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the entire day. The position of the brigade was not changed until it was relieved by a portion of General Hamilton's division on the morning of the fourteenth. Early in the night of the thirteenth, three companies of the Forty-third, under Major Herrick, of that regiment, were moved to the right and front and deployed as skirmishers, the left resting near the right of the batteries, and the right reserved and a line of sentinels was then thrown in advance of them. Three companies, except a or some hours of the night of the thirteenth inst., to a drenching rain. It would be unjust to omit mention of the fact that companies A, D, G, F, and C, of the Forty-third Ohio, composing the right wing of that regiment, under command of Major W. F. Herrick, Forty-third Ohio volunteers, were at work in the trenches during a great part of the night before the attack, and that no word or sign of complaint or discontent was heard or seen from any officer or soldier of these companies during the
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