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granted as that the town of Medford is hereby allowed and empowered, by a surveyor and chairman on oath, to survey and lay out one thousand acres of the unappropriated lands of the Province, and return a plat thereof to this Court, within twelve months, for confirmation for the uses within mentioned. In Council, read and concurred.--Dec. 29th: Consented to, J. Belcher. A true copy, examined, Thaddeus Mason, Deputy-Secretary. This grant was accepted; and Mr. Wm. Willis and Capt. John Hall were chosen to carry the whole matter through. The consequence was a selection of one thousand acres on the Piscataqua River, near the Merrimac. This tract was called the Town's farm; but it was not of great value. Dec. 3, 1737: Here we find the first record of the drawing of jurymen in the town. John Albree and Benjamin Tufts are drawn for the Supreme Court. Few jurymen were needed; but Medford undoubtedly furnished its share from the beginning. It may be interesting to many
ary to a former vote of the town. John Bradshaw, Selectmen. Thomas Tufts, Selectmen. John Willis. John Richardson. Benjamin Willis. Benjamin Parker. John Bradshaw, jun. Nathaniel Hall. John Grattan. Jonathan Bradshaw. Peter Seccombe. John Hall. Thomas Willis. Peter Tufts. This difference of opinion, running longitudinally east and west, destroyed not the harmony of the town in other things; but served only to postpone action, and wait the leadings of Providence. More than two ichardson, William Willis, Mr. Jonathan Hall, Mr. Peter Tufts, Deacon Thomas Hall, Mr. Benjamin Willis, Mr. Benjamin Porter, Mr. Thomas Oaks, Dr. Simon Tufts, Mr. John Albree, Mr. Joseph Tufts, Mr. William Patten, Mr. John Bradshaw, jun., and Mr. John Hall. We know not the exact position of any pew occupied by either of the twenty-five gentlemen, save one; and that is the pew, number one, which was the first on the east side of the broad aisle, nearest the front door, taken by Captain Samue
n Marble026 James Wright026 William Merroe026 Thomas Miler026 Mathew Miler025 William Walden026 Thomas Clark026 Peter Seccomb026 Eben. Brooks his man020 Benjamin Peirce020 Samuel Stone020 William Paten020 Mr. Jonathan Dunster018 Mr. John Hall1110 The warrant issued to the constable empowered that functionary to distrain the goods or chattels of any person or persons who refuse to pay; and in case there be no goods or chattels, then he is to seize the body of any person who re15019 Mr. Francis Whitmore0300144033 Mr. John Whitmore0600168040 Mr. William Patten0300510010 Mr. Jonathan Hall0300940211 Dr. Simon Tufts0300123035 Mr. William Willis0300114017 Mr. Benjamin Willis0300143059 Mr. John Albree03009110110 Mr. John Hall030078043 Mr. Andrew Hall0300820311 Mr. Thomas Oakes0600188020 Joseph Tufts0300156077 John Bradshaw, jun.060094021 Jonathan Bradshaw0300106020 Nathaniel Hall0300940011 Nathaniel Francis030096013 Stephen Francis030040004 Samuel Polly03
l, James W. Sergeant Major, 1st Mass. Infantry, May 25, 1861. Reduced to the ranks from Sergeant Major and assigned to Co. B, 1st Mass. Infantry, Aug. 9, 1862. Discharged for promotion, Nov. 12, 1862, to date Nov. 5, 1862. Second Lieutenant, 53d Infantry, M. V. M., in service of the U. S., Nov. 6, 1862. Mustered out, Sept. 2, 1863 (Letter, War Dept., Dec. 20, 1890). First Lieutenant, 9th Unattached Co., M. V. M., in service of the U. S., May 10, 1864. Mustered out, Aug. 11, 1864. Hall, John. Captain, 4th Infantry, M. V. M., in service of the U. S., Sept. 23, 1862. Mustered out, Aug. 28, 1863. Hall, John S. First Sergeant, 15th Mass. Infantry, July 12, 1861. Sergeant Major, Sept. 25, 1861. Second Lieutenant, Nov. 22, 1861. First Lieutenant, Oct. 28, 1862; not mustered. Discharged, Jan. 8, 1863, as Second Lieutenant. Hall, Josiah C. See Mass. Field Officers. Hall, Richard B. Second Lieutenant, 2d Battery Mass. Light Artillery, July 31, 1861. First Lieute
Thomas Wentworth Higginson, Massachusetts in the Army and Navy during the war of 1861-1865, vol. 2, Index of names of persons. (search)
., 64 Hale, W. M., 288 Hale, W. M., 288 Haley, H. B., 468 Haley, J. P., 288 Haley, W. D., 394 Hall, A. E., 288 Hall, A. J., 288 Hall, Arthur, 288 Hall, Charles, 582 Hall, Dudley, 582 Hall, E. A., Jr., 288 Hall, E. B., 288, 468 Hall, E. H., 394 Hall, Francis, 582 Hall, G. A., 288 Hall, G. F., 288 Hall, G. O., 64 Hall, H. T., 289 Hall, H. W., 468, 608 Hall, J. A., 468 Hall, J. C., 215, 289, 529 Hall, J. S., 289 Hall, J. T., 64 Hall, J. W., 289 Hall, James L., 289 Hall, John, 289 Hall, John L., 64 Hall, Lowell, 419, 529 Hall, Nathaniel, Jr., 64 Hall, R. B., 289 Hall, S. G., 64 Hall, Samuel, 64 Hall, Samuel, Jr., 582 Hall, Sidney, 64 Hall, T. E., 289, 419, 529 Hall, T. G., 64 Hall, T. J., 582 Halladay, C. S., 64 Hallett, C. O., 289, 489 Hallett, Charles, 66 Hallett, D. B., 66 Hallett, J. H., 66 Hallett, J. L., 289, 420, 529, 657 Hallett, Oliver, 66 Hallgreen, H. J., 289 Hallowell, E. N., 181, 215, 420, 529 Hallowell, N. P., 215 Hallowe
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 15. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Terry's Brigade, formerly John M. Jones's. (search)
ard Cranford. [145] Thirty-eighth North Carolina Regiment. Field and Staff. Sergeant-Major John R. Wallace, Hos. Steward David Y. Cooper. Co. A. 1st Sergeant Wm. F. Pearsall, 2d Sergeant Merrill W. Brown, 3d Sergeant John W. Pearsall, 4th Sergeant Thomas Phillips, 5th Sergeant Willis T. Gresham, 1st Corporal Wm. M. Hurst, 3d Corporal John Q. McGowen, 4th Corporal John C. C. Frederick, Private Christopher C. Beney, Wm. H. Boon, John W. Grisham, Private John Hall, Hamilton Helnistitle, Martial B. Jones, Alexander D. McGowen. Geo. W. Middleton, David M. Pearsall, Jesse Sandlin, John R. Southerland, Henry Sullivan, Bryan Thomas, William Thomas. Co. B. Corporal Jas. L. Veach, Private Hardy R. Bizzell, David D. Collins, M. C. M. Martin, Private Daniel W. Millican, Henry B. Pool, Geo. C. Poplin, Wm. R. Sprinkle. Co. C. Private Hayward Butler, William Glepen, Murdock D. Murchinser, Jos. A. Pope, Private Wm. H.
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 16. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), The Wee Nee volunteers of Williamsburg District, South Carolina, in the First (Hagood's) regiment. (search)
D. Duke, W. R. Byrdick, W. V. Stukes. Wounded: Second Lieutenant Charles Lesesne; Corporals S. Mitchum, severely in shoulder; W. E. Mitchum, slightly in arm; C. M. Matthews, slightly in thigh; privates J. H. Hodge, stunned; W. Byrdick, severely; W. W. Thorn, severely in hip; B. R. Ard, slightly; J. C. Hodge, severely in thigh; J. B. Tanner, slightly in thigh; S. Wilder, slightly. Casualties in the trenches near Drewry's Bluff on the 13th, 14th and 15th of May: Company A, Killed: Private John Hall. Wounded: Captain James M. Carson, severely in arm. Company C. Killed: Sergeant S. Montgomery. Wounded: First Lieutenant C. Logan, severely in leg; privates William Guess, severely in leg; M. A. Brown, severely in thigh (found with thigh amputated by Federal surgeons); H. J. Brown, severely in arm and breast; J. H. Bradham, slightly in nose; H. L. Grayson, severely in arm and side; J. F. Montgomery, severely in thigh; B. E. Dukes, severely in breast; J. A. Feagin, mortally in bre
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 26. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), A Memorial. (search)
my of Music. And so, on that occasion that spacious edifice was crowded to overflowing with an audience thoroughly representative of the worth and intelligence of the city and country, and, among the distinguished people occupying seats on the platform were the Governor and Lieutenant-Governor of the State, the Mayor of the city, and representatives of the various religious denominations. Governor McKinney presided, and addresses of congratulation were made by the Hon. W. W. Henry; Rev. John Hall, D. D., of New York; Rt.—Rev. A. W. Wilson, D. D., of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South; Hon. J. L. M Curry, Ll. D., of the Baptist Church; Rt.—Rev. A. M. Randolph, of the Protestant Episcopal Church of Virginia; Rev. R. P. Kerr, D. D., of the Southern Presbyterian Church, and the following also had voice in the programme of the evening: Rev. H. C. Alexander, D. D., Rev. J. Calvin Stewart, Governor McKinney Lieutenant-Governor J. Hoge Tyler, Colonel C. R. Barksdale, Rev. P. H. Hoge, D.
ll, aged 19 yrs. 1787, June 23, died Mrs. Anna Hall, 44. 1788, March 9, died Mrs. Sally Burr. 1789, Sept. 11, died Mr. Ezekiel Hall, aged 48 yrs. 1793, Jan. 24, Monday, 1/2 past four o'clock, P. M., died Mrs. Hannah G. Bradshaw, aged 38, of consumption. 1793, June 7, Mr. Henry Bradshaw died at Boston, 12 past 3 o'clock in the morn, of an apoplexy. 1795, Jan. 2, Mr. Samuel Cooke died suddenly at Boston, 9 o'clock in the evening. 1796. Aug. 31, at Charleston, S. C., died Mr. John Hall, aged 22 years, son of Mr. Ezekiel and Mrs. Anna Hall. Feb. 12, 1778, it was voted to mess the inhabitants of the Parish into fifteen messes in proportion to their valuation. It was also voted that every mess shall stand by the head of his mess; and that the parish shall stand by the head of his mess. This may be a method of enlisting men for the army, or for the payment of a war tax. All the taxable inhabitants of a place were distributed into as many classes as the quota required
Medford Historical Society Papers, Volume 2., The development of the public School of Medford. (search)
eting held Nov. 30, 1691, which reads: At A meeting of the Inhabitants of Medford voted that Mr. John Hall, Sen. and Capt. Peter Tufts shall intreat Mada Wade and the overseer of maior Jonathan Wadesy the Twenty-fifth Day of November next Ensuing, and it was passed. Capt. Ebenezer Brooks, Capt. John Hall, and Benjamin Willis were the committee appointed to build the house. It had been twelve stands. This the town refused to do and appointed Capt. Brooks, John Whitmore, Edward Oakes, Capt Hall, and Samuel Bradshaw to Consult and discover together to Se if they could propose any Place foe Town would state a place for a Scoole House in the Senter betwixt ye dwelling house of Mr. Jona Hall Sen. and Edward Oakes house he now dwells in and Mr. Samuel Brooks and Joseph Tufts House measuripril 5, 1790, it was voted that John Brooks, Benjamin Hall, William Gowen, Willis Hall & Ebenz Hall, Jr., be a committee to see what method is necessary with regard to the girls attending the Master'
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