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Robert Stiles, Four years under Marse Robert, Chapter 6: from Manassas to Leesburg. (search)
id of all we could get our hands upon. About the middle of November, pursuant to a policy of brigading together, so far as possible, troops from the same State, the Eighth Virginia Regiment was ordered back to Manassas, and the Twenty-first Mississippi, commanded by Col. B. G. Humphreys, was sent to fill its place — the entire Mississippi brigade, consisting of the Thirteenth, Seventeenth, Eighteenth and Twenty-first Regiments, being then, or shortly after, put under the command of General Griffith, of that State, who was killed at Savage Station in June, 1862, when Barksdale, theretofore colonel of the Thirteenth, was made brigadier-general and took command of the brigade, which bore his name up to Gettysburg, where he met his gallant death. Thereupon Colonel Humphreys, of the Twentyfirst, was promoted to the rank of brigadier, and in turn commanded and christened this fine body of soldiers. It may be well to mention that Colonel Featherstone, of the Seventeenth, was made briga
Robert Stiles, Four years under Marse Robert, Chapter 7: the Peninsula Campaign. (search)
, begged rations enough to give them just one meal; but the officer in charge answered: I cannot issue you anything, Captain, except upon the order of General Griffith, your brigadier, or my commanding officer. To which our captain replied: General Griffith is somewhere between here and Richmond, I don't know wheGeneral Griffith is somewhere between here and Richmond, I don't know where your commanding officer is; but if you can't give me anything, except upon the order of one of these two officers, then I can take what my men need, on my own order, and I'll do it. Here, boys, drive a gun up here in the road ahead of this train, unlimber it and load it. Now, sir, you shan't pass here without issuing three dayganization and paralysis of the fearful mud deluge, and meanwhile not only did we artillerymen once more come down to hard pan and hard corn, but one evening General Griffith, who was a charming gentleman, rode over to where our battery was parked, saying to our captain that he came to beg three favors — a couple of ears of corn f
Robert Stiles, Four years under Marse Robert, Chapter 8: Seven Pines and the Seven Days battles (search)
ound an Irishman, whom we at first thought dying, as perhaps he was; but a swallow or two of the crathur revived him, and when, under such inspiration, did Pat ever fail to be communicative and. witty? He seemed to grasp the situation perfectly, and upon someone asking if the apparent flight might not after all be a trap-Be dad, said he, an‘ ef it's a thrap, thin shure an‘ little Mac's lost the thrigger! At or near Savage Station, I think on this 29th of June, our brigade commander, General Griffith, was killed. In a shower of projectiles turned loose upon us by an unseen foe, at least half a shell from a three-inch rifled gun lodged in his body. The marvel is he did not die instantly, but I noted a desperate clinch of his fingers and the pallor of his face as he clasped his hands back of his head after he had fallen from his horse. He was a genial and cultured gentleman and regarded as a very promising officer. Colonel Barksdale, of the Thirteenth, at once took command of the
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