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od. My information in relation to the detailed history of the Battery not derived from the above manuscript was taken in large measure from my personal diary, and an almost unbroken series of nearly three hundred letters written home during our term of service. I am under obligations to Maj. Gen. Winfield S. Hancock for ready access to his duplicate copies of official reports of operations of the Second Corps, as well as for the likeness of himself which adorns the volume; to Maj. Gen. A. A. Humphreys for duplicate copies of his official reports of operations of the Secoqld Corps; to the late Maj. Gen. William H. French for official reports of campaigns of the Third Corps during our connection with it; to the Hon. William Claflin for a complete set of government maps which have enabled me to trace with accuracy our lines of march in nearly all the movements in which we participated; to Maj. J. Henry Sleeper for his many kind offices during tlhe progress of thle work; to my asso
f his division to Gen. Miles, on account of sickness. On being relieved from the intrenchments, the First Division proceeded with the work of destroying the railroad towards Rowanty Creek, my instructions being to destroy the road as far as that if practicable. . . . . . At dark the working party and the division were withdrawn to the intrenchments at Reams. The next day the Second Division was to continue the work of destruction, but at 11 o'clock that night Hancock was apprised by Gen. Humphreys, Gen. Meade's chief of staff, that large bodies of the enemy were passing south, and cautioned to be on the lookout, to which Gen. Hancock at once replied in substance that it would not be advisable for him then, under the circumstances, to separate his forces. By a further despatch he learned the force thus moving to be estimated at from eight to ten thousand men. Warren, who was also informed of the movement, expressed the opinion that it must be against Hancock. The order for work
nd were soon afterwards drawn off the field. . . . . Almost simultaneously with this attack the enemy commenced pressing our left and rear heavily. . . . The enemy in front had hardly been repulsed, when the fire in rear became so brisk that I was obliged to send Gen. Gregg all of his force I had used to meet the attack in front as well as another of his brigades. The attack on Gregg was made by five brigades of Hampton's cavalry. . . . . Between 6 and 7 P. M. I received a despatch from Gen. Humphreys, stating that Ayres' Division of the Fifth Corps had been ordered to my support, but had halted at Armstrong's Mill, which was as far as it could get. The despatch also authorized me to withdraw that night if I thought proper; but stated that if I could attack successfully in the morning with the aid of Ayres' and Crawford's divisions, the Major-General commanding desired me to do so. Though these reinforcements were offered to me, the question of their getting to me in time, and of gett
Fort Stevenson Fort Welch exit Hancock, enter Humphreys to the left and back forts Emory and Siebert shinglingered otherwise, and the same day that he left us Major Gen. A. A. Humphreys, late Gen. Meade's chief-of-staff, took command of the corps. Brig. Gen. A. S. Webb succeeded Gen. Humphreys as Gen. Meade's chief-of-staff. Thursday, December 8th, ant Adams' Battery of rifled guns was sent with him. General Humphreys' Official Report. and was only another reaching out axtract from Maj. Gen. Mc-Allister's official report to Gen. Humphreys: Had it not been for this and the aid of the arto mentioned favorably by the Chief of Artillery and by Gen. Humphreys in his congratulatory order. Our casualties were thnemy's pickets and driving them into the main line. Gen. Humphreys' Report. There was some skirmishing during the day, ant and mustered in as Second Lieutenant. Reviewed by Maj. Gen. Humphreys. Lieut. Green mustered in as 1st Lieut. Sergt. J. S.
en, because of his accessibility, instead of Humphreys as was intended, and precipitated intended m That the short record of the corps under Humphreys justified this good opinion is generally adm guard against this, Gen. Miles' Division of Humphreys' Corps was sent to reinforce him, and a bombhe Boydton Plank Road towards Petersburg. Gen. Humphreys' Report. B, First Rhode Island Artight beyond the stream, two miles away from Gen. Humphreys' troops, With Gen. Sheridan in Lee's Lastns, 1,700 prisoners, and over 300 wagons. Gen. Humphreys: Official Report of Operations, We camped , and joined the main body of Lee's army. Gen. Humphreys: Report of Operations. In this attack to do with the order, for it appears that Gen. Humphreys had ordered a halt at sunset, which contind during the day under the flags of truce.—Gen. Humphreys: Report of Operations of Secand Army Corpsnd Corps. March 23. Corps review by Maj. Gen. Humphreys. Private James Lee reported to quarters
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