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Mary Thacher Higginson, Thomas Wentworth Higginson: the story of his life, V: the call to preach (search)
n all sufficient variety to me. But soon Higginson mentions a more momentous interest:— Into one creed these thoughts to bind. Upon Mr. Higginson's assenting, Mr. Hoar said that he considewing a book by Lydia Maria Child occurred to Higginson one winter evening. He got home late, and it was suspended for one year, on account of Higginson's straitened finances, and while he was feel was a disciple of James Freeman Clarke, and Higginson was thus led to attend his church. There unsently cast in favor of the church, although Higginson still announced himself a seeker and entirelght, he said. While living in Divinity Hall Higginson formed a romantic attachment for a brilliante. In his long letters to Miss Channing, Higginson freely expressed his opinion on public quest subtile repining, but plain and simple. Higginson's plan was to resume solitary studies, thus of the Clergy to Reform. In August, 1846, Higginson had a long talk with Dr. Francis, then dean [4 more...]
Mary Thacher Higginson, Thomas Wentworth Higginson: the story of his life, VII: the free church (search)
females, don't let your head be turned! Mr. Higginson's intense love of children enabled him to name is Alice and she and her sister play Mr. Higginson! The young clergyman recorded in his Wotree delighted the Free Church people, and Mr. Higginson appealed to one of his former Newburyport like to look in at the Free Church? wrote Mr. Higginson to his young friend, Harriet Prescott, May flash. In his journals of that period, Mr. Higginson speaks of the untamable gipsy element in m greatest. The ardent friendship between Higginson and Hurlbut, begun when they were both theolt was a delight to meet. Last week, wrote Mr. Higginson, Mr. Emerson was here and gave one of his is own life. In a letter from this place, Mr. Higginson says:— I am writing on the office deeventing the keeping of engagements. Once Mr. Higginson wrote from Toledo in a most perplexed framay. Of the success of this convention, Mr. Higginson's mother wrote: And altogether you have be[13 more...]
Mary Thacher Higginson, Thomas Wentworth Higginson: the story of his life, XI: John Brown and the call to arms (search)
we will burn every mother's son of you. Mr. Higginson's wish now was to rescue Brown from prisona better man. The next scheme to enlist Mr. Higginson's interest, after Brown's sentence had beeing, the journalist, James Redpath, wrote to Higginson that he had reason to believe the clergyman —called in letters and telegrams machines,—Mr. Higginson jotted down on paper, which can still be sersed. In the midst of these plottings, Mr. Higginson wrote to his wife:— I was so amused ctantly abandoned. After returning home Mr. Higginson wrote to one of them—Stevens—the following Recalling these events in October, 1860, Mr. Higginson wrote in his journal:— Last year at e purse insisted. Afterwards, in 1862, Mr. Higginson wrote a friend about these stirring events letter the Massachusetts governor said of Mr. Higginson: He is a man capable of facing great periln order was given to stop all recruiting. Mr. Higginson had been hard at work for three months, an[21 m
Mary Thacher Higginson, Thomas Wentworth Higginson: the story of his life, XII: the Black regiment (search)
in order to keep up military guise, for Colonel Higginson wrote to his wife:— When any occashis exposing himself in times of danger, Colonel Higginson wrote February 23:— I am kept undeficers of colored regiments were, to use Colonel Higginson's own words, fighting with ropes around e third evacuation of Jacksonville, and Colonel Higginson with his regiment sorrowfully returned tnt. No, said he proudly, I'se belong to Colonel Higginson's regulars. This is the triumph of selfile at Port Royal doing picket duty that Colonel Higginson passed a rash night in the water which hlop, only the same General Debility. Colonel Higginson then adopted the resource of spending hi, and have actually started. Meantime, Mrs. Higginson had decided to remove to Newport, Rhode Isng of 1864, on advanced picket duty, and Colonel Higginson described the life in his letters home:—he necessity of a wholesome caution. Colonel Higginson compared Uncle York to the hero of Uncle[28 more...
Mary Thacher Higginson, Thomas Wentworth Higginson: the story of his life, XIII: Oldport Days (search)
Island, was not altogether acceptable to Colonel Higginson, as he disliked leaving his native Stategentle Quaker lady, and of their hostess Colonel Higginson wrote:— Dear Mrs. Dame is as lovelwo at his desk which was in the room where Mrs. Higginson sat all day in her wheeled chair, with anmore daily delights. On a friend's boat Colonel Higginson rigged a red Venetian sail to light up h Mrs. Julia Ward Howe for president and Colonel Higginson for vice-president, drew together these er. One of the Newport residents whom Colonel Higginson especially enjoyed was La Farge, of whomdinner given for Wilkie Collins in 1874, Colonel Higginson wrote:— There were only eight liteTo keep up my interest in slavery, wrote Colonel Higginson to his old army surgeon,—I am translatinon with a salary of $2500. This proposal Colonel Higginson was obliged to decline. Public speakithat he is still alive. Occasionally Colonel Higginson attended meetings of the Boston Radical [13 more...
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