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T. Wigfall,Texas. —Mences, C. W. Bell,Mo. C. J. Villere,La. G. D. Royston,Ark. J. M. Elliott,Ky. David Clopton,Ark. G. W. Ewing,Ky. W. N. Cooke,Mo. F. S. Lyon,Ala. J. Perkins, Jr.,La. C. M. Conrad, J. Wilcox,Texas. P. W. Gray, T. B. Cexton, J. C. Atkins,Tenn. W. G. Swan, H. S. Foote, T. B. Handle,Ark. H. W. Bruce,Ky. R. J. Breckinridge, W. R. Smith,Ala. E. L. Gardenshire,Tenn. J. W. Moore,Ky. D. F. Kenner,La. L. C. Dupre, E. S. Dargan,Ala. F. J. Batson,Ark. J. B. Heiskell,Tenn. G. B. Hodge, Ky. T. A. Harris,Mo. H. E. Reid, C. C. Herbert,Texas. Wm. H. Tibbs,Tenn. F. J. Foster,Ala. J. L. M. Curry,Ala. E. M. Bruce,Ky. A. W. Conrow,Mo. A. H. Garland,Ark. F. W. Freeman, G. G. Vest, Mo. Wm. Porcher Miles,S. C. J. D. Crocket,Ky. M. L. Bonham, W. R. Machen, W. W. Boyce, H. R. Wright,Ga. F. Farrow, M. D. Graham,Texas. J. McQueen, D. M. Currin,Tenn. A true copy. Charles J. Villere, Representative in Congress. President Davis's ans
Tennessee Congressmen elected. --Sufficient is known, says the Memphis Argus, to place beyond doubt the success of the following candidates; First district, J. B. Heiskell; Second, William G. Swan; Fourth. E. L. Geraenshire; Fifth, Henry S. Foote; Sixth, Merideth P. Gentry; Seventh, George W. Jones; Eighth, Thomas Menees; Ninth, J. D. C. Atkins; Eleventh, David M. Currin. Although full returns have not been received from the Third and Tenth districts, it is generally conceded that A. G. Welcker has been elected in the former, and Colonel John V. Wright in the latter.
federate force may, perhaps, induce the Yankee column now in North Mississippi to return. The Yankee raid in Tennessee. A body of Yankee cavalry, numbering three hundred, dashed into Rogersville, Tennessee, on the 21st, and captured "Hon. J. Heiskell" and other civilians and soldiers. We do not learn that the raid had any other object in view; for after effecting the captures, the enemy retired in the direction of Bean's station. The Mr. Heiskell referred to is doubtless the Hon. J. B. Heiskell, representative in Congress from the First Congressional District of Tennessee. Rogersville is the court-house of Hawkins county. From Georgia. Atlanta papers of the 18th report that, on the previous night, a heavy cannonading and musketry fire commenced along the centre and continued for several hours. It is stated that the enemy made a pretty general assault upon our advanced lines, but was successfully resisted in all his efforts. Rumors from Sherman's rear are to the