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The First Virginia Regiment. We have received the following official report of the killed and wounded in the First Regiment Virginia Volunteers in the battles of Bull Run and Stone Bridge, July 18th and 21st: Wounded--Col. P. T. Moore, left arm and side; Major Skinner, head, slightly; Quartermaster Wm. G. Allen, calf of right leg. Company B. Capt. James K. Lee.--Killed--Private J. E. Allen. Wounded--Capt. Jas. K. Lee, through the body; Lieut. W. W. Harrison, right foot; Serg't. W. J. Lumkin, left hand and side, slightly; Privates H. Kepler, right breast, dangerously; Frederick Lutz head, slightly. Company C, Capt. John Dooley.--Wounded-- Lieut. Wm. English, ankle; Serg't. Pat. Rankin, leg, slightly; Privates Joseph W. Driscol, since died; Michael Ludman, since died; J. L Whitaker, body, dangerously; Michael Hughes, breast, dangerously; Geo. Hamilton, in arm; Andrew Forsyth, arm; John Kavanah, in hand. Company D, Capt. Griswold.--Two men accidentally wounded
d--Privates P. Crim, J. McMann, slightly. Seventh Virginia Regiment. Lieut. Colonel Williams, Commander.--Killed--Private J. Brown. Wounded--1st Lieut.--Duvall, slight; Privates B. F. Fielding, L. Toombs, W. Hockstep, H. C. Burrows, S. McDede. 1st Virginia Regiment, Major F. G. Skinner, Commander.--Killed.--Lt. H. H. Miles, Corporal--Morris, Privates--Allen, J. S. Mallory, J. S. Wilkinson, M. A. Barnes, W. Diacont. Wounded.--Capt. J. K. Lee, severely — since died; Lieuts. W. W. Harrison, slight — foot; Wm. English, slight; Sergeants — Lumpkin, slight — hand;--Rankin, slight; Privates-- Lu z slight — head;--Kepler, breast; Andrew Forsight, slight; John Hamilton; M. Redmond, severe; J. L. Whitaker, severe; J. W. Driscole, severe; M. Hughes, severe;--Collins, severe;--Rielly, severe;--Marron, severe; R. Ashby, H. Ashby, J. P. Knoff, J. H. Morgan, J. D. Harman, W. E. Cree,--Gotbier, H. Buhel. Missing--John Doll. 11th Virginia Regiment, Col. S. Garland, Jr.,
. District Court--sequestration. An answer was presented yesterday by Nathaniel Carust, to a petition filed by Receiver Giles, on the 28th of September, for the sequestration of personal property consisting of a lot of piano-fortes. Since the 30th of September petitions have been presented for the sequestration of estates held by the following, as former agents or partners enemies. Thos.8. Baldwin and John T. Williams, (former Keen, Baldwin & Williams.) John E Wadsworth and George S. Palmer, , Wadsworth, Turner & Co.) W Yancey and W. W. Harrison. Walker, Thos. P. Harrison, and John Smith. Garrett F. Wagon, firm of Ludlam & Watson. Carnal. E. D. Hitchcoct. (firm of Hitchcock & E. H. Itbodes and Geo. W. Wilson, (firm of Smith Rhodes & Co.) George L. Bayne. Wm. P. Ebbow. (agent for Auguste Belmonte.) Wm. Baither and John Enders. John , Charles W. Parcell, and Parcell. J. Leigh, (firm of C. M. Fry & Co.)
and to establish direct trade with foreign nations." Mr. Oldham spoke against the bill. Mr. Phelan, of Tenn., asked the Chairman of the Committee of Commerce what disposition had been made of his resolution to abolish all ports of entry, and suppress all commerce with foreign nations. Mr. Clay, of the committee, replied that the committee had not yet been supplied with data asked for, and had consequently been unable to do anything in the premises. The bill to make Treasury notes a legal tender was made the special order for to-morrow. Mr. Sparrow, from the Military Committee, repeated adversely to a bill, legalizing the organization of certain Tennessee companies of volunteers, received into service since the 1st of December, 1861. Consideration of the report was postponed till to-morrow. A message was received from the President, announcing that he had appointed Benton H Harrison, of Miss., as his private Secretary, vice Robert doselym resigned.
s 0. On motion of Mr. Lockridge, a joint resolution exempting from the operations of the Governor's proclamation of the 10th March, 1862, a master machinist, a mas or spinner and a master carder in cotton manufactories — amended, on motion of Mr. James, so as to include woolen manufactories — was adopted. On motion of Mr. Hunter, the law protecting persons from executions, safes, &c., for a limited period, was taken up, and Mr. Hunter moved to amend so as to provide for the pay- ment of interest scorning and becoming due before the time when the principal shall become due. Mr. Bradford moved that the bill and amendment be indefinitely postponed; and the yeas and have being ordered the motion was rejected. [This motion, had it prevailed, would have left the Stay Law, as adopted by the Convention, in full force] Mr. Harrison proposed some other amendments, and the bill was further discussed and amended, when. On motion of Mr. Evans, the House adjourne
iblock, Nehemiah J J Sloop, Wm A Webb, Alexander Felzer, and Thos Pinkston. Company C.--1st Lt Jos C White; privates Gilbert N Gills, Henry L Bustle, Reuben S Lolla, John T Tays, Thos B Summers, and John Scroggs. Company D.--Sg't Jno W Harrison; privates Henry Bartlett, Jas P Powell, and Geo L Whitley. Company E.--Corp'l Thos R Marray; privates Seth Brinn, Jacob O Merry, Bryan Campbell, and Lewis H Leggett. Company F.--Capt Jesse S Barnes; Corp'l Wm T Lewis; privates Rufus M - shoulder; Corporal Lewis S Mulligan, head; Privates Wm Austin, thigh; Thomas J Baker knee; Wm H Beck, leg; John W Beachan hand; John O Bowden foot; Wm G Cain John N Charles, heel; Edward J. Douth- hand; John W. Godsey, head; Davidson breast; Harrison H Hanes, side; Wm A Hasdrix, arm and side; Henry H. -ams, head Samuel A Jones, thigh; Wm A Lane, side Wilson Leach, side; Wm A McCracken, leg Wm Perry, hand; John E Reeves, hand; Wm ley W Sheets, side; John Taylor, leg; Edmo- Turner, thigh; Mont
o serve as a guard of protection to the train. The men had generally retired to rest for the night, but were soon aroused, put under arms, and marched down the road to where the train had stopped. After giving a partial list of the casualties resulting from this "wonderful raid of guerrillas," the writer adds: Early next morning after the occurrence, regiments of infantry were thrown along both sides of the railroad to act as a guard, while several companies of cavalry were dispatched on scouting expeditious through the woods and surrounding country. Every effort was made by our men, who were enraged beyond measure, to capture the daring and desperate rebels. They have succeeded in capturing six of the rebels; among them are Capt. Garlick, whose father lives at the landing where the rebels crossed the river, and Dr. Harrison, a rampant secesh, who lives near this place, and whose property has been constantly guarded by Union soldiers since this place fell into our hands.
How the Contrabands Behave. --Harrison, body servant of Major Lacy, since his master's capture by the Yankees, has taken service under General Smith, and accompanied him to his present position. Before leaving Richmond, he delivered to a relative of Major Lacy the Major's keys, clothing, money, &c., left in his care. Our "contrabands" have more honesty and principle than all the counterfeit white men who attempt to steal them from us.
, 2d Miss; Wm Hutchison, 1st Tenn; Wm S Littleton, 4th Ala; Jas H Watson, 8th Ga; Tim Sullivan, do do; Alex Reeves, 20th N C; E F Kemp, do do; Thos. Bullard, do do; Wm C Smith, 2d Miss bat; L Bodenheimer, do do; Corp'l Jas Aubry, 8th Ala; Hugh B Harrison, 14th S C; G W Harris, (chaplain,) 8th Va; Lieut J G Willis, 1st Tenn; Christian & Lea's Hospital. Hooper Harman, 14th Ga; Sgt J B Angley, 1st N C; G W Jones, 12th Miss; E H Miller, 6th S C; J A Moore, Palmetto Sharpshooters; Wm SimmonsC; Dallas James, co F, 16th N C; Jos B Green co F, 16th N C; Jno M Snelson, co F, 16th N C; Jno K Hall, co A, 16th N C; Jno Gellick, co A, 2d Miss Batt'n; Levy C Cooper, co C 44th Ga; A H Jones, co I. 1st N C; Thos J Roland, co F, 48th Ga; Ben F Harrison, co G, 3d Va; Ro M Scott, co D, 12th Miss; Seth S Martin. co E, 12th Miss; Wm H Lewis, co E, 1st N C; Isaac Rechelle, co K, 3d N C; Benj J Garrish, 3d N C, co H; John Merilon, 3d La bat, co G; Owen Quen, 14th La reg, co A; Wm T Brantly, 26th N
Bowden.--Killed: H T Coldwell. Wounded: Charles J Pearman, wounded and a prisoner; Robert Wells, slightly in hand; Thos Bass, in hand. Missing: Nelson Guess, James C Birdsong, Chas W Benezett. Company C--Capt Marka.--Wounded: Corporal Wm T Harrison, in arm, slightly; E B Peebles. Missing: W B Echols, L H Powell, W A Showacre. Company D--Capt Tyler.--Killed: Alex Chandler. Wounded: Serg't Jas Blankenship, John Bryant, Wm Smith, Geo Smith, Corp'l Wesley Crowder, in left hand. Missing: r. Company E--Capt Banks.--Killed: Serg't Cary D Batts. Wounded: Capt R E Banks, through the body above the hips and slightly in left log; Lieut N M Martin, slightly in right foot, by shell; Edward R Newsom, in forehead. Missing: Marcellus W Harrison, Wm Dudley, Austin Maclin, Jas E Nash, Henry Robinson, John Scott, Patnam with. Company F--Capt Field--Killed: Robert Fraster. Wounded: Sydney Boss, Jas D Collier, R T Gordon, R H Seward. Missing: Corp'l A T Allen, John M Barnes, Cornelian
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