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te him on the north side of the river. They did so. A promontory there, jutting towards the south into the marsh, was the only safe place then to build upon. It is about sixty rods south-east of the ancient house now standing on the farm of Messrs. James and Isaac Wellington. The marshes stretch away from this promontory, on every side except the north, where it joins the mainland. On its highest point they built the first house erected in Medford. This was in July, 1630. There are personsd, in honor of the Indian chief, he has called it Sagamore Vale. In former times, they built houses, and then laid out roads; now, they lay out roads, and then build houses. The large farm of one hundred and sixty-five acres, belonging to Messrs. James and Isaac Wellington, situated on the eastern border of Medford, was divided into lots and parallel streets, Nov. 1, 1854. Its nearness to Boston, and the facilities of travel by railroad, offer tempting situations for suburban residences.
l1812. Luther Stearns1813. Jeduthan Richardson1821. Nathan Adams1822. Turell Tufts1823. Joseph Swan1826. Dudley Hall1827. Turell Tufts1828. John Howe1829. John B. Fitch1830. John King1831. John Symmes, jun1832. Thomas R. Peck1834. Galen James1836. James O. Curtis1837. Galen James1838. Lewis Richardson1839. Thomas R. Peck1840. Alexander Gregg1841. Timothy Cotting1844. Alexander Gregg1845. Henry Withington1847. Peter C. Hall1849. James O. Curtis1850. Peter C. Hall1853. BeGalen James1838. Lewis Richardson1839. Thomas R. Peck1840. Alexander Gregg1841. Timothy Cotting1844. Alexander Gregg1845. Henry Withington1847. Peter C. Hall1849. James O. Curtis1850. Peter C. Hall1853. Benjamin H. Samson1855. Names of the treasurers. Stephen Willis1696. John Bradstreet1700. Samuel Wade1709. John Whitmore1714. William Willis1725. John Richardson1727. Edward Brooks1728. Samuel Brooks1729. Stephen Hall1733. Edward Brooks1735. Benjamin Parker1743. Edward Brooks1750. Thomas Brooks1756. Aaron Hall1761. Thomas Brooks1763. James Wyman1767. Jonathan Patten1778. Richard Hall1786. Jonathan Porter1790. Isaac Warren1793. Samuel Buel1794. John Bishop1798. Jo
le or government, and punished cruelly those who refused to pay. The inhabitants of every town were forbidden to meet and exercise their corporate powers, except once a year: and they were told by the Judges, in open Court, that they had no more privileges left them, than not to be sold for slaves. The Anglo-Saxon blood of our Puritan Fathers could not brook this; and they dared to more than think of relief. The great revolution of 1688, in the mother country, ending in the abdication of James, and the accession of William and Mary, afforded an encouraging example on this side the water. That example was promptly followed; and on the morning of the 18th of April, 1689, the people rose in righteous revolt, seized their oppressor, secured him in prison, and destroyed his government. This was decisive New Englandism. He was soon sent back to London to be tried. Of this odious ruler, one of the Medford people said, If Andross comes to Medford, we will treat him, not with shad or a
his company had belonged to the first regiment of the first brigade of the third division; but now a new regiment, the fifth, was formed, and Medford, Charlestown, and Malden composed it. The next captain of the Medford company was Rufus Frost, chosen May 12, 1806. He resigned, and was discharged March 10, 1810. He was re-elected April 3, 1810, but he refused to qualify. The next captains were:-- Henry ReedchosenJuly 2, 1810. Daniel CopelandFeb. 27, 1812. Henry ToddApril 2, 1816. Galen JamesMarch 16, 1818. Moses MerrillApril 14, 1820. John T. WhiteMay 4, 1824. John SparrellAug. 6, 1827. L. O. ChaseMay 3, 1836. It was disbanded under a general order, April 24, 1840. Whatever confusion may seem to belong to one or two of these records, could doubtless be rendered clear if it had been the custom to make prompt and accurate returns, and also to keep the rolls as methodically as they are at present. Minute-men were frequently organized, and no official registry made o
instructions which accord with our views of the system of truth laid down in the gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Asking your prayers, brethren, that we may be guided into all truth, we subscribe ourselves yours in the gospel, Galen James. Jesse Crosby. Thomas Jameson. Gilbert Blanchard. Mary Clay. Hepzy Fitch. Nancy S. Fitch. Mary Magoun. Mary Blanchard. Elizabeth Bayley. Hannah G. Rogers. Ann Clay. Mary R. James. Mary Blanchard. Nancy Jameson. Hannah Crosby. Maam Greenough, of Newton, was chosen Moderator; and Rev. B. B. Wisner, of Boston, Scribe. The names of the original members were as follows (the seventeen first mentioned coming from the first church of Medford, the others from abroad):-- Galen James, Jesse Crosby, Thomas Jameson, Gilbert Blanchard, Mary Clay, Hephsibah Fitch, Nancy Fitch, Mary Magoun, Mary Blanchard, Elizabeth Baily, Harriet G. Rogers, Ann Clay, Mary R. James, Mary Blanchard, 2d, Nancy Jameson, Hannah Crosby, Mary Kidder,
house. The town has taken laudable pride, of late years, in building proper schoolhouses. The following table records the facts:-- When Built.location.building-Committee.master-workmen.cost. 1835.Primary, Union Street.Horatio A. Smith, Galen James, and Milton James.Caldwell & Wyatt.$1040.00. 1837.Primary, Park Street.Galen James, James W. Brooks, James O. Curtis, & Saml. Joyce.Oakman Joyce and John Sables.3454.64. 1840.High & Grammar, High Street.Oakman Joyce, D. Lawrence, and James OGalen James, James W. Brooks, James O. Curtis, & Saml. Joyce.Oakman Joyce and John Sables.3454.64. 1840.High & Grammar, High Street.Oakman Joyce, D. Lawrence, and James O. Curtis.Charles Caldwell & Wm. B. Thomas.7568.77. 1851.Brooks, Brooks Street.John B. Hatch and James M. Usher.George A. Caldwell.2542.98. 1851.Primary, Salem Street.Geo. T. Goodwin, Henry Taylor, and M. E. Knox.J. J. Beaty and I. H. Bradlee.3375.41. 1852.Everett, Salem Street.Robert L. Ells, Samuel Joyce, and Henry Taylor.James Pierce.7166.57. The town proceeded immediately to the building of a new schoolhouse, on the spot where the Park-street house was burned. April 2, 1855, Messrs.
hersBoston391.40 61 BrigBocca TigrisSprague & James'sSprague & JamesJoseph LeeBoston180 621817Shishua BlakeBoston163.46 76 SloopTruthSprague & James'sSprague & JamesJ. LambartTruro36 771820BrigT376 127 BrigApthorpSprague & James'sSprague & JamesNathaniel GoddardBoston242 128 ShipMarthaSprag53 134 ShipWm. GraySprague & James'sSprague & JamesR. D. ShepherdBoston299 135 ShipLondonSprague rJohn BishopMedford65 150 Sch.MysticSprague & James'sJohn SparrellJohn BishopMedford70 151 ShipGi175 BrigSusquehannahSprague & James'sSprague & JamesHenry OxnardBoston207 176 ShipArnoGeorge FulleAugustus NealSalem156 215 ShipAdrianSprague & James'sSprague & JamesWilliam EagerBoston588 216 ShesP. SpragueBoston100 225 ShipSevernSprague & James'sSprague & JamesJ. MacyNew York578 226 ShipCh & WingNantucket350 446 BarkBeeringsSprague & James'sJ. T. FosterW. H. BoardmanBoston380 447 Shipel FrancisBoston230 451 ShipNapoleonSprague & James'sJ. T. FosterThomas LambBoston670 452 ShipCar
, mentions wife Hannah, sons Benjamin, Joseph, James, Thomas, and Nathaniel; and daughters Hannah R Beorge, and died in 1616, leaving four sons. James (6), the youngest of these, b. 1595, was the fDec. 20, 1795.  18Mary, b. Apr. 28, 1774.  19James, b. Apr. 30, 1776. 11-14Samuel Kidder, jun.,  38Oscar L., b. Jan. 13, 1852.   Paterson, James, son of Andrew and Elizabeth, b. Oct. 5, 1707.kerhoff.  13Samuel, m. Lucretia Staniels.  14James, m. Matilda Loring.  15Margaret, m. William E of James T. Tufts, d., aged 82. Nov. 5, 1786.James wife of James T. Tufts, d., aged 62.  1Thas--  35-48Ezekiel M., b. Nov. 14, 1814.  49James, b. Jan. 28, 1824.  50Edward, b. Oct., 1829. g children:--  2-3Silas, b. Jan. 23, 1787.   James T.   Abigail.   Elizabeth A.   Mary C.   A----Carpenter.   Madeline, m. Hiram Still.   James M.   Henry C.   Matilda.   Julian D., deceaHe d. Oct. 26, 1813. Children were--  1-2 James, b. Jan. 21, 1757; m.,1st, Mehitable----; 2d,