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valuable assistance. Colonel Mather, acting chief of staff of artillery and of ordnance; Colonel Mudd, Chief of Cavalry; Lieutenant-Colonel Pardee, acting Inspector-General; Lieutenant-Colonel Warmoth, Aid-de-camp; Lieutenant-Colonel Scates, A. A. General, and Major Butler, Provost-Marshal-all have been active and eminently useful in their respective spheres of duty. Lieutenant-Colonel Warmoth, while by my side, during the assault of the twenty-second ultimo, was severely wounded. Lieutenants Haine, Chief Engineer of the corps, McComas, Jayne, and Mason, have commended themselves by ability, activity, and diligence. Lieutenant-Colonel Taggart, Chief Commissary, and Lieutenant-Colonel Dunlap and Captain Garber, Quartermasters, have administered their affairs with an energy and success commanding my hearty approbation. Major Forbes, Medical Director, has done every thing that could be expected of an officer of rare talent, intelligence, and various experience in his department.
mes placed it there. I am gratified to acknowplaced it there. I am gratified to acknowledge the cheerful obedience to orders, and the fearless conduct of the officers in charge; especially in the case of Lieutenant Clarkson, whose battery was in the advance during the day. The earnest but honorable competition between the three regiments of my brigade resulted, as it is likely to do in the future, in the complete rout and defeat of the foe. I must express my admiration for the coolness, bravery, and efficiency of my staff officers. Captains Freeman, Snelling, Lieutenants Haine and Johnson, who were exposed to the hottest of the fire and thickest of the danger, have my sincere thanks for their cordial support. Casualties, forty-three killed and wounded in my brigade proper. I have the honor to be, Respectfully your ob't servant, J. M. Glover, Colonel Commanding Second Brigade, Cavalry Division. Robert L. Freeman, Captain and A. A. A. Gen. Second Brgade Cavalry Division.
commanders before the attack, dated December 23d, Sherman said: Parts of this general plan are to cooperate with the naval squadron in the reduction of Vicksburg, to secure possession of the land lying between the Yazoo and the Black, and to act in concert with General Grant against Pemberton's forces, supposed to have Jackson, Mississippi, as a point of concentration. In the same paper: It may be necessary (looking to Grant's approach), before attacking Vicksburg, to reduce the battery at Haine's bluff first, so as to enable some of the lighter gunboats and transports to ascend the Ya-zoo, and communicate with General Grant. Again: Grant's left and centre were at the last accounts approaching the Yallabusha, near Grenada, and the railroad to his rear, by which he drew his supplies, was reported to be seriously damaged. This may disconcert him somewhat, but only makes more important our line of operations. At the Yallabusha, General Grant may encounter the army of General Pembert
nearly twenty miles from its mouth is known as Haine's bluff, and was the extreme right of the rebe, at a point still farther from its mouth than Haine's bluff, and so secure a foothold in the rear end, and roads constructed to the Yazoo, above Haine's bluff, when the enemy's works would have bee and embryo gunboats on the Yazoo river, above Haine's bluff. The pass is a narrow and tortuous ba The idea was to reach the Yazoo river, above Haine's bluff, with the whole army; the distance frohine routes, that leaves the Yazoo river below Haine's bluff, and, after innumerable windings, rentazoo, without passing the enemy's batteries at Haine's bluff; and to get possession of some point oltar of America. A reconnoissance was made to Haine's bluff, but it only demonstrated the impractilliken's bend, to make a demonstration against Haine's bluff, which should serve as a diversion mer But Sherman replied: I believe a diversion at Haine's bluff is proper and right, and will make it,[2 more...]
trikes Walnut hills investment of Vicksburg evacuation of Haine's bluff results of campaign rebel movements during campaito Rocky Springs. After making his demonstration against Haine's bluff, Sherman had left Blair's command at Milliken's bencame more desirable, for striking the important position of Haine's bluff. It had now become a matter of the highest conseqy force attempting either to confront Sherman, or to defend Haine's bluff; while, if the rebels still remained in force beforroads can be found to move on, and either have Vicksburg or Haine's bluff to-morrow night. The enemy have been so terribly b with the fleet, and a force was sent to take possession of Haine's bluff; for the enemy had already abandoned that strongholfor Pemberton to hold the place after Grant had got between Haine's bluff and Vicksburg. Fourteen heavy guns had been abandothe passage of the batteries by Grant. The demonstration at Haine's bluff, however, distracted the rebel general, who repeate
plies enough to feed his army, he could surely hold out till another force, under Johnston, could be collected for his relief. But, as soon as Johnston learned that Pemberton had been driven into Vicksburg, he dispatched to that commander: If Haine's bluff be untenable, Vicksburg is of no value, and cannot be held. If, therefore, you are invested at Vicksburg, you must ultimately surrender. Under such circumstances, instead of losing both troops and place, you must, if possible, save the ther service to the Confederacy, would be impossible. Before the council broke up, the guns of the advancing army were heard, as they opened on the works of Vicksburg, and reports came in, that Grant's troops were crossing the Yazoo river, above Haine's bluff. Pemberton at once replied to his commander: I have decided to hold Vicksburg as long as possible, with the firm hope that the government may yet be able to assist me in keeping this obstruction to the enemy's free navigation of the Mis
r the Y zoo, from the mouth of that stream to Haine's bluff. The resources of his own department,housand. With this he will undoubtedly attack Haine's bluff, and compel me to abandon the investmese the siege, and yet remain in possession of Haine's bluff, with undisputed control of the Missisline of circumvallation, and Parke was sent to Haine's bluff. By this time, Grant's force amountedreenforcements were expected, and told him, if Haine's bluff should be besieged, You will be detachhad now ten thousand or twelve thousand men at Haine's bluff, but ordered both McPherson and Shermacially to Washburne, who was yet in command at Haine's bluff. On the 21st of June, Grant receiveations and base were threatened from outside. Haine's bluff was once more an object of immense solhing progresses well here. I am fortifying at Haine's bluff, to make my position certain, but I be were heavy pieces, captured at Grand Gulf and Haine's bluff, making a total of two hundred and for[4 more...]
t in this vicinity, not to exceed ten thousand men, with only enough steamboats to float and transport them to any direct point. This force to be held always near enough to act with the gunboats, when the main army is known to be near Vicksburg, Haine's bluff, or Yazoo City. 6. I do doubt the capacity of Willow bayou (which I estimate to be fifty miles long and very tortuous) for a military channel, capable of supporting an army large enough to operate against Jackson, Mississippi, or Blackhe necessary roads for this purpose. You need not move any portion of your corps more than is necessary for the protection of the road to Richmond until ordered. It may possibly happen that the enemy may so weaken his forces about Vicksburg and Haine's bluff, as to make the latter vulnerable, particularly with a fall of water to give an extended landing. I leave the management of affairs at your end of the line to you. I shall send Surgeon Hewitt to the bend to-morrow, to consult with the
ired at all. The enemy have the bluffs from Haine's bluff, on the Yazoo (this is where the raft le, would enable us to get higher ground above Haine's bluff, and would turn all the enemy's river n in transports and by land to the vicinity of Haine's bluff. Before moving down, however, below Ynk of the Yazoo, from which we may act against Haine's bluff. Last night I received a dispatch fiver, without passing the enemy's batteries at Haine's bluff; to liberate our fleet and troops thenes east of the Yazoo, at some point from which Haine's bluff and Vicksburg could be reached by highnow completely invested. I have possession of Haine's bluff and the Yazoo, consequently have supplI can between the two rivers. I am fortifying Haine's bluff, and will defend the line from here toridge between the two rivers. I am fortifying Haine's bluff, and will have a garrison there of thi Brownsville, and Clinton. I am fortifying at Haine's bluff to make my position certain, but belie[6 more...]
ers to vote, 172. National losses.—At Belmont i., 20; at Fort Henry, 32; at Fort Donelson, 51; at Shiloh, 91; at Iuka, 113; at Corinth, 117; Sherman's attack on Haine's bluff, 145; at Arkansas Post, 149; at Port Gibson, 211; at Raymond, 237; at Jackson, 249; at Champion's Hill, 269; at Black river bridge, 278; Vicksburg campaignoo river expedition, 132-138, 143-148; Arkansas Post, 148,149; Steele's bayou, 174-178; opposes Grant's movement south of Vicksburg, 183-185; demonstration against Haine's bluff, 201; Vicksburg campaign, 227-280; assault on Vicksburg, 302-326; siege of Vicksburg, 331-385; denounces McClernand, 362; ordered to march against Johnstontance of, i., 125; canal, proposed in 1862, but unsuccessful, 125; Grant's plans against, 133, 141; Sherman's expedition against, 143; situation and topography of Haine's bluff, 143,144; situation and fortifications of, 159, 160; Grant's problem, 162-163 Grant's canal, 166-666; Lake Providence, 166-168; Yazoo pass, 168-172; St
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