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Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 15. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Paroles of the Army of Northern Virginia. (search)
e, one horse and equipments. Piper, Geo. A., private, one horse and equipments. Willingham, Jacob H., private, one horse and equipments. Lufton, Thos. G., private, one horse and equipments. Koontz, Jno. W., private, one horse and equipments. Hardesty, Lycurgus K., private, one horse and equipments. Ellis, Lewis B., private, one horse, one bridle and halter. Lee, Ludwell, private, one horse, one bridle and halter. Robinson, D. S., private, one horse and equipments. Houck, Chas. W., private, one horse and equipments. Ellis, Jas. H., private, one horse and equipments. Ellis, Wm. F., private, one horse and equipments. Grim, John, private, one horse, one bridle and saddle. Grim, James, private, one horse. Carrico, Wm. F., private, one horse and equipments. Rollings, John, private, one horse and equipments. Lupton, Joshua S., private, one horse and equipments. Hite, M. M., private and clerk at headquarters A. N. Va., one horse and equipme
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 28. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), chapter 1.10 (search)
e the burning. While Sheridan occupied Harrisonburg, his wagon-trains and their escorts were constantly harrassed along the Valley pike by a small, impromptu troop led by the gallant Captain John Q. Winfield, of Broadway. This handful of men was composed of members of several cavalry commands, who happened to be on furlough or cut off by Sheridan's advance. Some of these were McNeill's men, a number of them were Linvill's Creek boys—the Pennybackers, Bowmans, Shoups, Sites, Showalter's, Houck's, of Harrisonburg; the Ackers, one of them being the stalwart Jake Acker, kindhearted and gentle and true, but when aroused, brave beyond prudence. Rendezvousing always by appointment somewhere toward the Valley pike, they broke ranks every evening, and retired for the night about the mouth of Brock's Gap, out of the way of scouting parties of the enemy. One day we hung on the flank of a wagon-train all the way from Mount Jackson up to Tenth Legion, but the train guard was strong and
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 35. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), chapter 1.64 (search)
Cooper, J., Clarey, L., Md.; Clarey, Thad., Md.; Clarey, Rich., Md.; Chisholm, Wallace, Md.; Cresap, Van, Md.; Cosner, Wayne, Carle, George, Coffman, Joseph, Childs, Ben, Cunningham, John, Daugherty, Sam, Davis, R. C., Duffy, J. W., Duval, H: R., Md.; Davis, Frank, Dyer, Robin, Dyce, Sam, Devectman, P., Md.; Enright, E. C., Fay, J. B. Md.; Fisher, J. G., Frederick, Lewis, Gray, S., Grady, George, Harness, G. S., Halterman, J., Harvey, J., Hevener, J., Hoy, William, Harness, W. W., Hill, I., Houck, William, Houseworth, J., Hess, James, Hunter, John, Hutter, C. R., High, J. W., Hoad, H., Hack, A. C., Md.; Hutton, John, Hopkins, William, Harper, John, Judy, D., Jones, H. C., Johnson, Charles, Jacobs, George, Jones, Sam, Johnson, Fisher, Johnson, John, Kiracoffe, Nelson, Ketterman, H., Lobb, Robert, Lynn, John, Md.; Lynn, Sprigg, Md.; Long, J. R., Larey, M., Luke, William, Md.; Logan, Loyd, Liggett, Robert, Mason, J. H., Markwood, John, Martin, Taylor, Maloney, William, Marginnis, J., Mo
apt McCartan, Serg M M Alexander, Corp'l H R Cross, Corp'l C M Brown, Privates Jos Alexander, D D Barleson, T W Albriton, E F Lyhea, W H Broad water, J J Anglin, L S Hendricks, E F Williams, J R Zetrower. Fifth Company.--Lieut J O'Neal, Serg W F Sollo, Privates E F Decotts, T Saunders, A Butler, G Cameron, J T Edwards, J Morrison, S P Bryant, E A Moore, Richard Cole, G Arnold. Sixth Company--Capt Musgrove, Lieut A J Stewart, Serg J L Dutton, Serg M Harrington, Corp'l R Wolf, Corp'l B Houck, Privates D Edwards, H Hore, J McKinley, T Coleman, J Moring, James Wilson, Henry Wilson, W Jordan. Seventh Company.--Capt Duncan, Lieut James Underwood, Corp'l W Williams, Corp'l W Belott, Privates John Kendrick. Thos Overstreet, Wm Mathis, Scott Hale, James Dorming, Hardy Dorming, Willis Cason. Eight Company — Lieut J R Kimbrew, Serg M P C Brooks Privates J M Wadsworth, T P Quiett, D Evers, E Greer, R O Bond. N Parker, J T Bish p, J J Horton, J C Hogan, J A Bird, J M Wilder. N
etely surrounded by the enemy. His pickets are within four miles of the Gap, and extend entirely across the mountain. He is 20,000 strong in front, and reinforcements are still arriving from Knoxville. A heavy force has gone through Big Creek and Rogers's Gap. Capt. Martin's company of cavalry, sent out to watch those Gaps, was suddenly attacked by Ashby's cavalry, six hundred strong, and was out to pieces or scattered to the winds.--Out of eight men, but fifteen or twenty have come in. Col. Houck, of the 5th Tennessee, stationed at London, is probably cut off. The enemy expect to starve us out, but Morgan will neither evacuate nor surrender. Supplies are now entirely cut off, and sad disaster will come if the road to Lexington is not promptly cleared." The latest intelligence from Cumberland Gap represents that Gen. Morgan is in no immediate danger. He had provisions and forage enough to last him thirty days. He had repulsed a large force of the rebels on the Tennessee side
son, co B, 48th do; R M S Hocker, co H 34th do; Col D K McRea, 5th do; J F Gibson, 4th do; J W Wise, 45th do; Dr E W Lattemore, General Hospital No. 4; J P Britton, co F, 5th do; Capt. D C Clarke; Lieut Y B Allen 6th do; Thos Slappen 13th do; Lieut W. G N. 18th do; W P Emmett, 3d Col R Y Bennett, 14th do; H Atwell, 19th do; A J Williams, co F 30th do; Chestley Jordan, G F Smayer; S C Furgerson. 16th do; W H Jones 48th do; J B McCaw; J C Metcalf, co B. 54th do; J M Yackriff, co B, 25th do; D Houck, 6th do; A Russell co H. 54th do; Lieut. H J Mctical, 30th do; J D Beyan, 2d cavalry; Brady, 3d N C; Capt Miller, 1st do; J A Homes 4th do; J H Johnson, 17th do; Col--,2d do; John Murklin, 14th do; Sennett Townsend, 28th do; J H Lander, 3d do; W H Jones, 48th do; Captain John Crimes 4th do; G H Wilson; 49th do; Captain J C Mc, 39th do; A S McDowell, co C, 54th do; W H McBrovie, 4th do; W A Holt H D; J Steward, 49th do; Capt. A S Jordan, 19th do; S C Terry, 2d cavalry; W H Peoples, 7th do; J