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was admitted a member of the same church May 18, 1666. John and Ann Adams had, born in Cambridge, Mary, 25 Oct. 1652; John, 1 May, 1655; Daniel, 8 Aug. 1657 (died soon); Joseph (baptized with the two first children, Mary and John, at Cambridge); Hannah (baptized 17 Jan. 1660), died 25 Feb. 1660; Daniel, born 12 Aug. 1662 (baptized 14 Sept. 1662), died 14 May, 1685. A daughter Rebecca (older than these), born and baptized in England, married Nathaniel Patten 24 Nov. 1669, and died 18 Dec. 1677 Dec. 1658); Mary, 16 Jan. 1660; Rebecca, 9 Feb. 1662.—Coffin, 316. Rebecca married William Cutter of Cambridge, son of Richard. Rolfe had born at Nantucket, John, 5 Mar. 1663-4; Samuel, 8 Mar. 1665-6; Sarah, 2 Dec. 1667; Joseph, 12 Mar. 1669-70; Hannah, 5 Feb. 1671-2.—N. E. Hist. Gen. Reg., VII. 181, &c. John and Mary Rolfe had born in Cambridge, Benjamin, 1 April, 1674; Henry, 26 Sept. 1678; Moses, 14 Oct. 1681.—Paige, 645-6. John Rolfe's nuncupative will, Oct. 1, 1681, gives his son John R<
wife ofJohn Swan Lydiawife ofJohn Cutter Rachelwife ofJoseph Adams Annewife ofWilliam Cutter Marywife ofThomas Frost Hannahwife ofJason Winship Elisabethwife ofJohn Winship Ruthwife ofWm. Dickson Anne Cutter, widowAnna Fessenden, widow Sarah For further mention of Dr. Downer, of Roxbury, see Heath's Memoirs, pp. 32, 34, 200, 201. It was at this period that Hannah, wife of Deacon Joseph Adams, had her remarkable experience. A copy of her deposition on the event is presented in a noth died in infancy, seven of their children had families: viz., Anne, married to Aaron Cooke; Sarah, to Timothy (Emmons?); Hannah, to William Dickinson; Samuel; Mehitable, to Jonathan Smith; Miriam, to Josiah Pierce; and Jonathan. All survived our parents except Hannah. She buried six children in infancy, and her husband in 1741; she was left with two sons—six and two years old—and returned with her children to my father's house, where she died in 1745, aged 39. My father died September 16, 17
Oct. 1802, a. 1 1/2 (Fiske), 15 mos. (g. s.); Hannah, bap. 19 Feb. 1804; Franklin, bap. 14 Apr. 180Emmons) o. c. 18 Dec. 1774; and Sarah, dau. of Hannah, b. 17 Oct., was bap. 25 Dec. 1774, prob. thehad Samuel, b. 1 Dec. 1760, bap. 17 May, 1761; Hannah, b. 18, bap. 24 July, 1763 (twin), m. William . John, m. Eleanor Russell, 23 June, 1781. Mrs. Hannah, d. 31 July, 1801, a. 45. 14. Negro chil Leander, rem. to French Grant, Ohio; Delmont; Hannah C.; Susanna Keyes; Mary Ann. See Book of th9. A child of Lathrop, d.———, 1825, a. 3 yrs. Hannah, m. Robert Emerson, 17 Nov. 1836. Perry, Meeclined); Precinct clerk, 1773-1781. His wid. Hannah was adm. Pct. ch. 21 Apr. 1782, and m. Enos J. 8 yrs.; a dau., d. 22 Aug. 1796, a. 19 mos.; Hannah, m. Davis Locke, 13 Jan. 1817; Harriet, m. Gehere 8 Aug. 1773. Peter, 3d (of Medford), had Hannah, bap. here 22 Aug. 1773. See Wyman's Chas., 9, and got into the pond where he was drowned. Hannah, W. of Jason, d. 12 Dec. 1756, a. 63. Joseph S[123 more...