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Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 12. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), The gallant Pelham and his gun at Fredericksburg. (search)
re, and at a long trot all the way. We finally got into a sunken road, with a wattling fence on either side, and lined with cedars. Down this road we went for some distance, with no idea whatever of our destination. We were halted in the narrow road, and ordered to make an opening in the fence. This was soon done, and a few spadefulls of earth thrown into the ditch made a passage-way. Colonel Rosser than told me to go up into the field and see what I had to do. I rode up with Halyburton, who was Orderly at the time, but had begged to be allowed to go with his old detachment, and so was with me, and found that we were on the extreme left flank of the Army of the Potomac. A battery was in position, commanding the field we were about to enter. Colonel Rosser told me to take any distance I chose to fight them, and in answer to my question as to how long I was expected to stay, said, As long as you can. I asked, Until we are out of ammunition? He answered, Yes I have of
U. S. District Court. --Judge Halyburton commenced his Fall term yesterday, but transacted no business of public importance. His Circuit term will commence on the 26th, when the various criminal cases, already docketed, will come up for trial. Among them are two or three post-office robberies, and several parties, captured on a slaver, who are to be tried as pirates.
U. S. District Court --Judge Halyburton's Court was in session for a short time yesterday, when all the causes on the docket were continued until the next term. The Circuit Court will commence its session on the 26th instant.
U. S. Court. --The term of the U. S. Circuit Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, Judge Halyburton presiding, commenced yesterday. The following Grand Jury was sworn, and adjourned over until to-day: Jno. L. Tate, Foreman; Conway Whittle, B. B. Mosely, A. G. Newton, W. B. Rogers, Robert E. Moran, John R. Ludlow, Herbert M. Nash, Jesse J. Simpkins, W. H. Harker, E. C. Boblison, W. A. Todd, Lewis S. Slaughter, Joseph R. Spratley, Peyton Johnston, Logan Waller, William P. Ragland, R. L. Wiglesworth, C. McCarthy, Henry Exall, E G. Leigh, William J. Cheatham, R. F. Taylor, P. J. Haskins. The following criminal cases are set for trial this term: Wm. A. Northern, for embezzling money from letters. John Gaskins, for a similar offence. The crew of the Storm King, for engaging in the slave trade. Frederick Brooks, a negro, for stealing letters.
Federal Court--Judge Halyburton presiding. --In the U. S. Circuit Court yesterday, the Grand Jury returned true bills against Capt. Lockhart, of the "Storm King." for engaging in the slave trade, and against two foreigners interested in the same enterprise. The crew of the vessel were discharged from further prosecution, but detained in jail as witnesses in the case. A true bill was returned against John Gaskins, for purloining letters, and against Frederick Brooks, a negro, for a similar offence. The Grand Jury will meet again to-day, to consider other cases.
U. S. Circuit Court--Judge Halyburton presiding--The following are the indictments returned by the Grand Jury on Tuesday, to which allusion was made in yesterday's paper. Against John Gaskins, for purloining letters, a true bill, 4 counts. Against Frederick Brooks, a free negro, for stealing letters, a true bill. Against Francisco Padrone Calleros, for being engaged in the slave trade, on board the Storm King, a true bill. Against Joseph Silva, for the same, a true bill. Against Antonio Fernandez, for the same, a true bill.--Against John Lockhart, (Captain of the vessel,) for the same, a true bill. Against the same for a misdemeanor, (connected with the above offence,) a true bill, two counts. The Grand Jury found not true bills in the cases of Henry White, William Warner, James Gillmore and William Spencer alias Cranston, crew of the Storm King. On yesterday, it was ordered that the Clerk of the Court furnish the counsel of Francisco Padrone Calleros and his associa
U. S. Court--Judge Halyburton presiding. --The trial of John Gaskins did not commence yesterday, as his counsel were not ready. The jury was empanelled. In the case of Northern, whose trial commences to-day, a jury was ordered to be empanelled.
Convicted --Frederick Brooks, a free negro was tried yesterday in the U. S. Circuit Court, Judge Halyburton presiding, for purloining letters from the mail, and found guilty. He will be sentenced to the penitentiary.
Convicted. --William A. Northern, assistant postmaster at Warsaw, Richmond county, was tried in the U. S Circuit Court, before Judge Halyburton yesterday, for robbing the man, and found guilty. The Court will pass sentence on him before the close of the term.
U. S. Court.--Judge Halyburton's Court was engaged yesterday in the trial of a civil suit.
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