P. H. (wounded; dead). Johnson, P. L. Jones, Washington (killed). Jones, William Wingfield (wounded and dead) Kelley, James S. (dead). Kent, George
the Rev. W. Turner , Jun. , MA., Lives of the eminent Unitarians, John Biddle (search)
tain their own personal influence, and the political predominance of the religious party to which they belonged. To the former class probably must be referred a Mr. Griffin, the minister of a Baptist congregation in the city, many of whose hearers had begun to shew a leaning to Unitarian opinions; he was induced, in consequence, tddle at length complied, and met his antagonist, whom he found surrounded by a numerous auditory, including some of his own most bitter and vehement adversaries. Griffin began by asking, if any man there did deny that Christ was God most high? on which Mr. Biddle replied, with sincerity and firmness, I do deny it. The disputation then proceeded by Griffin endeavouring at large to establish the affirmative, which he is said to have done in such a manner as to shew himself no fit opponent for Mr. Biddle, who it was agreed should take his turn to bring forward the opposite arguments on a future day, to which the debate was adjourned. But in the mean time,
Historic leaves, volume 2, April, 1903 - January, 1904, Historical Sketch of the old Middlesex Canal. (search)
ries of dams, locks, and short canals to overcome the natural rapids and falls of the river. The first of these works was a lock and short canal at Wiscassee Falls, three miles above the head of the Middlesex Canal and what is now known as Tyngs Island. No fall is now perceptible at that point, the Lowell dam having flowed it out. The second work, fifteen miles further up, at Cromwell's Falls, consisted of a dam and single lock. Then came dams and single locks at Moor's, Coos', Goff's, Griffin's and Merrill's Falls. About a mile above Merrill's Falls were the lower locks of the Amoskeag, a canal next in importance to the Middlesex Canal. It was only about a mile in length, but surmounted by works of very considerable magnitude, where the great fall of between fifty and sixty feet now furnishes the water power for the mills at Manchester. The contract was first undertaken by Samuel Blodgett in 1794, and not completed until 1807. Eight miles above Amoskeag the locks and short
Historic leaves, volume 7, April, 1908 - January, 1909, Company E, 39th Massachusetts Infantry, in the Civil War.—(Iv.) (search)
e us. General Crawford's Division, to which our regiment belonged, After Spottsylvania, May 8 to 20, our brigade was commanded by General Crawford, as General Robinson, our division commander, lost a leg at that time and was obliged to leave the front. General Crawford was the physician at Fort Sumter when it was taken in 1861. formed a line of battle on the right of the railroad, and General Ayer, of the Second Division of our corps (the Fifth), formed on the left of the railroad. General Griffin's First Division (our corps) was in the rear tearing up the tracks, as we thus advanced towards Petersburg. We had proceeded about a mile and a half in dense woods, when Hill's Rebel Corps charged on us. (The Yellow house was behind us now.) Ayer's Division gave way, letting the enemy come around our left flank. There was nothing for us to do but to fall back or be captured. The Rebel line in front of us was within forty feet. The order was accordingly given to fall back. All were
7. Gordon, Samuel, 27. Gordon, Sylvia Ellen, 67. Gordon, Yorick S., 27. Gorham, David, 4, 15. Graham, William L., 15. Grand Army Post, Somerville, 10. Grand Lake, 54. Granite Street Stone-pit, 79. Grant, Caroline M., 66. Grant, Edward L., 15. Grant, Edwin, 66. Grant, General. 53, 57, 58, 59, 61. Grant, Mary Ella, 66. Gravelly Run, 9. Gray, Dexter, 4, 15. Gray, P. T., 27. Gray, Rebecca A., 72. Green, Francis, 70. Greenleaf Place, The, 86. Grierson, General, 59. Griffin, General, 2. Grimes, Emmeline May, 22. Grover, General, 54, 55, 59. Guild, Charles H., 76. Guild, Chester, 74. Gurley House, 8, 9. Hadley, Benjamin, 43, 74. Hadley, Eugene B., 8, 15. Hafford, John, 15. Hagan, Patrick, 16. Hale, Edward M., 15. Halifax Road, 7. Hall, Andrew, 62, 63, 64. Hall, Moses, 27 Halle, Germany, 66. Halleck, General, 52. Hancock, N. H., 27. Hanley, John H., 15. Hatcher's Run, 8. Hawkins, Guy C., 31, 32, 33, 36, 37. Hawkins, Nathaniel, 42. Hawkins, Sa
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