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ances. Peleg W. Chandler remarked that Every drop of blood shed by him in this disgraceful affair has raised up ten thousand armed men. At the dinner of the Massachusetts Medical Society, at the Revere House, Boston, Dr. O. W. Holmes gave this characteristic toast: To the surgeons of the city of Washington. God grant them wisdom! for they are dressing the wounds of a mighty empire, and of uncounted generations. At a great indignation-meeting in Albany, held on the 6th of June, the Rev. Dr. Halley said, We are slaves if we permit these atrocities to go on unchallenged. At a mass-meeting in New-York City, Henry Ward Beecher truly said, Mr. Sumner had no other weapon in his hand than his pen. Ah! gentlemen, here we have it. The symbol of the North is the pen: the symbol of the South is the bludgeon. The voice of the slaveholders at the South was of course in approval of the atrocious deed. The Richmond Enquirer of June 12 said, In the main the press of the South applaud the
The last fight at Vicksburg Capt. M, Counell, who came out of Vicksburg, on the 17th, after the falls on Saturday . The enemy were badly whipped, in their assault, and there is a plenty of ammunition in the ally to meet other assaults. The the casualties at Vicksburg as for as he could learn from friends and of his own Capt Thos. Emanuel, Mobile, Capt. McRae Major Halley, of a Tennessee regiment, killed; Col.Russell, of the wounded, Col. Marise, of La., very seriously wounded, Col. Pallen, of N. C., Col. Glenn, of La., Col. McCron II. and Col. Harris, of Louisiana, killed. Captain of Memphis Battery, wounded, Colonel Herrick was killed.--He had that morning received his nomination as Colonel, went out as commander for the and was . for Gen. Pemberton, who is at all of this day and night on duty of the at the front the write or at his office attending in business. He and his gallant staff are on all the whole garrison has the continued in their ab
L G Budd, 55th N C; L Bishop, 52d N C; A T Bright, 22d Ga; W Brown 31st Geo; D Bowman, 52d N C; W H Crickman, 1st do; W B Crocker, 47th do; Aza Carawell, 54th do; G W Cobb, 12th S C; S A Carter, 3d Ark cav; John Done, 47th N C; D Dukes, 61st Va; A Earpe, 55th N C; W Eizell, 5th do, Evans, 55th do; M Filun, 1st S C rifles; JeM Ferrell, 12th N C; Jas File, citizen, Miss; S Shaw, 44th N C; J D Fortner, 37th N C; J Freeman, 48th do; T B Gay, 8th Ala; Geo Green, 44th N C; J S Hooper, 1st Ark; W Halley, 55th N C; A Hall, 21st Ark; J Huckstepp, 22d Va battalion; T C Jones, 14th Va Battalion; B B Jones, 13th Ga; W Lake, 8th Va; D Leonard, 50th Tenn; W L Mealer, 3d Va; G B McDade, Hudson's Miss battalion; L F May, 53d Ga; G C Potter, 1st Mo cavalry; D C Pitts, 1st Ala; M Phillip, 9th Va; E J Parham, 3d Tenn; J W Powell, 31st Ga; Moses Swofford, 33d do; J A Sawyers, 1st Ark cav; Eil Segman, 11th N C; J T N Tankesly, 1st Ark cav; J R Tyler, 4th N C; D T Taylor, 20th Ark; W J Timmons, 25th S C ;
th cav; C T Carter, Mosby's bat; Corp't W D Hawkins, 38th; Jas Hillyard, Carter's battery; J L Lunsford, 9th cav; W H Moss, 4th cav; J A Morris, 49th; J W Robinson, 2d cav; A M Wright, 23d; M Yeatman, 49th; S D Butler, 14th; S Bywater, cav; Corporal Blackburn, 55th; J L Bartlett, 36th; R R Carr, 55th; J D Dowdy, 21st; Serg't J E Futler, 88th; J W Grant, 9th; D B Harold, 24th; S S Hawthorne, 37th; L A Jones, J Kester, and W J Martin, 53d; C A Ratcliffe, Sergeant T G Walker, 28th; E L Adams, 3d cavalry; J L Collier, 12th; W F Gaines, 18th; L B Hughes, 19th; T J Sounders, 56th; C W Tucker, 1st cav; W A. Ashwater, 24th; J H Bell, 8th; T Bolinger, 62d; W H Covington, 40th; S Courtney, 11th; T Dickens, 40th; J W Berly, 24th; S M Halley, 18th; R A Jordan, 27th; J G Laffoon, 18th; J T McLaughlin, 8th; J P Philpots, 42d; J T Rogers, 28th, and James Childress, 21st. The names of those from the other States who have died at Point Lookout may be found at the Army Intelligence office.
n commanding.--Killed: Corporals W H Harding, J J Lamant. Wounded: Lt Chaplain, severely in foot; Serg't J W Leath, leg; C E Driskill, two fingers off; W B Minor, finger; M V B Cooper, through body, dangerously; J T West, finger off; C B Phelps, leg amputated, J R Balls, leg; R M Johnson, through body, dangerously; D J Abbot, shoulder; J R Allen, leg; J B Graham, neck; T Hogan, foot. Co K — Lieutenant W C Cabaniss commanding.--Wounded: J A Gammon, arm; J Harriss, left arm amputated; J T Halley, hand; W B Dillion, leg; J M Hundley, leg; J R Morrison, hand; R Searer, hip; D Muck, foot; S H Muck, finger off; H H Marshall, leg; B F Stephens, leg amputated; J R Billings, side; W G Davis, finger off. Recapitulation.--Killed, 10; wounded, 83. Total, 98. R W. Cridin in, Captain 38th Va Infantry. Whig, Enquirer, Examiner, and Sentinel please copy. List of the killed, wounded and missing in the Courtney Artillery, Cutshaw's battalion, on the 17th May, 1864: Kil