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J. B. Jones, A Rebel War Clerk's Diary, XXX. September, 1863 (search)
s for the South; for the people there will strike back through the secret ballot-box. They also say an expedition is about to sail up the Rio Grande, where it will come in collision with the French, now occupying Matamoras. And it appears that Lord John Russell will not prevent the sailing of our monitor-rams from British ports without evidence of an intention to use them against the United States. He will do nothing on suspicion; but must have affidavits, etc. A young lady, Miss Heiskell, applied yesterday, through the Hon. A. H. H. Stuart, for a passport to Philadelphia, to be married to a young merchant of that city. Her father was a merchant of that city, though a native of Virginia. I believe it was granted. The country is indignant at the surrender of Cumberland Gap by Brig.-Gen. Frazier, without firing a gun, when his force was nearly as strong as Burnside's. It was too bad! There must be some examples of generals as well as of deserting poor men, whose fami
soon as they arrived at positions where they could do so and not be in immediate danger of being flanked. In this movement we were compelled to leave most of our men killed and wounded on the field, some of which fell into the hands of the enemy. Our loss whilst placed in this unfortunate position was near two hundred, and among that number some very valuable and gallant officers. Most of the field officers on my right were dismounted by having their horses shot from under them, and Major Heiskell, of the Nineteenth Tennessee regiment, a very gallant officer, was severely wounded in the foot. During this short encounter with the enemy the Nineteenth Tennessee regiment was on my right, and was therefore much more exposed, and consequently met with a much heavier loss than any other in the brigade. But its field officers, Colonel F. M. Walker and Lieutenant-Colonel B. F. Moore, acted with such coolness and gallantry that they inspired their men with courage and confidence, and p
y, furnishes a just cause for pride, and receives the unqualified approbation of their commander. Those actively engaged, and those held in check, manifested alike an equal willingness, even anxiety, to discharge their full duty as soldiers, even the most dangerous. Any discrimination among individuals would be invidious, and no one is slighted when it is asserted that all (with a trifling exception) may remember their actions that day with a just pride. I am especially indebted to Colonel Heiskell, volunteer aid, Captain Flusser, acting aid, and Captain Guerrant, A. A. G., for invaluable services on the field, and throughout the expedition. I am, most respectfully, Your obedient servant, H. S. Giltner, Colonel, commanding Brigade. Report of Colonel comes. headquarters Eighth Virginia cavalry, November 13, 1863. Brigadier-General W. E. Jones, Commanding Cavalry Brigade: General: At your request, I make the following report of the part taken by the Eighth Virgini
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 15. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Paroles of the Army of Northern Virginia. (search)
Meade, Francis A., Montgomery, Benj. D., Moore, John H., Mooterspaw, Wm., Myers, John M., Pollard, Jas. G., Jr., Pugh, Geo. W., Pugh, John A., Robertson, John W., Root, Erastus C., Ruffin, Jeff. R., Sandford, James, Shaner, Joseph F., Shaw, Campbell A., Shoulder, Jacob M., Silvey, James A., Strickler, John J., Stuart, Wm. C., Friend, Benjamin C. M., Gibson, Robert A., Gilmer, Jas. B., Ginger, Geo. A., Gooch, Jas. T., Heiskell, J. Campbell, Hyde, Edward, Kean, Otho G., Leathers, John P., Leech, James M., Letcher, Samuel H., Lewis, Henry P., Lewis, James P., McCampbell, Wm. H., McClintic, Wm. S., McCorkle, Thos. E., McCorkle, Wm. A., Swann, Minor W., Swisher, Benj. R., Swisher, Geo. W., Swisher, Samuel S., Tate, Jas. F., Taylor, Stevens M., Thompson, John A., Thompson, Lucas P., Tidball, Thos. A., Trevey, Dan'l J., Trice, Leroy F., Tyler, D. G
and Batson of Ark. Foreign Affairs.--Messrs. Foote of Tenn., Perkins of La., Smith of Ala., Dejarnette of Va., Barksdale of Miss, McQueen of S. C., Breckinridge of Ky., Preston of Va., and McLean of N. C. Naval Affairs.--Messrs. Conrad of La., Boyce of S. C., Wright of Geo., Clopton of Ala., Currin of Tenn., Smith of Va., Gaither of N. C., Dawkins of Fla., and Chambliss of Va. Judicatory.--Messrs. Gartrell of Geo., Russell of Va. Dargan of Ala., Moore of Ky., Garland of Ark., Heiskell of Tenn., Gray of Texas, Ashe of N. C., and Holcombe of Va. Commerce--Messrs. Curry of Ala., Trippe of Geo., Cooke of Mo., McDowell of N. C., Lyons of Va., Sexton of Texas, Villere of La., F. W. Bruce of Ky., and Chambliss of Miss. Post-Offices and Post Roads.--Messrs. Chilton of Ala., Conrow of Mo., Royster of Ark., Johnson of Va., Clark of Geo., Davidson of N. C., Welsh of Miss., Hilton of Fla., and Herbert of Texas. Territories and Public Lands.--Messrs. Wilcox of Texas, M
or continuing in office the Major Generals and Brigadier Generals of the Provisional Army, and providing that there shall not be more than one Major General for every three brigades, and not more than one Brigadier General for every four regiments. Mr. Wright, of Geo., offered a provise to the effect that said Major and Brigadier Generals be subject to the regulations of the War Department for removal. After some discussion, participated in by Messrs. Pryor, Bosman, Wright, Foete, Heiskell, and Lyons, the bill was laid upon the table, to be printed and made the order of the day for 1 o'clock to-morrow. Mr. Miles, from the Committee on Military Affairs, offered a resolution to authorise the committee to procure for their use maps of the several States of the Confederacy. Mr. Swann, of Tenn., moved to amend by adding, "and such other maps as may be necessary to assist them in the discharge of their duties. " Amendment accepted, and the resolution passed. Mr. Gar
ssion, the resolution was withdrawn. A message was received from the President announcing that he had appointed — his Private Secretary, in place of Robert Joselyn, resigned. Mr. Singleton, of Miss., hoped that the House would take up and dispose of the bill under consideration on Thursday last for fixing the pay and mileage of members. Mr. Gartrell, of Ga., submitted a substitute for the bill, fixing the pay of members at $8 per day, and ten cents per mile as mileage. Mr. Heiskell moved that its consideration be indefinitely postponed. Not agreed to, and the House proceeded to the consideration of the bill. The question being called, the Speaker decided that the question was first upon the highest figures proposed to be inserted in lien of $3,000 in the Senate bill, which was stricken out by vote of the House on Saturday. Under this ruling of the Chair. Mr. Ellictt's motion to fill the blank with $2,920 was first voted upon, and was defeated by a vote o
dues of deceased soldiers. Committee report no further legislation necessary. Committee discharged, and the resolution laid upon the table. Also, a bill for ascertaining and detailing artisans from the Confederate States army. Mr. Conead moved that the word "detailed" in the bill be stricken out, and the word "detached" substituted therefore. This motion was discussed at some length by Mr. Conead in its favor, and Messrs. Baldwin, Miles, and Harris, in opposition to it. Mr. Heiskell, of Tenn., moved that the consideration of the bill and the amendment be indefinitely postponed. Agreed to — ayes 33; nays 23. A motion was then made to reconsider the vote by which the bill was indefinitely postponed, and it was agreed to. Mr. Harris moved that the bill and the amendment be recommitted to the Military Committee, which was agreed to. Mr. Swan, of Tenn., reported back from same committee a resolution with reference to conferring rank upon Chaplains in the A
uch offender with severe flogging on the bared back. Mr. Farsow, of South Carolina, submitted the annexed resolution; which was agreed to: Resolved, That it be referred to the Committee on Rules to consider and report upon the expediency of so amending the rules of this House as to require that no bill or joint resolution shall be put upon its passage until the same shall have been printed and distributed, except by a two-third vote. Referred to the Committee on Rules. Mr. Heiskell, of Tenn., introduced a resolution to provide for the prompt payment of the claims of deceased soldiers. Referred to the Military Committee. Mr. Adkins, of Tenn., arose to a personal explanation. His attention had been called to a card published in a Memphis paper, and signed by the members of the Tennessee Legislature, denying a statement attributed to him in some remarks he had made in the House, on the conduct of Gen. A. S. Johnston, to the effect that a petition had been signed
ed. Mr. Miles also offered a resolution instructing the Committee of Ways and Means to inquire into the propriety of appointing by law a commission, to be composed of such scientific men as the President may think proper to appoint, whose duty, it shall be to report to Congress a system of gold and silver coinage for the Confederate States, which was adopted. Also, a bill to promote the medical department of the army; which was referred to the Committee on Military Affairs. Mr. Heiskell, of Tenn., offered a resolution instructing the Speaker to appoint a committee of three, whose duty it shall be to inquire into the management of, and inspect, the various ordnance establishments in the city of Richmond and vicinity, and make a report to the House of the condition of the same, with a view to increase the efficiency of the same, if practicable; which was adopted. Mr. Tenons of Tenn, presented the memorial of Capt. Wm. Brown, on the subject of the loss of property; whi
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