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osiah Crosby, 1857, 1859-67. Edwin Locke, 1858. John Adams, 1858. John D. Freeman, 1858-63 (resigned). Rev. Daniel R. Cady, 1861-67. Rev. William E. Gibbs, 1862-67. Rev. Samuel Abbot Smith, 1863-66 (deceased). Henry Swan, 1864-67. Samuel G. Damon, 1866-67. Rev. Amos Harris, 1867 (declined). Rev. Charles C. Salter, 1867. Principal town officers of Arlington, 1867-1879. representatives. Joseph S. Potter, 1867. Jesse Bacon, 1869. J. Winslow Peirce, 1872. Samuel D. Hicks, 1875. William G. Peck, 1877, 1879. Selectmen. Samuel S. Davis, 1867, 1871. Joseph S. Potter, 1867, 1868. Charles H. Crane, 1867. J. Winslow Peirce, 1868-71, 1873. Jacob F. Hobbs, 1868-70, 1872. Otis Green, 1868, 1869. George C. Russell, 1870. Warren Rawson, 1871, 1872. John S. Crosby, 1872. Jesse Bacon, 1872. James Durgin, 1872, 1874-78. Henry Mott, 1873, 1878, 1879. Henry Swan, 1873. John Schouler, 1874-77. William G. Peck, 1874-77. William H. Allen
272 Hartwell, 96, 143, 164, 221, 257, 290 Harvey, 81 Haskell, 166, 350 Haskins, 179 Hassell, 267, 284 Hastings, 68, 96, 257, 300, 301, 312, 332 Hatch, 342 Haven, 37 Hawkins, 257, 267 Hawks, 249 Hawkshaw, 53 Hay, 96,185, 267 Hayden, 257, 266 Heard, 257, 264, 289 Heath, 60,64,66,78,79,100 Hedge, 117, 118, 119,171 Hefrau, 257 Hegert, 339 Helyer, 24 Hemenway, 78 Henchman, 257 Hendley, 23 Henry, 166, 351 Herrick, 257, 280 Hicks, 172 Higgins, 347 Hildreth, 190, 257 Hill, 11, 17, 23, 27, 28, 45, 58, 77, 83, 93, 94, 96, 104, 106, 111-16, 120, 121, 128, 129, 131, 133, 137, 140, 145-47, 149, 10, 151, 154, 167-72, 177, 178, 186-87, 189, 190, 193-96, 199, 201, 204, 210, 212,219, 221, 222, 224, 242-44, 247, 248, 250, 253, 255, 257-62, 263, 267, 269, 273, 274, 282, 285, 289, 290, 291, 294, 296-98, 306-08, 312, 314, 315, 329, 343, 345, 349, 351 Hilliard, 107, 123, 124, 131, 138, 233, 295,296 Hind or Hinds, 37,
Pardoned. --Governor Hicks has granted an unconditional pardon to the young man Wilson, sentenced by Prince George's County (Md.) Circuit Court to be hung for being accessory to the murder of Mr. Krantz, at Laurel Factory. Athey, the principal, is yet at large.
The Daily Dispatch: February 4, 1861., [Electronic resource], The Canadians Incensed at the interference of England in the extradition case. (search)
The National Convention--more troops in Washington — the "Conspiracy," &c. Washington, Feb. 3. --The Commissioners from New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, North Carolina, Virginia and Indiana arrived to-night, and are interchanging views. Another body of Federal troops arrived on this morning's train. They brought artillery, arms and munitions. The official copy of the Louisiana secession has been received here. Her delegation will probably withdraw from Congress on Monday. An effort will be made to introduce in the House a resolution proposing that the adjustment of the National Convention, if any be made, be adopted by Congress. Gov. Hicks, of Maryland, is to be examined before the Select Committee on the subject of a conspiracy to seize Washington.
Port of Richmond, November 17.high water this day (Monday) 9 ¾ o'clock. arrived, Steamship Roanoke, Couch, New York, mdze. and passengers, Ludlam & Watson. Schr. S. P. Hawes, Mason, Philadelphia, coal, S. P. Hawes & Son. Schr. Ellen Goldsborough, Todd, Philadelphia, coal, Chase Y. Morris. Schr. Hardscrabble, Packard, Rockland, lime, Libby & Burton. Schr. Bengal, Hicks, Rockland, lime, Bridgford & Co. Schr. Brunett, Johnson, James River, lumber, L. A. Crenshaw. Sailed, Steamer Belvidere, Keene, Baltimore, mdze. and passengers. D. & W. Currie. Brig New York, Cooper, Marseilles, tobacco, James Gray's Sons. Schr. Jno. Collins, Predmore, down the river, light. Schr. Georgianna, Layton, down the river, light. Schr. Quickstep, Richardson, down the river, light Schr. Polly Price, Adams, down the river, light. Lighter Henry Brown, Peniston, down the river, light. Schr. J. E. Adams, Tyrer, down the river, light.
f mercantile men, from New York, is here. It opposes Morrill's tariff bill, on account of its proposition to modify the warehousing system. The Tellers to count the Presidential vote are Trumbull, of the Senate, Washburne (of Ill.) and Phelps, of the House. Several Alabama postmasters have declined td., render their accounts, saying that they await the action of their State. Additional evidence continues to be received, that private correspondence is violated in the South. Gov. Hicks has not yet responded to this summons to appear before the investigation Committee. Three witnesses from Baltimore were examined to-day, but nothing was elicited confirming the belief that an organization for an attack on Washington is meditated. Com. Walker is to be court-martialed, for bringing the store-ship Supply to New York, instead of proceeding to Vera Cruz, as ordered, with provisions for the Home Squadron. The nomination of Judge Black, for the U. S. Supreme Court, was
Arrests for disloyalty, &c. --The following parties were arrested yesterday, William Williams, for disloyalty; John Findsley and Reinrich Frieshcorn, for selling liquor, and Daniel Bitter, superintendent of the Monticello House, by order of Captain Samuel Maccubbin, Chief of the Provost Marshal's police, by Detectives Shaw, Hicks, Carter, Hammond, O'Brien, and Roach. They found two Union flags, and took possession of the papers, letters, and books belonging to the German Turners' Society. On entering the assembly room of the Turners, the officers found a figure of the goddess painted on the wall, with Union colors and shield, with the words underneath of, "Hats off! " Besides the parties above named, a number of soldiers were arrested.
Wanted-- Volunteers--Fifty men to complete a company of Heavy Artillery, for Col. Morries's regiment. This company offers great inducements to these wishing to avoid militia draft, as it will be stationary and in good quarters. A bounty of $50 will be paid to each man when mustered in. Rations will be furnished those desiring them until mastered in. This is the last opportunity offered the citizens of Henrico, Richmond, Chesterfield and Hanover. For further information, apply next door to Hicks's Stable 10th street, where one of the undersigned will be found. Chas. M. Pleasants, Vernon A Rowis, E. S. Pleasants, Jesse Crild. mh 24--10t*
Wanted. Persons desiring Substitutes for the War, can find them by application at my office. Samuel D. Hicks. Shockoe Slip. fe 22--lm*
will be presented to every one within the reach of the committee, and we urge those out of the city to send in their names, that our hearts may rejoice seeing the work of our hands prosper. Maria G. Clopton, President L. D. A. All contributions to the Ladies' Defence Association, of money, plate and jewelry, to be sent to Mr. Ro. H. Maury, or Messrs. Ro. H. Maury & Co., south side Main, corner 11th street. Building materials, tools, &c., to Commander Farrand, at Capt. Haskins's, Rocketts. Grain, flour and other produce, to Samuel D. Hicks, Cary street. Iron and other metals, to the Tredegar Works. And we earnestly request every person will attend to the collecting of iron, &c. Articles for the Bazsar, pictures, books, furniture, &c, to Mrs. Vernon, corner of 9th and Broad streets. Committee for collecting subscriber's names of gentlemen, for the thousand dollar subscriptions, Mrs. Judge Clopton, President, and Mrs. Gen. Henningsen, Vice President.
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