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d, and their mutual griefs increase.—In four years, Durand to Choiseul, Dec. 1767. Compare Andrew Eliot to Thomas Hollis, 15 Dec. 1767. the Americans will have nothing to fear from England, and will be prepared for resistance. He thought of Holland as a precedent, yet America, he observed, has no recognised chieftain; and without the qualities united in the House of Orange, Holland would never have thrown off the yoke of Spain. Durand to Choiseul, 1 Jan. 1768. The extreme purpose ofHolland would never have thrown off the yoke of Spain. Durand to Choiseul, 1 Jan. 1768. The extreme purpose of the Bedford party to 1768. Jan. abrogate colonial charters and introduce a uniformity of government, appeared immediately on Hillsborough's taking possession of his newly created office. Johnson, the faithful agent of Connecticut, a churchman, and one who from his heart wished to avoid a rupture between the Colonies and England, waited upon him to congratulate him on his advancement. W. S. Johnson to W. Pitkin, 13 Feb. 1768. Connecticut, declared Hillsborough, may always Chap. XXXI.} 17
Chapter 36: The towns of Massachusetts meet in Convention.— Hillsborough's Administration of the Colonies con-tinued. September—1768. The approach of military rule convinced Samuel Chap. XXXVI.} 1768. Sept. Adams of the necessity of American Independence. From this moment, S. Adams's own statement to a friend in 1775. Ms. he struggled for it deliberately and unremittingly as became one who delighted in the stern creed of Calvin, which, wherever it has prevailed, in Geneva, Holland, Scotland, Puritan England, New England, has spread intelligence, severity of morals, love of freedom, and courage. He gave himself to his glorious work, as devotedly as though he had in his keeping the liberties of mankind, and was a chosen instrument for fulfilling what had been decreed by the Divine counsels from all eternity. Such a cause left no room for fear. He was, said Bernard, one of the principal and most desperate of the chiefs of the faction; the all in all Instar omnium; t
ivingston, 12 Dec. 1768. The New Year brought a dissolution Moore to Hillsborough, 24 Jan, 1769. of its Assembly; and in the new elections, the Government party employed every art to create confusion. It excused the violence of recent disputes; concealing the ex tremes of difference between the British Parliament and the American people. It sought to gratify the cravings of every interest. It evaded conflicts with the merchants, and connived at importations from Saint Eustatia and Holland. The family of the Delanceys, which had long seemingly led the Opposition in the Province, was secretly won over to the side of authority. One of the Livingstons could no longer sit in the Assembly, for a law made the office of Judge and Representative incompatible; another who was to be returned from the Manor, was held to be ineligible because he resided in the city. The men of business desired an increase of the paper currency, and the Government gave support to the measure. The tena
ty, made war on human freedom. The liberties of Poland had been sequestered, and its territory began to be parcelled out among the usurpers. The aristocratic privileges of Sweden had been swept away by treachery and usurpation. The Free Towns of Germany, which had preserved in that empire the example of Republics, were, like so many dying sparks that go out one after another. Venice and Genoa had stifled the spirit of indepen- Chap. LII.} 1774. April. dence in their prodigal luxury. Holland was ruinagainst ously divided against itself. In Great Britain the House of Commons had become so venal, that it might be asked, whether a body so chosen and so influenced was fit to exercise legislative power even within the realm. If it shall succeed in establishing by force of arms its boundless authority over America, where shall humanity find an asylum? But this decay of the old forms of liberty was the symptom and the forerunner of a new creation. The knell of the ages of servitud