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Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 28. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Mrs. Jefferson Davis. (search)
ity. She is a warm personal friend of the family of Justice Leslie W. Russell, in Canton. Miss Winnie Davis made her last visit before the fatal trip to Atlanta at the house of Judge Russell, she being a close friend of Mr. and Mrs. Hartridge. She stood as godmother to Mrs. Hartridge's child, Harriet.—Ogdensburg, (N Y.) Journal.ty. She is a warm personal friend of the family of Justice Leslie W. Russell, in Canton. Miss Winnie Davis made her last visit before the fatal trip to Atlanta at the house of Judge Russell, she being a close friend of Mr. and Mrs. Hartridge. She stood as godmother to Mrs. Hartridge's child, Harriet.—Ogdensburg, (N Y.) Journal.ty. She is a warm personal friend of the family of Justice Leslie W. Russell, in Canton. Miss Winnie Davis made her last visit before the fatal trip to Atlanta at the house of Judge Russell, she being a close friend of Mr. and Mrs. Hartridge. She stood as godmother to Mrs. Hartridge's child, Harriet.—Ogdensburg, (N Y.) Jo
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 33. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Roster of the Battalion of the Georgia Military Institute Cadets (search)
Wayne was in command of the forces with which the cadets served, as they confronted Sherman's army, on the Marching through Georgia. General Wayne, in his official report of February 6, 1865, gives account of the distinguished conduct of Georgia cadets in the campaign through Georgia. His report is fully set forth in the official war records, series 1, volume 53, supplement, on pages 32 to 37 inclusive, in serial No. 111. On page 36, General Wayne says: I would conspicuously mention Majors Hartridge and Capers, and Captains Talbot, Pruden, Austin and Warthen. The gallantry of these gentlemen cannot be surpassed. To Major Capers I am under the greatest obligations. His qualifications for military command are of the highest order, and entitle him to a prominent position. They have been brilliantly illustrated by the corps of cadets, whose gallantry, discipline and skill equal anything I have ever seen in any military service. I cannot speak too highly of these youths, who go int
[adjourned session.]Senate.not in session. House of Representatives. Saturday, Aug. 23, 1862. House met at 12 o'clock, and was opened with prayer by Bishop Early. Journal of yesterday road. The following gentlemen have been appointed by the Speaker, under the resolution of Mr. Clarke, of Ga., to investigate the management of Military Hospital: Mosars. Wright, of Ge.; Parrow, of S. C.; Goode, of Va.; Smith, of N. C., and Bell, of Mo. On motion of Mr. Holt, of Ga., Hon. Mr. Hartridge was added to the Committee on Commerce. Mr. Miles, of S. C., introduced a bill to authorize the grant of models as a reward for courage and good conduct on the field of battle. Also, a bill to change the organization of the engineer corps of the Provisional Army. Also, an act to authorize the appointment of additional officers of artillery for ordnance duties. Also, a bill concerning partisan rangers. Also, an act to regulate promotions in the Provisional Army of the Confederate
ommittee on Military Affairs to inquire and report to this House what legislation, if any, may be necessary to authorize the Government of the Confederate States to take control, during the war, of the various establishments within the limits of said Confederate States engaged in the manufacture of woolen and cotton goods, and so to regulate the prices of such goods as to enable the soldiers to clothe themselves and families at reasonable rates. Referred to the Military Committee. Mr. Hartridge, of Georgia, offered the following resolution: Resolved, That the Committee on Foreign Affairs be instructed to inquire into the propriety of requesting the President of the Confederate States to recall the Commissioners sent by this Government to certain European States, and to notify all foreign Powers whose Consuls reside in the Confederate States, and are accredited to the Government of the United States, that such persons will not be recognized by the Government of the Confede
te to the House, at as early a day as convenient, whether the work is being prosecuted by the Government, or in any other way, on the railroad for connecting the Richmond and Danville Railroad and the North Carolina Railroad, for which one million of dollars was appropriated by act approved February 10, 1862 and what has been accomplished, if anything, towards the completion of the same. Adopted. Mr. Foote, from the Committee on Foreign Affairs, to whom was referred the resolution of Mr. Hartridge, of Ga., relating to the recall of our Commissioners from Europe, and of suspending the functions of European Consuls in the Confederate States, reported that the committee was without that information of our present relations with foreign nations, and of the number and character of our agents abroad, and of those of foreign nations residing in our midst, necessary to enable the committee to act intelligently on the subject, and they therefore ask the House to adopt the following resolut
of the day for Saturday morning, to be taken up immediately after the reading of the Journal. Motion agreed to. Mr. Gartrell., of Ga., from the Committee on the Judiciary, reported back a memorial of Martha D. Morris and others, with reference to the sequestration of the property of the infant children of Stephen A. Douglas, and moved that said memorial lie upon the table, and the committee be discharged from its further consideration. Agreed to. Mr. Russell, of Va., from the same committee, reported a number of bills, which, upon his motion, were placed upon the calendar. The House then proceeded to the consideration of the bill for filling up existing companies, squadrons, battalions, and regiments, and for the increase of the Provisional Army, which continued to occupy its attention until 3½ o'clock, when the House adjourned. Mr. Crockett, of Ky., addressed the House in opposition to, and Mr. Hartridge, of Ga, in favor of, the bill as reported by the committee.
nounced the following additional standing committees, under a resolution adopted by the House some days ago: Committee on Quartermaster and Commissary Department, and on Military Transportation.--Messrs. CL liton, of Ala., Marshall, of La. McRae, of Miss. Preston, of Va., Clark, of Ga.; Lander, of N. C. Dawkins, of Fla. Ayer, of S. C., and Sexton of Texas. On Ordnance and Ordnance Stares.--Messrs. Boteler, of Va.; Conrad, of La.; Wright, of Tenn.; Clopton, of Ala; Hodge, of Ky.; Hartridge, of Ga. Cook, of Mo., Clapp, of Miss, and Herbert, of Texas. On the Medical Department.--Messrs. Wright, of Ga. Be . of Mo., Goode, of Va.; Chisman, of Ky.; Smith, of N. C.; Farrow, of S. C.; Ralls, of Ala.; McNeely, of Tenn., and Royston, of Ark. The morning hour having expired, the special order of the day came up, being the bill to provide for filling up existing regiments battalions, squadrons, and companies, and to increase the Provisional Army of the Confederate States, wh
ted to communicate to the House of Representatives, whether or not persons physically disabled to discharge the duties of a soldier, have, by the order of the Secretary of War, been ordered to be enrolled as conscripts for the purpose of performing other duties than those contemplated by the act of Congress, entitled an act further to provide for the public defence — approved on the 16th day of April, 1862, and if so, by or under what authority, has said order been made. Agreed to. Mr. Hartridge offered a resolution that the Committee of Ways and Means be requested to inquire into the expediency of authorizing the Secretary of the Treasury to offer a reward of --thousand dollars for the apprehension and conviction of any person engaged in forging or uttering counterfeit Confederate Treasury notes, and to report by bill or otherwise. Resolution agreed to. Mr. Wright, of Ga., introduced a resolution on the subject of a Commissioner to the United States on the rules of conduc
Mr. Foster, of Ala, moved to amend by striking out $4 and inserting $5. This motion was rejected. On the passage of the bill the vote was taken by ayes and noes, as follows: Ayes.--Messrs. Ashe, Atkins, Ayer, Baldwin, Batson, Bell, Bonham, Boyee, Bridges, H. W. Bruce, E. M. Bruce, Chambliss, Chisman, Clapp, Clopton, Collier, Cook, Crockett, Curvin, Curry, Dargan, Davis, Dawkins, Dejarnett, Ewing, Farrow, Foote, Foater, Freeman, Gardenheir, Gartrell, Gentry, Graham, Gray, Hanly, Hartridge, Heiskell, Herbert, Hilton, Hoge, Holcomb, Holt, Johnson, Kenan of Ga., Kenan of N. C., Kenner, Lander, Lyon, Machen, Marshall, McDowell, McLean, Menees, Miles, Moore, Perkins, Pugh, Royston, Russell, Sexton, Smith of Ala., Smith of N. C., Strickland, Swann. Tibbs, Trippe, Vest, Villere, Welch, Wilcox, Wright of Texas, Wright of Tenn, and Mr. Speaker.--74. Noes.--Messrs. Breckinridge, Conrad, Conroe, Dupre, Harris, and Lyons.--6. Absent, or not voting.--Messrs. Arrington, Barksd
called for, and the Speaker announced that the question was upon the call of Mr. Gartrell, of Ga., for the previous question. At the request of his colleague, Mr. Hartridge, Mr. Gartrell withdrew the call. Mr. Jones, of Tenn., called the main question, and the call being sustained, the House was brought to a vote upon the ameollows — ayes 14, noes 45. The vote was then taken upon the substitute to the committee's bill, introduced by Mr. Lyons, of Va., and it was rejected. Mr. Hartridge, of Ga., then introduced the following substitute for the substitute offered by Mr. Buldwin yesterday, and addressed the House in its support: The Congresabove was agreed to as a substitute for the substitute yesterday offered by Mr. Baldwin, by ayes 36, noes 29. The question was then upon the substitute of Mr. Hartridge in place of the original bill, on which the ayes and noes were had, as follows — ayes 30, noes 37. So the substitute was not agreed to. The bill was then
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