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Lucius R. Paige, History of Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1630-1877, with a genealogical register 32 0 Browse Search
The Cambridge of eighteen hundred and ninety-six: a picture of the city and its industries fifty years after its incorporation (ed. Arthur Gilman) 26 0 Browse Search
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ommittee of the Town, Samuel Danforth, William Brattle, and Andrew Boardman, Esquires. This wall was removed some forty years since, and a wooden fence built, which in turn was taken away, and in 1893 the present substantial iron fence erected on Massachusetts Avenue, Garden Street, and the northerly boundary. This God's Acre, as it is often called, contains the dust of many of the most eminent persons in Massachusetts: the early ministers of the town, Shepard, Mitchel, Oakes, Appleton, Hilliard, and others; early presidents of Harvard College, Dunster, Chauncy, Willard; the first settlers and proprietors, Simon Stone, Deacon Gregory Stone, Roger Harlakenden, John Bridge, Stephen Daye, Elijah Corlett; and, later, the Lees, the Danas, Allstons, and Wares. It is much to be regretted that so many graves remain unmarked, and equally so that the names of tenants of many costly tombs are unknown by the very imperfect registration, or want of registration, in the town records. Some tomb
asurer, Levi Hedge, Esq.; trustees, Samuel Bartlett, Esq., A. Bigelow, Esq., Dr. T. Foster, William Hilliard, and Israel Porter. It was when the society had been thus fully equipped with a board of oor the first thirty years: J. Mellen, Esq., A. Craigie, Esq., James Munroe, Sidney Willard, William Hilliard, Esq., Thomas Lee, Esq., Samuel Child, Jr., Charles Folsom, Esq., Hon. Joseph Story, Stephe817 that the town was not willing to pay the entire cost of the boat, and it was voted that William Hilliard, Esq., and Cap'n Samuel Child be a committee to procure a suitable boat and appendages to tiety seems to have been the original Cambridge board of health, and in 1817 it commissioned William Hilliard, Esq., to enquire concerning, and to apply to the Selectmen to cause to be removed, any nuiFarwell, Levi Hedge, Israel Porter, E. W. Metcalf, James Munroe, A. Biglow, Sidney Willard, William Hilliard, William Brown, T. L. Jennison, Asahel Stearns, W. J. Whipple,* Abel Willard,* James Brown,
he State. The original incorporators were William J. Whipple, William Hilliard, and Levi Farwell, and at a meeting of these gentlemen held in Mr. Hilliard's office on the southerly side of Brighton (now Boylston) Street, October 27, 1834, their number was increased to nine by electi chosen December 19, 1834. The bank evidently began business in Mr. Hilliard's office, for a committee reported January 19, 1835, that the trrer can be accommodated with an office in the room occupied by William Hilliard for a sum not exceeding five dollars per quarter, and at the s at the University Press, and the catalogue of 1805 shows that William Hilliard was in charge of the printing at that time. In 1811 an editios imprint shows that Eliab W. Metcalf had become associated with Mr. Hilliard at this time. Two years later, Charles Folsom, a graduate of Sparks, Prescott, Ticknor, Palfrey, Judge Story, Quincy, Everett, Hilliard, Dana, Longfellow, Hawthorne, Whittier, Emerson, Lowell, and many
nd. In a letter, dated at Salem, Oct. 10, 1638, Hugh Peter says: We have a printery here, and think to go to work with some special things. —Coll. Mass. Hist. Soc., XXXVI. 99. The business of printing was conducted exclusively at Cambridge for nearly half a century, during which time the Indian Bible was printed; after about the year 1700, very little if any work of this kind was performed here (except by Samuel Hall in 1775-76), until 1800, when a printing press was established by William Hilliard.—Coll. Mass. Hist. Soc., VII. 19. During the present century, the printers of Cambridge have constantly held a very high comparative rank, for both the quantity and the quality of their work. ship himself and his said wife and children and servants, and the said William Bordman in the same ship, and cause him and themselves to be transported in the said ship to New England aforesaid, with as much speed as wind and weather will permit; and also if the said Stephen Day, his executors,
ndell, three shares; Caleb Gannett, two; John Mellen, two; Josiah Moore, two; Samuel Bartlett, two; Israel Porter, two; Sidney Willard, one; Henry Ware, one; William Hilliard, two; Thomas Warland, one; Artenatus Moore, one; Richard Bordman, two; Eliab W. Metcalf, one; John Farrar, one; John T. Kirkland, two; Levi Hedge, including by acknowledging that they have no right or title to the land whereon the market house now stands; the proprietors refused to sign said deed, and voted, that William Hilliard, Levi Farwell, and Joseph Holmes be a committee for the purpose of ascertaining whether a suitable lot of land can be procured upon which to remove the markeased to the town, a desire was manifested to embellish it and convert it into a pleasant park. At a town meeting, April 7, 1823, a petition was presented by William Hilliard and others for liberty, at their own expense, to make certain improvements on the Common in said town, by setting out trees, fencing in certain parts, etc.,
Lucius R. Paige, History of Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1630-1877, with a genealogical register, Chapter 15: ecclesiastical History. (search)
the First Parish, held a meeting on the 12th of July, 1829, and, in consideration of the fact that the two Deacons, William Hilliard and James Munroe, had neglected to meet with the church in the meeting-house, but adhered to Dr. Holmes, and had deacons at his administration of the Lord's supper to the majority of the church in the Court House, Voted, as said William Hilliard and James Munroe have separated themselves, as above stated, from said church, and abdicated or abandoned their offices as deacons therein, and left said church destitute of a deacon, that said Hilliard and Munroe severally be removed and dismissed from his office of deacon of said church, if the above stated facts do not amount, in law, to a legal abdication or astJune 30, 1783June 30, 180379 James MunroeJune 30, 1783Sept. 14, 180469 John Walton Nov. 19, 1792Nov. 23, 182381 William HilliardApril 5, 1804April 27, 183657 Josiah MooreJan. 4, 1805May 1, 181467 James MunroeAug. 2, 1818May 31, 184873 At t
n, John C. Hayden, Lot. Hearsey, Jonathan. Hale, Stephen. Hall, Prentice. Holmes, Abiel. Hearsey, Jonathan, Jr. Hemenway, Luke. Higginson, Stephen, Jr Hill, Benjamin. Hill, John. Hill, Joseph. Hill, Thomas. Hilliard, Abraham. Hilliard, William. Hammond, Shaw B. Holmes, Joseph. Hosmer, Josiah. Hovey, Ebenezer. Hovey, Josiah. Hovey, Phinehas B. Hovey, Samuel. Hovey, Thomas, Jr. Hovey, William. Howe, Joseph N., Jr. HunnewellHilliard, William. Hammond, Shaw B. Holmes, Joseph. Hosmer, Josiah. Hovey, Ebenezer. Hovey, Josiah. Hovey, Phinehas B. Hovey, Samuel. Hovey, Thomas, Jr. Hovey, William. Howe, Joseph N., Jr. Hunnewell, Charles. Hunnewell, Leonard. Hunnewell, William. Hyde, Jonathan. Howe, Artemas W. Henley, Charles. Hayden, Caleb. Hastings, Thomas. Hastings, Thomas, Jr. Ireland, Nathaniel. Jackson, Jonathan. Jacobs, Bela. Jewell, Benjamin. Jarvis, Deming. Jennings, Gilbert. Jennison, Timothy L. Johnson, Jonas. Johnson, Josiah. Jennings, Joseph. Johnson, William. Johnson, Moses. Jewell, Gilman. Jordan, Sylvanus. Keating, Oliver. Keyes, Ep
ason, 1807. Samuel P. P. Fay, 1808-1812, 1815– 1818, 1820. John Mellen, 1808-1812. William Hilliard, 1811-1817, 1821, 1822, 1827, 1834. Royal Makepeace, 1813, 1814, 1818, 1827-1830. Jam07. John Mellen, 1808-1810. John Hayden, 1808-1811. Royal Makepeace, 1808-1811. William Hilliard, 1808-1816, 1818, 1822, 1826, 1827. Josiah Mason, 1808. Benjamin Bigelow, 1812-1814. Loammi Baldwin, 1816. Richard H. Dana, 1816, 1817. Rufus Fisk, 1816, 1818, 1837. William Hilliard, 1817-1819. Jabez Fisher, 1819. Wm. J. Whipple, 1820-1841. Isaac Train, 1820, 1821. Timothy L. Jennison, 1789-1797, 1806. Aaron Hill, 1798-1805. Timothy Fuller, 1807. William Hilliard, 1808-1816. Levi Farwell, 1817-1826. Thomas Foster, 1827. William J. Whipple, 1828ace of Col. Thatcher, deceased. Samuel Bartlett, 1809-1815. Loammi Baldwin, 1816. William Hilliard, 1817-1820. Levi Farwell, 1821-1836. Abel W. Bruce, 1837-1846. Officers after the
06. Haves, 216, 253. Haynes, 11, 12, 18, 21, 3, 31, 2, 42, 52, 175, 396, 459. Hayward, 35, 336. Hazeltine, 221. Healy, 75, 216, 18, 373. Hearsey, 310. Heate, 11, 32. Heath, 410, 11, 16, 27. Hedge, 231, 369. Henbury, 76. Henchman, 393. Hendley, 320. Henley, 427. Herrick, 310. Hervey, 323. Hicks, 75, 108, 227, 92, 412– 14. Higginson, 236, 9. Hildreth, 57. Hiler, 321. Hill, 62, 180, 3, 204, 5, 7, 19, 20, 37, 93, 305, 425, 6, 8, 44. Hilliard, 45, 209, 31, 2, 97– 99, 303-5. Hinkley, 114, 338. Hoar, 274. 5, 368. Hobart, 81. Holden, 5, 97, 263. Holland, 322, 34. Holley, 355. Hollis, 76. Holman, 35, 58, 75, 324, 55– 64. Holmes, 2, 23, 54, 8, 76,176, 8, 94, 9, 220, 31-3, 6, 47, 53, 9, 60, 90, 1,6,8,300-3, 11, 14, 73, 6, 7. Holt, 226. Holyoke, 132, 3, 5, 287-9, 93. Homer, 306. Hooker, 2, 10, 16, 26-37, 46, 50, 1, 90, 247, 8, 51, 4, 8, 9, 60. Hooton, 345-7. Hopkins, 32, 377-9. Hoppin, 30<