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Robert Underwood Johnson, Clarence Clough Buell, Battles and Leaders of the Civil War. Volume 3., The Confederate army. (search)
R. Cox (w); 4th N. C., Col. Bryan Grimes; 14th N. C., Col. R. T. Bennett; 30th N. C., Col. F. M. Parker. Brigade loss: k, 151; w, 529; m, 108=788. Doles's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. George Doles: 4th Ga., Col. Philip Cook (w), Lieut.-Col. D. R. E. Winn; 12th Ga., Col. Edward Willis; 21st Ga., Col. J. T. Mercer; 44th Ga., Col. J. B. Estes. Brigade loss: k, 66; w, 343; m, 28 = 437. iverson's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Alfred Iverson: 5th N. C., Col. Thomas M. Garrett (w), Lieut.-Col. J. W. Lea (w), Maj. William J. Hill (w), Capt. S. B. West; 12th N. C., Maj. D. P. Rowe (k), Lieut.-Col. R. D. Johnston; 20th N. C., Col. T. F. Toon (w), Lieut.-Col. Nelson Slough; 23d N. C., Col. D. H. Christie. Brigade loss: k, 67; w, 330; m, 73 =470. Artillery, Lieut.-Col. T. H. Carter: Ala. Battery, Capt. William J. Reese; Va. Battery, Capt. W. P. Carter; Va. Battery, Capt. C. W. Fry; Va. Battery, Capt. R. C. M. Page. Artillery loss: k, 9; m, 37 = 46. Early's division, Maj.-Gen. Jubal A. Early. Gordon's Briga
Tait, Thirty-fourth Ohio, both thighs; Rev. Geo. Morrison, Home Guards, ankle, very slight; Wm. Sanders, Newport Home Guards, right thigh; James Little, Seventh Kentucky cavalry, right lung; Christian Ledren, Home Guards, shoulders and ankle; Wm. J. Hill, Home Guards, right thigh; A. J. Powers, Seventh Kentucky cavalry, right leg; Robert Rose, Seventh Kentucky cavalry, left hip; Montgomery W. Rankins, Home Guards, chest, since died; John W. Adams, Home Guards, left side; Wm. Hinman, Co. E, Eig Charles Tate, Thirty-fourth Ohio, both thighs. Rev. Mr. Morrison, Home Guard, ankle. William Sanders, Home Guard, right thigh. James Little, Seventh Kentucky cavalry, right lung. Christian Ledger, Home Guard, shoulder and ankle. W. J. Hill, Home Guard, right thigh. A. J. Powers, Seventh Kentucky cavalry, right leg. R. Rose, Seventh Kentucky cavalry, left hip. John W. Adams, left side. Wm. Hinman, Eighteenth Kentucky, left thigh. Milton A. Hall, Seventh Kentucky cav
Brig.-Gen. Bradley T. Johnson, Confederate Military History, a library of Confederate States Military History: Volume 2.1, Maryland (ed. Clement Anselm Evans), Chapter 10: the Maryland Line. (search)
rd Post. Second Maryland infantry: Captain J. Parran Crane commanding; Lieut.-Col. Jos. R. Herbert and Maj. W. W. Goldsborough, both absent, wounded at Gettysburg. First Maryland artillery, Capt. Wm. F. Dement. Second Maryland artillery, Baltimore light, Capt. Wm. H. Griffin. Fourth Maryland artillery, Chesapeake, Capt. Walter S. Chew. The organizations of the batteries were as follows: First Maryland: Captain, William F. Dement. Lieutenants, Charles S. Couter, John Gayle, Wm. J. Hill. Second Maryland, Baltimore light artillery: Captain, William H. Griffin. Lieutenants, William B. Bean, John McNulty, J. W. Goodman. Fourth Maryland, Chesapeake artillery: Captain, Walter S. Chew. Lieutenants, John E. Plater, Benjamin G. Roberts. The field and staff consisted of: Bradley T. Johnson, colonel commanding; George W. Booth, captain and A. A. G.; Wilson Carey Nicholas, captain and A. I. G.; George H. Kyle, major and C. S.; Charles W. Harding, major and Q. M.; Richard P
Brig.-Gen. Bradley T. Johnson, Confederate Military History, a library of Confederate States Military History: Volume 2.1, Maryland (ed. Clement Anselm Evans), chapter 11 (search)
, Geo. Ratcliffe. Sergeant, J. C. Holmes. Company F—Captain, Jas. L. Clark. First-Lieutenant, W. H. Richardson. Second-Lieutenant, Wm. Dorsey, E. Hurst, Jas. McAleese. First-Sergeant, J. A. Stine. Sergeants, J. Sprigg, L. McMullin, R. Hahn, Robert Kemp, T. Kidd. Corporals, J. Andre, C. J. Stewart, S. C. Magraw. First Maryland artillery. Maryland. Captain, R. Snowden Andrews, W. F. Dement. First- Lieutenant, Chas. S. Couter. Second-Lieutenant, John Gale, Frederick Y. Dabney, W. J. Hill, J. H. Stonestreet. First-Sergeant, De Wilton Snowden, J. Harris Forbes, Gratial C. Thompson. Corporals, F. W. Bollinger, Theodore Jenkins, Geo. T. Scott, E. C. Moncure, P. A. L. Couter, J. G. Harris, John F. Ransom. Battles and actions of the First Maryland Artillery: Chickahominy, Evansport, Mechanicsville, Cedar Mountain, Gaines' Mill, 2nd Manassas, Malvern Hill, Harper's Ferry, 1st Cold Harbor, 2nd Cold Harbor, Sharpsburg, Hamilton's Crossing, 1st Fredericksburg, 2nd Fredericksburg, W
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 15. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Paroles of the Army of Northern Virginia. (search)
lery. T. R. Adams, 1st Lt. Commanding Johnston Artillery. J. W. Gilliam, 2d Lt. Johnston Artillery. Jno. Gale, 1st Lt. Commanding 1st Md. Artillery. Wm. J. Hill, 2nd Lieut. 1st Md. Artillery. J. H. Stonestreet, 2nd Lieut. 1st Md. Artillery. [13] List of men of Capt'n Jno. Donnell Smith's Co. (a), Huger's Artilleryrett B., Crow, Wm. M., Dettmore, Jno., Delaney, Calvin, Dudney, Arthur, Eadley, Jno., Fisher, Jno. F., Fisher, Jas. M., Highland, Silas, Hill, Wm. H., Kennedy, John, Long, Griffin, Lee, Joseph, Mannion, Mike, Mellen, Henry, McCann, John, McGrath, Jno., Neal, Andrew J., Ryan, Jnilliams,Co. H. Private Jacob J. Sharff,Zzz=Co. H. Joseph D. Hicks,Zzz=Co. H. Wm. Melvin,Zzz=Co. H. Private Edward Hooper,Co. D. Joseph Hill,Zzz=Co. D. Wm. J. Hill,Zzz=Co. D. A. M. Hamrick,Zzz=Co. D. D. W. Armentrout,Co. E. J. Bowman,Zzz=Co. E. John Criswoll,Zzz=Co. E. James Dean,Zzz=Co. E. M. O'Connell,Zzz=Co. E. P
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 15. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Index. (search)
, 393. Higgins, Capt. John F., 238. Hightower, Capt. Josh., 161. Hightower, Lt. H. J., 109. Hightower, Lt. T. E, 213. Hightower Lt T. M., 246. Hildebrand, Lt. B. F., 190. Hill, Lt. Col. A. A., 275. Hill, Gen. A. P., IV. Hill, Capt. C. F., 333. Hill, Maj. E. B., 69. Hill, Capt. G. A., 185. Hill, Lt. H., 403. Hill, Maj J. Booton, 185. Hill, Lt. J. M., 145. Hill, Lt R. W., 305 Hill, Lt. S. W., 274. Hill, Ass't Surg. V. G., 313. Hill, Capt. W. T., 160, 165. Hill, Lt. W. J., 49. Hill, Asst. Surg. W. O., 441. Hill, Asst. Surg. W. P., 394. Hiller, Lt. J. ., 368. Hilton, Capt. J, 212. Hines, Lt. A. A., 383. Hinton, Lt. Drury A., 347. Hobson, Col. Ed. L., 238. Hodges, Ass't Surg. E. O., 432. Hodges, Lt. J. A. M., 394. Hodges, Capt. T. M., 71. Hodley, Ass't Surg. J. M., 253. Hoffler, O. Sergeant S., 303. Holcombe, Capt. J. W., 95. Holcombe's Legion, 409. Holladay, Lt., Waller, 204. Holland, Lt. A. F. 72. Holland, Capt. G. G.,
Comte de Paris, History of the Civil War in America. Vol. 3. (ed. Henry Coppee , LL.D.), Addenda by the editor (search)
North Carolina, Col. W. R. Cox. 4th North Carolina, Col. Bryan Grimes. 14th North Carolina, Col. R. T. Bennett. 30th North Carolina, Col. F. M. Parker. Doles' brigade. Brigadier-general George Doles. 4th Georgia, Col. Philip Cook, Lt.-col. D. R. E. Winn. 12th Georgia, Col. Edward Willis. 21st Georgia, Col. J. T. Mercer. 44th Georgia, Col. J. B. Estes. Iverson's brigade. Brigadier-general Alfred Iverson. 5th North Carolina, Col. Thomas H. Garrett, Lt.-col. J. W. Lea, Major Wm. J. Hill, Capt. S. B. West. 12th North Carolina, Lt.-col. R. D. Johnston of the 23d N. C., Major D. P. Rowe. 20th North Carolina, Col. T. F. Toon, Lt.-col. N. Slough. 23d North Carolina, Col. D. H. Christie. Artillery, Lieutenant-colonel D. H. Carter. Bondurant's Ala. Battery (Jeff. Davis Art.). Carter's Va. Battery (King William Art.). Fry's Va. Battery (Orange Artillery). Page's Va. Battery (Morris Artillery). Early's division. Major-general Jubal A. Early. Gordo
Police Court --A number of cases were disposed of by the Mayor at this Court yesterday, a summary of which we append; Daniel Scroggins, for assaulting and beating Wm. J. Hill, was bound ever to keep the peace in the sum of $150--Michael and Ann O'Shea, charged with threatening to injure the profile and personnel of James Donoho, were each bound over in the sum of $100 --Edger Harman, charged with forging the names of M. M. and J. W. Harman, upon six checks, on the Bank of Virginia, to the extent of $100, was continued.--Lewis, a slave, was ordered fifteen lashes for having in his possession an overcoat, supposed to be stolen. --Fritz Stenbenberg was fined $5 because his drivers infringed upon the sidewalks with their vehicles.--Godfrey Robert was fined $5 and his purchases confiscated for huckstering.--Wm. Jones, for violently assaulting Mary E. Mitchell, was sent on. --Jerry Kenny, charged with feloniously shoot Michael Riordan, was remanded for examinations — Jacob and Mary C
Pure British. The London Times calls the Yankees a "mongrel race," and speaks of us as the genuine descendants of Englishmen. We certainly have much more English blood in our veins than the Yankees or rather English, Scotch, and Welsh — that is British blood. Look, for instance, at this list of Generals, taken at random: Lee, (English;) Johnston (Scottish;) Longstreet, Jackson, Jones, Pemberton Davis, Johnson, Ewell, Pendleton, Early, Garland Bragg, Smith, Stevens, Mason, Ashby, Hill. Anderson, Whiting, Pryor, Randolph, (English,) Stuart, Robertson, Buchanan. (Scotch;) and Morgan (Welsh.) Now, look at the Yankees. We seem to be copying from the tomb-stones of Frankfort on the Rhine; Schenke, Stelnwchr, Schœfpff, Siegel, Rosecranz, Carl Schurz, Heintzelman, and Blencker
Arrival of Surgeons. The following Surgeons arrived in the flag of truce boat yesterday; Surgeons Cooper, Priolean, and Whitfield, Assistant Surgeons Leverett, Carvis, Hill, McQueen, Newell, Wallace, Whitfield, and Monton. These gentlemen have been in attendance upon the wounded and sick at Sharpsburg, Boonsboro, and South Mountain.
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