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November 22. A party of National troops, consisting of details from four companies of the First New York cavalry, under the command of Captain Harkins, had a skirmish with a body of rebels near Winchester, Va., and succeeded in capturing four men and thirty horses.--Baltimore American. Major-General Sumner, commanding the right grand division of the army of the Potomac at Fredericksburgh, Va., in reply to a communication from the Mayor and Common Council of that town, praying that the town should not be fired upon informed them that he was authorized to say that so long as no hostile demonstration was made from the town it would not be shelled.--(Doc. 54.) Commander Foxhall A. Parker, of the steamer Mahaska, in conjunction with a body of land forces under Brigadier-General Naglee, made an expedition into Mathew County Va., and together destroyed twelve salt-works, with a large quantity of salt, burned five schooners, two sloops, and a number of scows and boats, and ca
it — of which you, your State, and your country may not be proud. I congratulate you on the patriotism that so many of you have evinced in your desire to re-enter the service. I hope, I pray, and I know that your future career will be as glorious as your past. I have one other hope; and that is that we may yet servo together some day again. Loud cheers followed the conclusion of this speech, and officers and men cried out, We'll follow you anywhere, general! After a speech from Major Harkins, General McClellan took leave with a few words of farewell, the soldiers cheering and crowding round him as he went out of the room. General McClellan has recently appeared before the public, with much honor to himself, in a literary capacity. In the autumn of 1863, the officers of the army stationed at West Point formed an association for erecting at that post a monument in commemoration of such officers of the regular army as shall have fallen in the service during the present war.
hundred and twenty-five strong, and consisted of detachments from the following regiments, namely:  Commander.No. Men. First Indiana Cavalry,Capt. Walker,300 Ninth Illinois Cavalry,Major Birge,150 Third Iowa Cavalry,Major Scott,188 Fourth Iowa Cavalry,Capt. Perkins,200 Fifth Illinois Cavalry,Major Soley,212      1,050 The above I formed into one brigade under the command of Colonel Hale Wilson, of the Fifth Illinois cavalry.  Commander.No. Men. Sixth Missouri Cavalry,Major Harkins,150 Fifth Kansas Cavalry,Lieut.-Col. Jenkins,208 Tenth Illinois Cavalry,Capt. Auderson,92 Third Illinois Cavalry,Lieut.-Col. Ruggles,200 Second Wisconsin Cavalry,Lieut.-Col. Sterling,225      875 The last-named were placed under command of Colonel Thomas Stephens, Second Wisconsin cavalry. As soon as possible after landing, I took up my line of march for the interior, and went into camp for the night, about eight miles from the Mississippi River. I took with me no bagga
uit. Hamilton, Charles H.,21Taunton, Ma.Sept. 2, 1864June 11, 1865, expiration of service. Hammond, Daniel M.,19Charlestown, Ma.July 31, 1861Jan. 5, 1864, re-enlistment. Hammond, Daniel M.,21Charlestown, Ma.Jan. 6, 1864Aug. 11, 1865, expiration of service. Hamour, George B.,23Boston, Ma.July 31, 1861Apr. 20, 1863, disability. Ham, James H.,20Boston, Ma.Jan. 14, 1864Transferred June 21, 1864, to Navy. Harvey, Alexander D.,21Boston, Ma.Oct. 10, 1861Oct. 15, 1864, expiration of service. Harkins, Daniel,21Templeton, Ma.Jan. 4, 1864Jan. 6, 1864, rejected recruit. Harvey, George B.,22Taunton, Ma.Sept. 5, 1864Transferred Dec. 23, 1864, to 13th Battery. Harvey, Joseph R.,22Boston, Ma.July 31, 1861Died Aug. 10, 1862, New Orleans, La. Hauff, Rudolph,34Boston, Ma.July 31, 1861Died 1863, New Orleans, La. Hayward, Hampton V.,24Boston, Ma.July 31, 1861Aug. 16, 1864, expiration of service. Hess, Phillip,18Hinsdale, Ma.Jan. 18, 1864Jan. 24, 1864, rejected recruit. Hidden, William G.,21Bo
Committees of the Common Council. --At the first meeting of the new Council, held on Monday evening, the following committees were appointed by D J Saunders, President, and confirmed by the Council: On Finance--Messrs Burr, Randolph, Hill, Harkins, and Glazebrook. Commissioners of Streets--Messrs Haskins, Stokes, Richardson, Crutchfield, Scott, Walker, Denoon, Griffin, and Epps. On Markata--Messrs Stokes, Clopton, Walker, Glazebrook, Denoon, and Crutchfield. On Hospitals--Messrs Richardson, Griffin, and Stokes. On Burying Grounds--Messrs Epps, Griffin, Randolph, Walker, Stokee, Clopton, Crutchfield, Denoon, Hill, and Richardson. On Accounts--Messrs Walker, Clopton, and Glasebrook. On Seabrook's Warehouse--Messrs Scott, Burr, and Richardson. On Claims--Messrs Randolph, Hill, and Eppa. On Police--Messrs Hill, Randolph, and Denoon. On City Jail--Messrs Griffin, Clopton, and Hankins. On Fire Department--Messrs Scott, Denoon, Cru