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Richmond Circuit Court. --The trial of Robert Reid for a felonious assault upon Mr. Harvey, which was to have taken place yesterday, was postponed until the 30th inst., and rules were awarded against witnesses. The trial of Melton is set down for Wednesday next. A nolle prosequi was entered in the case of the Commonwealth vs. O'Keiff and Grace. Seven persons were admitted to the rights of citizenship yesterday. We understand that Judge Meredith will not try the criminal cases that have been sent on since the establishment of Judge Lyons' Court.
The Daily Dispatch: November 3, 1860., [Electronic resource], English view of the late Royal visit. (search)
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ockton, Chaplain of the House of Representatives at Washington, has been called home to Philadelphia by the death of a son. A bill has been introduced in the Senate of North Carolina to repeal so much of the Constitution of the State as prohibits Israelites from holding office. The Wilmington (N. C.) Journal says letters from Raleigh represent it as doubtful whether the Legislature will pass any Convention Bill, Things look queer. A son of Wm. M. Robinson was shot by an intemperate man named Barrett, in Petersburg, on Thursday night, but not seriously injured. The anniversary of Franklin's birth--the 17th January --was handsomely celebrated by the printers in the Northern cities. Gen. Harvey has been challenged by a late officer of the army. They are both in Washington. On Monday night the Temperance Hall at Church Hill, Queen Anne's county, Md., was destroyed by fire. Joseph Jefferson, the comedian, commences an engagement in Washington to-night.
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us at variance. The Senate refuses to adopt Mr. Wallis' resolution or fix a day for the adjournment, unless the House adopt the Senate resolution and appoint eight commissioners, as above mentioned. In the House of Delegates, Mr. Wallis reported a bill calling a Sovereign Convention, which was laid on the table. The joint resolution from the Senate appointing a committee of four from each House to visit President Lincoln and Jefferson Davis, and the Governors of Pennsylvania and Virginia, was reported upon unfavorably by Mr. Willis, chairman of the Committee on Federal Relations, giving certain reasons therefore. The report was adopted. They also report that the invasion of Maryland, and the capture of produce by the Virginia troops, has been disapproved of by Governor Letcher in a letter to Governor Hicks, who has issued orders forbidding the recurrence of such acts. The report was adopted, and the papers ordered to be forwarded to Mr. Harvey, Commissioner to Virginia.
Mayor's Court, Saturday. --The cases before his Honor, on Saturday, were more numerous than important in character. Tobias Pearsall, of the Star Saloon, was summoned up for keeping his house open after 10 o'clock on sundry occasions, when the ordinance demanded it should be shut. The case was laid over for another hearing. James McDonald was fined for a similar violation of the ordinance. Case of Anthony, slave of Spotts & Harvey, for threatening to assault James Edwards, was continued till Tuesday. Earnest Noke was committed to jail as a suspicious person. Ira Richardson, suspicious in looks and hailing from Washington, D. C., here without ostensible business, was sent to jail.--So was Byron W. Bernard, alias Camp, a kind of Confidence Jeremy Diddler, whose case has heretofore been mentioned. Virginia Lee, free negro, was committed on failing to give security for her good behavior. She had been disturbing the peace of the neighborhood in which she lived. John Curren was
use of the suspension is the refusal of the Postmaster to distribute the mails. Loyal postmasters are directed to forward all mail matter addressed to Memphis, to the dead letter office. Among the dispatches lately seized, is one from Mr. Harvey, Lincoln Minister to Portugal, advising persons in South Carolina of the Government's intention to reinforce Fort Sumter. Harvey is a South Carolinian, but has long resided North. He will be recalled. The Cabinet is discussing the amountd to forward all mail matter addressed to Memphis, to the dead letter office. Among the dispatches lately seized, is one from Mr. Harvey, Lincoln Minister to Portugal, advising persons in South Carolina of the Government's intention to reinforce Fort Sumter. Harvey is a South Carolinian, but has long resided North. He will be recalled. The Cabinet is discussing the amount of money to demand at the coming session of Congress. One hundred and fifty millions will probably be the sum.
their record." Mr. Holcombe reported an ordinance adopting, in the name of Virginia, the Constitution of the Confederate States. Mr. Bowyer submitted a minority report. Both were referred. The regular business of the day was the ordinance authorizing the Convention to advance a subsidy of $125,000 in aid of a railroad between Strasburg and Winchester. This gave rise to the principal discussion of the day. It was participated in by Messrs. Conrad, Jas. Barsour, Scott of Fauquier, Harvey, Fisher, Morton, (who desired a secret session — but the intimation was generally scouted throughout the hall,) Borst, Goggin, Slaughter, and others. A motion to lay upon the table was lost — yeas 34, nays 56. Strasburg was now evidently triumphant, and the discomfited forces were driven to a rally for the decisive fight. Amendments and substitutes were offered — affecting speeches were made. Conrad, of Frederick. held his ground manfully, and finally the rdinance was passed in the foll<
Foreign Ministers in trouble. --A New York paper, of the 11th inst., says: Mr. Lincoln's first batch of Foreign appointments appears to be turning out badly. Harvey is to be recalled from Portugal as a traitor; Carl Schurz, it is feared, will be sent back from the Catholic Court of Spain as a hopeless heretic; Burlingame is reported as already rejected by Austria, because of his Congressional manifestations of sympathy for Victor Emanuel and Garibaloi; the impulsive Casstus M. Clay, appointed to St. Petersburg, has been making a fool of himself in sporting his diplomatic authority in London; and Sandford, appointed to Belgium, has been playing his new character in Paris.
the Republic to the verge of destruction. The panic created by the affair at Big Bethel shows with what anxiety and dread they look forward to the developments of each succeeding day, and the new phase of charlatanism and hypocrisy that has been assumed by the Republican journals indicates their perception of the necessity of deprecating public wrath, and turning indignation away from themselves into some other channel. Hence, day by day, the trick of sacrificing some pet diplomatist like Harvey, or General like Butler, is resorted to, in order to direct popular attention from the wickedness of measures to the inefficiency of the agents appointed to carry them into execution. Such flimsy devices, however, do not prevent the mask with which the Administration has concealed its purposes from being rapidly torn away, and we have no hesitation in saying that, if a mass meeting could be convened in this city to-morrow, of all who are really in favor of immediate peace, even at the cost
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