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Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 33. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), The honor roll of the University of Virginia, from the times-dispatch, December 3, 1905. (search)
t, J. C., Lt., Va. Hamlin; W. B., Adjt., Va., Petersburg, Va. Hammond, G. W., Lt.-Col., Va., Floyd's Farm. Hamner, N. B., Va., Boonsboro, Md., 1863. Hancock, W. H., Va., Winchester, Va., 1864. Hare, T. E., Lt., Tenn. Harmanson, J. R., Lt., Va., Seven Pines, 1862. Harrison, B., Capt., Va., Malvern Hill, Va., 1862. Harrison, D. E., Capt., Va., Ft. Donelson, Tenn., 1862. Harrison, J. P., Va., Hardy's Bluff, Va., 1861. Harrison, J. W., Va., Petersburg, Va., 1864. Harvey, G., Capt., Mo., Heathsville, Va., 1865. Harvie, C. I., Capt., Va., Cedar Run, Va., 1864. Harvin, W. E., Capt., Ga., Johnson's Island, 1863. Haskell, W. T., Capt., S. C., Gettysburg, Pa., 1863. Hays, J. S., N. C., Williamsburg, Va., 1862. Healy, E. M., Capt., Va., Manassas, Va., 1862. Heath, R. B., Adjt., Va., Richmond, Va., 1863. Hemphill, R., S. C., Seven Pines, Va., 1862. Henderson, E. A., Capt., N. C., Cold Harbor, Va., 1864. Hendrick, R. L., Va., Mecklenburg
Cambridge. Hall, Ann, widow, h. Bow. Hamblin, Samuel, pump maker, h. Cambridge. Ham, William, blacksmith, h. Franklin. Hall, John G., merchant, h. Summer. Hall, John, b. sash and door dealer, h. 2 Chestnut. Hall, Mrs. Lydia, widow, h. Elm. Hammond, George, b. brass founder, h. Spring. Hammond, William, b. iron dealer, h. No. 1 Chestnut. Hammond, Artemas, h. Spring. Hanson, Joseph, h. Dane. Harding, Nathan, b. shipping master, h. Mount Vernon. Harrison, Alfred, b. spike maker, h. near L. R. Road. Harvey, James, machinst, h. Cambridge. Hastings, James, b. bank teller, h. Cambridge. Hawkins, Nathaniel, boards with Henry Adams, h. Bow. Hawkins, Nathaniel Carlton, clothing dealer, h. Bow. Hanley, Michael, teamster, h. Milk. Hannaford, Fred W., b. harness maker, h. Prospect hill. Hayes, George W., yeoman, h. rear of Broadway. Hazletine, Moses, brickmaker, h. leading from Broadway to Elm. Hewes, Patrick, h. Milk. [Continued.]
t, h. Cambridge. Munroe, Benjamin S., b. accountant, h. Prospect hill. Muer, James, McLean asylum. Simmons, Thomas, h. Elm. Slade, William H., b. clothing dealer, h. Summer. Smith, John K., teamster, h. Broadway. Smith, Amasa G., b. surveyor of lumber, h. Linden. Smith, Dennis, b. stair builder, h. Elm. Smith, Dwight, b. broom dealer, h. Bow. Smith, William A., depot master, h. Franklin. Smith, Orlando, laborer, bleachery. Smith, Mrs., widow, h. Elm. Snow, Harvey, carpenter, h. Cherry. Snow, Henry A., agent for bleachery. Somes, John G., carpenter, h. Florence. Springer, J. S., b. dry goods, h. Sullivan. Spring, Isaac S., yeoman, h. Milk. Spring, Samuel C., b. merchant, h. Milk. Spear, Albert (Spear and Downing), omnibus, h. Franklin. Spalding, Ebenezer, brickmaker, h. Broadway. Stone, P. A., h. Lime. Stearns, Miss Sarah, h. Broadway. Stewart, Eri W., carpenter, h. Beacon. Stone, Daniel, boards at L. Arnold's, Cambrid
The writings of John Greenleaf Whittier, Volume 7. (ed. John Greenleaf Whittier), The conflict with slavery (search)
itution to protect the slave-holder in his sins, and yet not responsible! Joining hands with crime, covenanting with oppression, leaguing with pollution, and yet not responsible! Palliating the evil, hiding the evil, voting for the evil, Messrs. Harvey of New Hampshire, Mallary of Vermont, and Ripley of Maine, voted in the Congress of 1829 against the consideration of a Resolution for inquiring into the expediency of abolishing slavery in the District of Columbia. do we not participate in iclaimed Emperor of Hayti. The black troops were in a great measure disbanded, and they immediately returned to the cultivation of the plantations. From that period up to the present there has been no want of industry among the inhabitants. Mr. Harvey,Sketches of Hayti. who during the reign of Christophe resided at Cape Francois, in describing the character and condition of the inhabitants, says: It was an interesting sight to behold this class of the Haytiens, now in possession of their fre
straggling shot at us from thence; nor did I during the whole time perceive any body of them drawn up together, except near Cambridge, just as we turned down towards Charlestown, who dispersed on a cannon shot being fired at them, and came down to attack our right flank in the same straggling manner the rest had done before. * * * * In obedience to your Excellency's command I have drawn up the above state of the affair. And I am, &c. Extract from a letter written by Lord Percy to Gen. Harvey, London, dated Boston, April 20, 1775. * * * I therefore pressed on to their relief as fast as good order and not blowing the men would allow. * * * The rebels were in great numbers, the whole country having collected for 20 miles around. * * * I ordered the Grenadiers and Light Inf'y to move off, covering them with my Brigade and detaching strong flanking parties, which was absolutely necessary, as the whole country we had to retire through was covered with stone-walls, and was besid
Hamblet, 2, 201, 256 Hamilton, 231, 244, 266 Hammond, 256, 301, 349 Hancock, 20, 22, 23, 24, 25, 29, 33, 60, 90, 92, 99, 208, 279, 290, 322, 326, 347 Hanna, 349 Hanson, 63, 68, 140 Hardy, 165, 173 Harkins, 173, 179 Harper, 342 Harrington, 28, 34, 75, 111, 114, 115,122, 132, 138, 169, 176,194, 197, 198, 212, 213, 222,236, 245, 248, 256, 266,276, 281, 296, 296, 326, 328 Harris, 159,172,173,176, 266, 287, 316 Hart, 272 Hartwell, 96, 143, 164, 221, 257, 290 Harvey, 81 Haskell, 166, 350 Haskins, 179 Hassell, 267, 284 Hastings, 68, 96, 257, 300, 301, 312, 332 Hatch, 342 Haven, 37 Hawkins, 257, 267 Hawks, 249 Hawkshaw, 53 Hay, 96,185, 267 Hayden, 257, 266 Heard, 257, 264, 289 Heath, 60,64,66,78,79,100 Hedge, 117, 118, 119,171 Hefrau, 257 Hegert, 339 Helyer, 24 Hemenway, 78 Henchman, 257 Hendley, 23 Henry, 166, 351 Herrick, 257, 280 Hicks, 172 Higgins, 347 Hildreth, 190, 257 Hil
voyage, was taken captive 1680 by the Algerines. Meantime, the temporary government of Carolina, 1679 to 1682 under Harvey, Jenkins, and Wilkinson, had been abandoned, or intrusted by the proprietaries to the Chap. XIII.} 1680. friends of thethe 1681. wise moderation of the government. I narrowly escaped being deceived by the passage in Martin, i. 173. President Harvey, whom he (Wilkinson) relieved, &c. How could a man write so carelessly and so positively? Harvey was president but Harvey was president but a few months; and those implicated in the late revolt were the dominant party. It is not history which is treacherous, but hasty writers, who are credulous and careless. I was saved from trusting Martin by Williamson, i. 137, who speaks of John Jenkins as governor; and still more by Mss. liberally furnished me by the late governor of North Carolina. Harvey had ceased to be governor in June, 1680. Would the disciples of Fox subscribe to the authority of the proprietaries? Yes, they replied, w
H. Hakluyt, Richard, I. 113, 119. Hamilton, Andrew, II. 393. Hampden, John, I. 411. Hansford, Thomas, II. 229. Hartford, II. 283. Harvard College founded, I. 459. Harvey, John, I. 197. Impeached, 201. Haverhill massacre, II. 215. Haynes, John, I. 362. Hennepin, Father, II. 163. His false-hood, 202. Higginson, Francis, I. 346. Highlanders in Georgia, II. 427. History, its criterion, II. 397. A science, 398. The record of God's providence, 399. Hooker, Thomas, character of, I. 363. Hooper, the martyr, I. 280. Howard, of Effingham, II. 249. Hudson's Bay, I. 12, 82; II. 270; II. 180. Hudson, Henry, II. 264. In the North River, 266. Last voyage of, 270. Death, 271. Huguenots in Canada, I. 28. In Florida, 64. In South Carolina, II. 174. In New Netherlands, 302. Hunter, Robert, III. 64. Hurons, I. 29; II. 121. Receive missions, 123. Their war with the Five Nations, III. 138. Huron-Iroquois tribes, III. 243. Hut
Servants in, 175 Slaves, 176. Wyatt's administration, 178. Silk cultivated, 178. Vines and cotton, 179. The aborigines, 180. Massacre, 181. Indian war, 183. Commissioners arrive, 189. Spirit of liberty, 190. Yeardley its governor, 195. Harvey, 197. Puritans invited to, 198. Impeaches Harvey, 201. Has Wyatt for governor, 202. Berkeley, 203. Intolerance in, 206. Second Indian massacre and war, 207. Parliament asserts its supremacy, 211 Yields, 223. During the protectorate, 227. Harvey, 201. Has Wyatt for governor, 202. Berkeley, 203. Intolerance in, 206. Second Indian massacre and war, 207. Parliament asserts its supremacy, 211 Yields, 223. During the protectorate, 227. Religious liberty, 230. Climate, 233. Exploring parties, II. 133. Colonizes North Carolina, 135. Its people, 188. Aristocracy in, 190. Slaves, 192. Parties at the restoration, 195. Royalist assembly, 196. Navigation act oppressive, 198. A state religion established, 200. Its judiciary irresponsible, 204. Abolishes universal suffrage, 207. Given to Lord Culpepper, 209. Contests with the Indians, 215. Bacon's rebellion, 218. Bacon's assembly, 218. Effects of its rebellion, 233. C
Medford Historical Society Papers, Volume 28., Medford and her Minute Men, April 19, 1775. (search)
army. But how looked at these events Hugh Earl Percy, whose men that night recrossed the Charles in the boats of the Somerset, which swung in the tide as Paul Revere, the night before, passed under its shadow? On August 8, 1774, Percy wrote to Henry Reveley, Esq., Peckham, Surrey, The people here are a set of sly, artful, hypocritical rascalls, cruel, & cowards. I must own I cannot but despise them completely. On April 20, 1775, in an unofficial account of the retreat, he wrote General Harvey, We retired for 15 m under an incessant fire, wh like a moving circle surrounded & fold us wherever we went, till we arrived at Charlestown at 8 in the ev'g, . . . Whoever looks upon them as an irregular mob, will find himself much mistaken. . . . You may depend upon it, that as the Rebels have now had time to prepare, they are determined to go throa with it, nor will the insurrection here turn out so despicable as it is perhaps imagined at home. For my part, I never believed, I confess
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