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were brought into Court, who it was believed would criminate him; but they knew nothing in the world against him, or, if they did, they managed with admirable skill to keep it to themselves. Solomon, slave of John Sledd, and John Whitlock, a free negro, were charged with stealing a box of butter from Bartholomew Hill. It appeared that Mr. Hill was a market man, and on Saturday morning, while Whitlock engaged him in conversation, Solomon caught up a small box of butter and ran off. Officer Griffin, who witnessed the whole affair, ran after Solomon and arrested him. The negroes were ordered to be whipped. William, slave of Wm. Barrett, war ordered to be whipped for stealing chickens. Wm. H. Harvey and Wm. H. Reed were charged — the former with assaulting, the latter with threatening to assault, Joseph H. Moore. It appeared that Moore, who holds some position of authority in the Second Auditor's Office of the Confederate Treasury Department, lodged with the head of the
Staples called to him and said, "There are only $16 here, you own me four more," Seeing Mr. Tyler, the clerk of the market, standing by, he (Davis) requested him to count the money, when that gentleman, as he thought, very reluctantly replied that there was $20. On again starting off with the fish in his possession, Staples accosted him (Davis) with the remark, "You have taken the advantage of me," at the same time tearing up the notes and throwing them under his feet.--For the defence, officer Griffin and Mr. Tyler, the clerk of the market, testified that Staples had proclaimed it in Davis's presence that he could received nothing for his fish but the new issue. Davis took a bunch of fish from his (S.'s) cart and inquired the price. "Twenty dollars," was the reply, whereupon D. put down four $5 bills. Staples then told him he could not take the fives for more than four dollars each. Upon D. Insisting that he had paid $20, S. remarked that he would be governed by what Mr. Tyler wou
From Texas. Houston, Texas, May 13th, via Summit, May 28. --Col Griffin, with a force of 200 sharpshooters and a battery of artillery, surprised two gunboats, the Granite City, No. 8, iron-plated; and the Wave, No. 8, tin-clad, in Calcosia Pass, on May 6th.--We captured both. The Yankees had to send the boats a core to surrender. There were 160 prisoners captured, 16 fine cannon, and no end of stores. On the 9th, a Yankee sailboat was captured at Calcosia, by Major McReynolds. Affairs in Northern Mexico all quiet. On the 23d of April the Yankees landed a force of 300 at Lavaca and set fire to the town. Several blocks of buildings were consumed.
Cruelly beaten. --A small negro girl, belonging to E. J. Bagby, was found by officer Griffin lying in the street, near the market-house. She had been most cruelly beaten by some one, and was also suffering from an attack of pneumonia. She was lodged in the station-house and
th shop, and it is presumed that they finished their work of destruction by burning all the buildings in the place. At the same time skirmishing was going on between Ashland and Wickham's farm, and we regret to hear a report that Lieutenant Colonel Brown, of the Maryland Line, was shot through the head and killed. From the Southside. Comparative quiet prevails along our lines in Chesterfield county. A sharp skirmish took place on Tuesday on the south bank of the Appomattox, in Prince George county, between a portion of General Dearing's command and a force of the enemy's "nigger" troops. The enemy were strongly entrenched, with their right flank protected by gunboats, two of which moved up and participated in the fight. Our casualties were four killed and nine wounded--among the former, Lieutenant Tomlinson, of the 7th Confederate cavalry, and among the latter, Lieut. Col. Kennedy, of Col. Griffin's Georgia cavalry. The loss of the enemy was numerically about the same.
eir prices, and general good would ensue to the poorer classes. In conclusion, he made a motion that the whole matter be referred to the Committee on Supplies for the Poor. The subject was further discussed in opposition by Messrs Hill and Griffin, the latter gentleman making a motion that the proposition be laid upon the table. Upon this motion Mr. Walker called for the yeas and nays, which resulted as follows: Yeas--Messrs. Griffin, Randolph, Clopton, Crutchfield, Denoon, EppsMessrs. Griffin, Randolph, Clopton, Crutchfield, Denoon, Epps, Richardson, Stokes and Haskins--9. Nays--Messrs. Walker, Scott and Hill--3. So the motion to lay on the table was adopted. A communication was presented by Mr. Hill from Major Talcott, Superintendent of the Danville railroad, of a character solely concerning that road, and which prudence forbids our making public. A resolution offered by Mr. Crutchfield asking for the continuance for a limited period of the pay of R. J. Crafton, deceased, one of the city watchmen, for the
eeland J RPriv34DChimb'oNo. 3 Franklin EPriv16EChimb'oNo. 4 Gibson J JPriv48KWinderNo. 1 Gates A MPriv23BWinderNo. 2 Griffin B JPriv48EWinder2 Goodson FPriv52HWinder2 Gibson MPriv43BWinder2 Griffin R MPriv32HWinder2 Groon TheoPriv46EWinder2 Griffin R MPriv32HWinder2 Groon TheoPriv46EWinder2 Gupton W CSergt15GWinder2 Goodman J TPriv4 bandWinder2 Gamble A GPriv14GWinder2 Gardner J HPriv12BWinder2 Griffin GPriv18EWinder2 Grumby W APriv22FWinder2 Gay J EPriv26BWinder2 Grimsley J KPriv61IWinder2 Grimsley LPriv51EWinder2 Gibbons APGriffin GPriv18EWinder2 Grumby W APriv22FWinder2 Gay J EPriv26BWinder2 Grimsley J KPriv61IWinder2 Grimsley LPriv51EWinder2 Gibbons APriv42AWinder2 Gobble JPriv15CWinder2 Galyer APriv21CWinder2 Griffin T CPriv37GWinder2 Green KPriv61HWinderNo. 3 Goodwin EPriv27BWinder3 Gathins GPriv43KWinder3 Gatewood J BPriv22HWinder3 Goodson J WPriv52GWinder3 Grice R SPriv28CWinder3 GrGriffin T CPriv37GWinder2 Green KPriv61HWinderNo. 3 Goodwin EPriv27BWinder3 Gathins GPriv43KWinder3 Gatewood J BPriv22HWinder3 Goodson J WPriv52GWinder3 Grice R SPriv28CWinder3 Graddy G WPriv27BWinder3 Gallemore B FPriv11IWinder3 Guigamas G WPriv65IWinder3 Glover R DPriv15AWinder3 Goodman J HPriv47UWinder3 Garsett G WPriv16IWinderNo. 4 Goodward NPriv17KWinder4 Greer J EPriv26IWinder4 Goodin CPriv66FWinder4 J APriv1
dner H HPriv2 cvGWinder5 Griffey J HPriv43BWinder5 Green K PPriv6EWinder5 Gilliam JPriv32BWinder5 Goodson W MFergt24FWinder5 Gordon W HPriv44AWinder5 Goulding J HPrivPits's batWinder5 Griffith A APriv14GWinder5 Guthrie C CPriv23KWinder5 Griffin W APriv53IWinderNo. 6 Gibbins APriv16GWinder6 Gameson W FSergt48HWinder6 Genes J WCorpl18BWinder6 Priv4HWinder6 HPriv13FWinder6 Garner W BPriv13BWinder6 Glover W WSergt31AWinderNo. 7 Goodwin HPriv31DWinder7 Galley L BPriv46AWinder7 Giv21MWinder6 Glasgow W HPriv12GJacksonNo. 1 Grimsley J MLieut37KJackson1 Gortney F FLieut37BJackson1 Gray W HLieut33FJackson1 Gardiner W JLieutManly'sbatJackson1 Grimsley LLieut26AJackson1 Gordon G TLt Col34No. 4 Gideney J MCapt12ENo. 24 Griffin W JPriv31FH Grove Gould A JPriv15AH Grove Griffin WmPriv47DChimb'oNo. 3 Gardner J APriv17AChimb'o3 Gillespie J BCorpl28HChimb'o3 Gains C WSergt16IChimb'oNo. 4 Gregery MPriv51EChimb'o4 Green J EPriv43CChimb'o4 Gillespie W GPriv6CChimb'o4
ladd'd Store: Co A Killed: Private Jas M Babb. Wounded: X W Curry, in hip, slightly; James Taylor, in shoulder, slightly; E M Sharp, leg amputated. Co E Killed: None. Wounded: Corp'l Jas E Quaticburne, in thigh, severely; Privates John Eidson, in hand, slightly; Williamson Rowler, in foot, severely; T A Sego, in neck, severely. Co D — No casualties. Co E — Killed: Nons. Wounded: Corp'l Sam Simpson, in bowels, mortally; Privates D S Rogers, in groin, very severely; S N Griffin, in wrist, severely. Co F — Killed: None. Wounded: Privates John Humphrey, and Robert Yarborough. Missing: R J Vaughn. Co G and H — No casualties. Co J — Killed: Serg't W W Jenkins, and private A F Gardner. Wounded: L A McCall, in foot, severely. Co K — Killed: None. Wounded: Privates J P McManus, in breast, severely; G M Ellrod, in shoulder, severely; N M Cook, in hand, slightly; Reas Bowen, in hand, slightly; O H P Scott, in leg, severely; E F Ellrod, in face,
edloaves of bread was the average yield per barrel. Mr. C. said these facts were established beyond a doubt, and he defied contradiction from those interested. The petition was referred to a special committee, consisting of Messrs Crutchfield, Griffin, and Stokes. A petition was presented by Mr. Glazebrook from Colin Bass, Superintendent of the Virginia Penitentiary, asking that the city furnish to that institution any surplus amount of salt they may have on hand, at the price formerly ae citizens at $2.50 to $3 per pound, whilst we were now compelled to pay six dollars for a vastly inferior article. In his opinion, if something was not done, beef would soon be ten instead of six dollars per pound. A petition offered by Mr. Griffin from Joseph Hall, deputy jailor, asking that he be allowed $1,200 additional for exacting from the prisoners before they are confined in jail every article of value, save clothing, in their possession, was laid on the table. Mr. Walker pr
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