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Benjamnin F. Butler, Butler's Book: Autobiography and Personal Reminiscences of Major-General Benjamin Butler, Chapter 16: capture of fortifications around Richmond, Newmarket Heights, Dutch Gap Canal, elections in New York and gold conspiracy. (search)
to be resumed on the other side of road. The Twenty-Fifth Virginia (City Battalion), numbering not to exceed two hundred (200) men for duty, are extended along the line toward Buffin's house in front of our position at Deep Bottom. They are there joined by Bennings' (old) Georgia Brigade, commanded by Colonel Dubow, numbering about four hundred (400) men, who are extended along the line past Buffin's house — the picket line being near the house of J. Aikens. They are there joined by Griggs' Texas Brigade, numbering about four hundred (400) men for duty, who extend along the line to a place called Newmarket, where the enemy have a pretty strong work on a height commanding the Newmarket road. These are all the infantry forces, except a battalion of militia reserves, numbering about one hundred and seventy-five (175) men for duty, who are in camp some distance to the rear, who form a connecting line between Johnson's Brigade and the City Battalion. These reserves are composed
lion; Ord.-Sergt. Ritta, wounded slightly, Haysville; Corp. Love, wounded severely, New-London; Privates Capon, wounded severely, Galion; Huber, wounded slightly, Galion; Mason, wounded slightly, Galion; McIntosh, wounded severely, Galion; Noblit, wounded slightly, Galion; Parks, wounded severely, Galion; Wetherick, wounded severely, Galion; Wight, wounded, since dead, Galion; Nase, wounded slightly, Galion; Reuben Coates, wounded slightly, New-London; Hazzard, wounded, since dead, New-London ; Jliff, wounded severely, Olmstead; Neff wounded slightly, Columbus; Runyan, wounded severely, New-London; Winch, wounded severely, Bettsville; White, wounded slightly, Haysville; Truax, wounded, since dead, New-London; Griggs, wounded slightly, Clyde ; Heckler, wounded slightly, Galion. The wounded are doing well. Some of the boys who received very slight wounds, have since returned to duty, and while on picket-duty a few days since, in an attack, were active in driving the rebels back. L.
Lauderdale Springs. This grand crossing of the main railroads of the south-west, at Meridian, is crossed out for the war, and the tax in kind will hardly be wagoned out of Mississippi to any great extent. February twentieth, commenced our return march, making sixteen miles. February twenty-first, marched fourteen miles to Decatur. February twenty-second, marched eighteen miles. February twenty-third, marched twelve miles to Hillsboro. Found the graves of Walker (company I) and Griggs, privates of the Thirteenth Iowa, both murdered after being captured, as narrated above. February twenty-fourth, the Iowa brigade marched twenty-three miles in eight hours and a half, to Pearl River, to guard pioneers in building bridges over the river on the Canton road. February twenty-fifth, finished the bridge and crossed to-day. February twenty-sixth, marched thirteen miles to Canton, county-seat of Madison County, remaining four days, the town guarded by the Iowa brigade. M
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 3. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), chapter 5.38 (search)
d every page has its contents properly classed. The head is prettily done in ornamental letters. The motto is en temps et lien. The number out is the second issue. There is a prospectus and a salutatory. There is a column of miscellany followed by a column of advertisements. Lieutenant White, of Thirty-third North Carolina, will execute on metal all kinds of engravings; Lieutenant B. F. Curtright, Division 24, manufactures gutta-percha rings, chains and breastpins; tailoring is done by Griggs and Church ; washing and ironing by J. G. Davenport, of Tenth Georgia battalion, and by Lieutenant J. C. Boswell, Thirty-third Georgia regiment; Broughton and Walker keep a shaving and shampooing shop. The editors are George S. Thomas, Captain Sixty-fourth Georgia; W. H. Bennett, Captain and Adjutant same regiment, and F. J. Cassidy, Lieutenant Eleventh South Carolina volunteers. The editorials consist of a Salutatory, Our prison world, A good work, A local, Our paper, Miscellaneous, Repor
Mary Thacher Higginson, Thomas Wentworth Higginson: the story of his life, Bibliography (search)
of Cambridge Historical Society, vol. II.) Edward Atkinson. (In Proceedings of American Academy of Arts and Sciences, vol. XLII.) Louis Agassiz. (In Proceedings of the Cambridge Historical Society, vol. II.) (Ed.) Discourse of Matters Pertaining to Religion. By Theodore Parker. Preface by Higginson. Articles and addresses. (In Christian Endeavor World, Cambridge Tribune, Boston Evening Transcript, Youth's Companion.) 1908 Things Worth While. (In Art of Life Series, Griggs ed.) Most of the sketches previously printed. Religious Progress in the Last Two Generations. Pph. Address at the Fiftieth Anniversary of Cambridge Public Library. (In History of the Cambridge Public Library.) Edmund Clarence Stedman. (In Independent, Jan. 30.) Edmund Clarence Stedman. (In Atlantic Monthly, March.) Edward Everett Hale. (In Book News Monthly, Aug.) Republican Aristocracy. (In Harper's Monthly, July.) First Steps in Literature. (In New England Maga
, Titus V., major, colonel; Wood, Henry C., major. Thirty-seventh Militia regiment: Coles, Thomas R., major; Downing, Joseph, major; Littrell, Leroy N., lieutenant-colonel; Straughan, Samuel L., colonel. Thirty-eighth Artillery battalion: Blount, Joseph G., major; Dearing, James, major; Read, John P. W., major; Stribling, Robert M., major. Thirty-eighth Infantry regiment: Cabell, Joseph R., major, lieutenant-colonel, colonel; Carrington, Isaac H., major; Edmonds, Edward C., colonel; Griggs, George K., major, lieutenant-colonel, colonel; Lee, Henderson L., major; Martin, George A., lieutenant-colonel; Whittle, Powhatan Boiling, lieutenant-colonel. Thirty-ninth Cavalry battalion: Richardson, John H., major. Thirty-ninth Infantry regiment (disbanded January 25, 1862): Cary, N. R., major; Finney, Louis C. H. lieutenant-colonel; Smith, Charles, colonel Thirty-ninth Militia regiment: Davenport, John M., lieutenant-colonel. Fortieth Cavalry battalion (consolidated with Th
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 22. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), chapter 1.24 (search)
d Board Aug. 16, ‘62. Dec. 31, ‘62, 30th Mississippi, reported from Murfreesboro Feb. 18, ‘63, Feb. 20th sick, sent to G. Hospital, Jan. 31, ‘64, 29th, 30th and 34th Mississippi. 30th Misssissippi, Senior Surgeon March 31, ‘64, April 30, ‘64. Griggs, J. G., Surgeon, passed Board July 15, ‘62. Dec. 31, ‘62, 5th Georgia. Appointed by Secretary of War Sept. 26, ‘62, to rank from July 4, ‘62. April 30, ‘64, 5th Georgia. Gibbs, John H., Assistant Surgeon, appointed by Secretary of War to ranky, July 31, 63, 19th South Carolina Regiment. Supposed to be captured at Missionary Ridge. Reported from Federal prison. Jan. 1, ‘64, Headquarters A. T., 19th South Carolina. Passed Board at Charleston, May 2, ‘64, as Surgeon by promotion. Griggs, A. W., Assistant Surgeon. Dec. 31, ‘62, Montgomery Artillery, Jan. 31, ‘63, Feb. 28, ‘63, absent, sick; command not in division. Griffin, E., contract $80, made by J. P. Logan Oct. 1, ‘62. Jan 1, ‘63, Medical Col
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 23. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), chapter 1.10 (search)
ldier never carried a musket; was killed at Gettysburg. Cobb, Henry. Killed October, 1862. Cox, Henry C. Served through the war. Deshazor, A. W. No better soldier than our brave Abner. Killed climbing the Federal breastworks at Gettysburg. Ellett, W. P. First sergeant for a short while. Sent home sick, and never returned to the company. Evans, James. Transferred from a Texas regiment; was regimental flag-bearer, and was a brave soldier; accidently shot and killed himself. Griggs, E. R. A good soldier; detailed as regimental medical surgeon, and served through the war. Grigg, Norman. Discharged in June, 1861. Garnett, N. C. Deserted. Hayes, John. Died in hospital at Greenbrier river, August, 1861. Hollman, C. A. A good soldier; never wounded; served through the war. Hubbard, Robert H. One of the best soldiers in the army; served to the end of the war. Hubbard, Thomas. Died in the hospital at Staunton early in the war. Huddleston, L. B. Wounded at
nry, b. merchant, h. Summer. Giles, John B., marble worker, h. Cambridge. Gilman, Charles E., town clerk, h. Walnut. Glines, Jacob T., brickmaker, Derby. Goodhue, Homer, supervisor, McLean Asylum. Goodnow, John, b. merchant at E. F. Cutter's. Goodhue, Thomas F. H., market, h. Bow. Gooding, Samuel H., b. brass founder, h. Joy. Gray, John, carpenter, h. Broadway. Gray, George W., b. architect, boards with John Gray. Graves, William E., teacher, Court from Elm. Griggs, Charles, b. liquor dealer, h. Laurel. Griffin, Ebenezer K., teamster, h. Cambridge. Griffin, Theophilus, teamster, h. Bow. Griffin, Gilman, carpenter, h. Broadway. Guild, Chester, b. tanner and leather dealer, h. Perkins. Guild, Chester, Jr., accountant, h. Perkins. Guild, George A., accountant h. Perkins. Hadley, George W., wharfinger, h. Hamlet. Hadley, Benjamin, teamster, h. Cambridge. Hadley, Mrs. Martha, widow, h. Cambridge. Haines, D. J., grocer, h. Broad
Baptist Church Book; Sewall's History of Woburn, 484-85; Hanson's Hit. of Danvers, 247. Lucy, m. Isaac Tufts, 12 Mar. 1807, Camb. Har-Riet Maria of W. Camb. m. John Parker of Brighton, 6 May, 1813, Leonard, Esq., d. 1 July, 1840, a. 60. (See Bond's Wat., 261.) Greenleaf, Sarah A., and Joseph B. Mott, m. 1 Jan. 1836. Greenough, Ann, dau. of Thomas, Jr., of Boston, b. 24 June, bap. 1 July, 1764. Samuel, d. 29 Mar. 1803, a. 13. Greenwood, Bela, and Hannah Moore, m. 30 Apr. 1826. Griggs, Elizabeth Boylston, dau. of Nathaniel, bap. 29 June, 1794. H Hackelton, Mary, and Benjamin Butterfield, m. 4 Apr. 1776. Servant-maid from Camb. at Charlestown, 1773.—See Wyman, 451. Hadley, Sewall, m. Lavinia Hall, 21 Feb. 1819. Sewall d. 20 Sept. 1822, a. 30, and Lavinia (Sewall's widow) d. in 1841, in the summer, and her child soon after. Hall, Thomas, and w. Patience, were adm. Pct. ch. at organization, 9 Sept. 1739. He was chosen deacon of same ch. 5 Dec. 1759, and d. 2
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