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ier General in the Southern army. We are pleased also to return all due thanks to the three companies of the 12th Georgia, and the one company from the 25th Virginia Regiment, which asaisted us in driving the enemy from the hill on our right flank. It is said by the Yankees prisoners that between fifteen hundred and two thousand of their picked troops attacked us on the right flank, and between two and three thousand on the left flank. List of the killed and wounded in Lt. Col. Hansbrough's battalion. Company A--M. Y. B. Colling, killed; P. A. Masgrove B. M. Dawson. J. W. Halterman, and Herbert Murphy wounded. Company B--Capt. Wm. H. M l hon and Augustine Herner, killed, Lt., L. D. Haymond, Serg't Wm. M Rader, J. W. Braeg, J. N. Brown, And, Ware, and M. W. Howel, wounded. Company C--J. C. Green and Therman Tinny, killed; J. B. Young, Jas. A. Johnson, wounded; wounded; Amt Paugh, Leri Were, Leonerd Cutlip, Jas, Hall, and J. J. Blankenship, taken prisoners. Pat,
atte for supporting a lunatic, in the county of Fayette. A message was received from the House of Delegates announcing the passage of a preamble and resolutions in reference to the state of the country, (the same as those reported in the Senate proceedings of yesterday.) The resolutions were, on motion, concurred in. Mr. Beanson offered the following: Resolved, by the General Assembly of Virginia,, That the Beard of Public works be and they are hereby authorized to pay to L. D. Haymond, or his legal representative, the sum of one hundred and sixteen dollars, for locating parts of the Elk River Turnpike road, one of the appropriation made to said road by act of Assembly. Mr. Beannon asked and obtained leave to introduce a bill providing for the issue of Treasury notes in sums of one dollar. The bill was read a first time. On motion of Mr. Marshall, House bill refunding to William W. Hume, Sheriff of Fauquier county, damages paid by him as such. The bill was
General Assembly of Virginia.Extra session.Senate. Monday, May 12th, 1862 The Senate was called to order at 12 M., by Lieut. Gov. Mon The Clerk presented a joint resolution from the House of Delegates, announcing its concurrence in a resolution to pay L. D. Haymond a sum of money. Mr. Nath asked and obtained leave to introduce a bill to raise an army of the State of Virginia, to be to the Confederate army. Read a first time and ordered to be printed. Mr. Ball offered the following, which was adopted: Resolved, That so much of the Governor's Message as refers to the election of a successor to Hon. John W. Tyler, as Judge of the 9th Judicial Group, be referred to the Committee for Courts of Justice. Mr. Whittle offered the following resolution, which was adopted: Resolved, That 1,000 copies of all acts passed by the Confederate Government for impressing property for the public use, be published by the Public Printer, for the information of t
Monday, May 19, 1862. A message was received from the House announcing the passage of an act to amend and re-enact section 1st of chapter 162 of the Code of Virginia. On motion, the act was taken up and concurred in. A further message was received from the House of Delegates, announcing that it had agreed to a joint resolution to provide for the comfort of the inmates of the Lunatic Asylum at Williamsburg, and to a resolution directing the 2d Auditor to issue a warrant to L. D. Haymond. Mr. Armstrong offered the following joint resolution: Resolved, by the General Assembly, That the Auditing Board be and they are hereby instructed to pay such persons as were appointed instructors of artillery by General J. R. Carson, while in command of the militia at Winchester, such sums as the board may deem just and equitable, not exceeding the pay of a 1st Lieutenant, and the board present such claims to the Confederate authorities for repayment; being, in the opinion of