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From Tennessee. the election — a small vote — apprehensions in regard to the Federal Flees, &c. [Correspondence of the Richmond Dispatch.] Jonesboro', (Te.,) Nov. 6, 1861. The election occurs here to-day; a very small poll progressing. There are two candidates for the Confederate Congress in this district — James W. Deaderick, Esq., of this (Washington) county, and Joseph B. Heiskell, Esq., of Hawkins county. They were originally Union men, and the latter is yet classed in that category, but are willing to support the Southern Confederacy, as is evidenced by their running for Congress. Some apprehension is felt here that the Federal troops will surmount the obstacles which interpose between their progress to East Tennessee from the direction of Kentucky; and, if so, they will capture our line of railroad, and thus interrupt the travel and freight which passes in this direction to and from Virginia. In the event of the entrance of Federal troops here, the sup<
roken up. From the Knoxville Register, of the 19th, we take the following: From 300 to 500 Lincolnites of Carter county, who were encamped in Doe River Cove, about six miles from Elizabethton, dispersed on the approach of the Confederate troops. The citizens of Hawkins, Sullivan, and Washington counties, to the number of about 500, turned out, on the news of the bridge-burning, and concentrated at Carter's Depot, (Watauga Bridge,) and organized themselves into a regiment Hon. Jos. B. Heiskell, member elect of Confederate States Congress, from the 1st Congressional district, was elected Colonel, Wm. L Rice, of Bristol, Lieut. Colonel, J. G. Bynum, of Rogersville, Major. This regiment of volunteers, together with Col. Stovall's battalion, numbering 500, including a battery of flying artillery of four guns, advanced to Doe River Cove, where they found the Lincolnite camp deserted, and nothing left but 16 hogs and 25 bushels of corn which the C. S. Army appropriated. Fr
7th, J. T. Lampkin. Missouri.--(To be elected May 2, 1864.) North Carolina.--1st District, Wm. N. H. Smith;‖ 2d Robt. R. Bridgers;‖ 3d, J. T. Leach; 4th, Thos C. Faller; 5th, Josiah Turner; 6th, John A. Gilmer; 7th, James M. Leach; 8th, J. G. Ramsey; 9th, B. S. Gaithers, 10th, Geo. W. Logan. South Carolina.--1st District, James M. Witherspoon; 2d, Wm. Porcher Miles;‖ 3d, Lucius M. Ayer;‖ 4th, Wm. D. Simpson;‖ 5th, James Farrar;‖ 6th, Wm. W. Boyee. Tennessee.--1st District, Joseph B. Heiskell;‖ 2d, Wm. G. Swan‖; 3d, A. S. Colyer; 4th, John P. Murray; 5th, Henry S. Foote‖; 6th, E. A. Keeble; 7th, James McCollum; 8th, Thomas Menees;‖ 9th, John D. C. Atkins‖; 10th, John V. Wright‖; 11th, Daniel M. Currien‖; (deceased.) Texas.--1st District, John A. Wilcox‖, (deceased;) 2d, C. C. Herbert‖; 3d, A. M. Branch; 4th, F. B. Sexton‖; 5th, A. R. Bayler; 6th, S. H. Morgan. Virginia.--1st district, Robert L. Montague; 2d, R. H. Whitfield; 3d, Wms C. Wickham