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J. William Jones, Christ in the camp, or religion in Lee's army, Chapter 5: Bible and colportage work. (search)
ead, so as to keep me out of devilment. 'Twas a rough way of expressing a good idea, I thought. Of course I gave him one, and immediately the soldiers were swarming around me, desiring to be furnished, and were sadly disappointed when they saw that my supply was exhausted. I turned away with a sad heart to see so many hungering in vain for that which was able to make them wise unto salvation. A chaplain—Rev. W. B. Owen—thus writes from Leesburg, Virginia: A package of tracts sent to Captain Ivey, Seventeenth Mississippi Regiment, came to hand, and I am glad of the opportunity to thank you for them. I assure you, had you been present as I passed up and down every company in our regiment distributing them, and seen how eagerly they were read by the soldiers, you would be stimulated to put forth every exertion to scatter such blessings continually among the soldiers. We have had considerable religious interest in our regiment; some have been converted, and others are seeking Jesu
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 30. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Appendix. (search)
R. Lavinder, G. T. Leckie, M. M. Lucado, L. F. Lydick, James H. Mayer, Max L. Miller, A. H. Moorman, S. L. Nelson, W. S. Oglesby, John. Adams, R. H. T. Armistead, James. Anderson, John G. Barnes, C. F. Booth, S. C. Burks, E. W. Burch, Samuel. Cabell, P. H. Campbell, Wiley. Conley, John. Creed, J. J. Crumpacker, John. Dabney, H. Eubank, E. N. Franklin, P. H. Gregory, W. S. Guy, D. C. Harris, H. V. Hawkins, S. M. Ivey, J. W. Jennings, T. D., Jr. Kean, R. G. H. Kinnear, James O. Kreuttner, Joseph. Lee, John A. Langhorne, C. D. Lewis, John H. Lyman, G. R. Lydick, D. McCorkle, C. Moseley, C. A. Mosby L. C. Nowlin A. W. Page, C. H. Percival, C. D. Peters, R. T. Preston, S. D. Salmons, G. J. Shelton, G. W. Snead, W. B. Stratton, A. B. Shaver, W. H. Terry, A. W. C. Toot, W. A. Valentine, Joseph. Watkins, R. W. Woods, W. H. H. Pier
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 31. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), chapter 1.43 (search)
ry, Mahone's Brigade, who were engaged. Field and staff officers. Weisiger, Colonel David A., commanding brigade; wounded. Jones, Captain Richard W., of Company I, commanding regiment. Hinton, Lieutenant Drury A., Aide-de-Camp of brigade commander. Smith, Adjutant Hugh R. Maclin, Sergeant-Major Joseph J. Company a —Petersburg city guard. Bain, Sergeant John W. Eckles, Private Benjamin F.; wounded. Hawthorne, Private John W. Harrison, Private William Henry. Ivey, Private George W. May, Private George W. Stainback, Private Francis Charles. Company B —Petersburg A Grays. Brown, Private Samuel E. Chappell, Private Robert; wounded. Cayce, Private Milton; wounded. Chase, Private Henry E.; wounded. Dean, Private Leonidas H.; killed. Fowlkes, Private Joseph C.; wounded. Leavitt, Private Ithman M. Lufsey, Private Henry. Morrison, Private William H. Pollard, Captain Thomas P. Simmons, Private Napoleon B. Smith,
--W. H. Crane, head; Julius Ferrill, face; George Butler, body; Bryan Morel body.; Thos. Purse, head. Wounded.--John A. Belvin, hip, severe; Frank Lenz, thigh severe.; L. Lipman, ankle, leg, and shoulder, severe.; Frank B. Bevill, breast, severe; James E. Carolan, hip, severe; R. Q. Baker, arm, severe; -- Estelle, arm, severe; -- Girardeau, face, severe; -- King, hip, severe; William Shellman, chin, slight; A. Holmes, wounded and prisoner; John Fleming, arm, severe; -- Rayzor, shoulder, slight; Martin, leg, slight; C. Hardwicke, leg, slight; Usena, leg, slight; J. Hunter, neck, slight; McDonald, body, severe; M. Franklin, arm and thigh, slightly; A. Tinsley, both arms, severe; Joe Godfrey, wrist, slight; E. Davis, shoulder, slight; Ivey, shoulder, severe; B. Donevan, leg, severe; S. Dasher, slight; Cole, arm, slight. Taken Prisoners.--S. Branch, Eastmead, Krenson. About six are missing. Seveney-eight went into the fight. Over half the corps are thus disabled or dead.
Murder of Lieut A. H. Vaughn. --A correspondent of the Nashville Republican, writing from Cumberland Gap, January 1st, makes the following statement of the murder of Lieut. A. H. Vaughn, of Col. Rains's regiment, now stationed at that place: Lieut. A. H. Vaughn, of Captain Van Weems's company, Col. Rains' regiment, was last night brutally murdered near Tazewell, by five men of Brazelton's battalion of cavalry. Lieut. V. was stationed with a detachment of men near Tazewell, to preserve order in that town. These men, whose names are Taylor, Ivey, Crupper, Carter and Holmes, were drunk and disorderly, and the Lieutenant arrested one of them, when the others rescued him and killed the Lieutenant in old blood. The circumstances are peculiarly aggravated, Lieutenant Vaughn was one of the finest officers in the army, a thoroughly accomplished gentleman, and a lawyer of good promise. The murderers are arrested, and will be tried by a court martial.
o have died, is sergeant Jno. K. Wakeham, a brave soldier. In the Louisiana Guard Artillery, at the battle of Chancellorsville, Corp'l W McCall was severely wounded in the leg, and privates Wesley Browne and T Suter slightly wounded. The following is a list of the losses in the 12th Virginia regiment, Mahone's brigade: Company A--Capt Waddell.--Wounded: Corp H G Evans, slightly; Chas Green, in left arm — since amputated; David May, Jr., in leg. Missing: Lieut T W Branch, Geo W Ivey, Bradley Paine, J T B Bragg, Geo W May, Felby Nugent, Geo Olivia, Chas Jordon, W H R Taylor. Company B--Capt Bowden.--Killed: H T Coldwell. Wounded: Charles J Pearman, wounded and a prisoner; Robert Wells, slightly in hand; Thos Bass, in hand. Missing: Nelson Guess, James C Birdsong, Chas W Benezett. Company C--Capt Marka.--Wounded: Corporal Wm T Harrison, in arm, slightly; E B Peebles. Missing: W B Echols, L H Powell, W A Showacre. Company D--Capt Tyler.--Killed: Alex Chandler.
ght the price paid for the horse was high. The man who sold the horse declared that the title was undisputed. He told his son on Saturday that he ought not to give up the horse until the matter was legally investigated, in order that he might get redress from the party from whom he purchased the horse. He said nothing about backing him up, nor made any threat. The purchase was made in the open street, near the St. Charles Hotel. Recognized a telegraphic dispatch which he received from Mr. Ivey, of Lynchburg, in answer to a subpœna sent for the witness — G. H. Bates — stating that Bates was sick and unable to attend the investigation. Lawson Nunnally testified to the good character of Dr. Wooldridge for probity and integrity. No young man in his acquaintance was more correct and upright. James Blair testified to the same facts. He thought the idea of his stealing a horse was perfectly preposterous. This closed the testimony for the defence. The Mayor said that, from all