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ht.Mixed fabrics. Fernandina.Mohair. Fingroms.Moire. Flannel.Moleskin. Floor-cloth.Moquette. Foulard.Moreen. Foundation-muslin.Mozambique. Frieze.Mull-muslin. Fustian.Mungo. Gabarage.Muslin. Gala.Muslin de laine. Galloon.Muslinet. Gambroon.Nacarat. Gauze.Nainsook. Gaze-a-blutoir.Nankeen. Gimp.Narrow-cloth. Gingham.Neigelli-cloth. Gobelins.Net. Golpathen.Nettle-cloth. Gorgonelle.Oil-cloth. Gossamer.Oiled silk. Grass-cloth.Oil-skin. Grenadine.Organdie. Grogram.Organzine. Gros.Orleans-cloth. Gunny.Osnaburg. Hair-cloth.Pack-cloth. Padesoy.Shag. Palampoor.Shalli. Panne.Shalloon. Paper-muslin.Sheeting. Paramatta-cloth.Shirred goods. Pennistone.Shirting. Percale.Shoddy. Petersham.Shot-silk. Pile.Silesia. Pillow.Silk. Pilot-cloth.Silk-shag. Pique.Sof. Piquee.Soocey. Plaid.Spinel. Plain-back.Stripe. Platilla.Stuff. Plonket.Swansdown. Plumeta.Swiss-muslin. Plush.Tabaret. Poldway.Tabby. Polemit.Taffety. Polimita.Tambour. Pongee.Tammy. Poplin.T
n-wheel. The two constitute a friction-gearing. 2. A band-wheel or pulley having peripheral depressions for a round band, as in some lathes. Groove-ram. (Needle-making.) A stamp for making the groove in which the eyes of needles are formed. Groov′ing-planes. Carpenters' and joiners' planes which are adapted for cutting grooves, such as the plow, fillister, router-plane, banding-plane, etc. (which see). Planes are made in sizes to suit, in pairs known as hollows and rounds. Gros. (Fabric.) A heavy silk with a dull finish. Gros-de-na′ples. (Fabric.) A plain, heavy, woven fabric, made of organzine silk. Ground. 1. (Navigation.) To touch bottom. 2. (Fabric.) The prevailing color. 3. Sediment. 4. (Plastering.) Flush strips in plastering for the attachment of moldings and other finishing. 5. The surface of the ground, level or otherwise, or a representation thereof; as, — Ground plan.Ground plane. 6. The parts of a foundati
are afterward seasoned, and are then finished, carved, and blacked in Paris or some other mercantile center. The seasoning of the wood takes about twelve months. Gros sabots are sometimes dried and smoked to expedite the seasoning, and are finished and sold by country makers and venders in their own communities. The timber is. 2. (Fabric.) A fabric woven from silk. There are many varieties, different in the fineness, density, and finish, such as — Shot-silk.Tissue. Lutestring.Gros. Satin.Moire-antique. Satinet.Ribbon, etc. For specific list of appliances in the treatment and manufacture of silk and other fiber, see cotton, flax, wool, il. Quarm: oil. Bernays: fluo-silicic acid, washed with alkaline solution. Rust and Mossop: solution of caustic barytes, washed with fluo-silicic acid. Gros: a paint of wax 10, oil 30, litharge 1, heated to 212° Fah. Spiller: superphosphate of lime, followed by ammonia (for magnesian limestone). Stone-saw. Cro