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McC Eakin, in hip, slightly. Missing — S Salisbury and A J Amabel. Co. B, commanded by Lt J N Humes--26 men in action: Killed — None. Wounded — Jas L Robinson, hand; S McVey, leg, and missing Missing — W Shetton and W Fern. Co C, commanded by Lt Jas L White--36 men in action: Killed — None WLt Jas L White--36 men in action: Killed — None Wounded — J J Counts, arm; L F Dickenson, body Missing — F J Coman, W Davenport, A Ferrill, Jas Wampler Co D, commanded by Capt H C. Wood--39 men in action Killed — Ira Nelson. Wounded — Lieut G A Neal, thigh, and left on the held; Sergt D H Lawson hand; Serg't A. P Henderson, arm, left on the field; Slorp Wm F John Reid. Company K--Capt comd'g — Killed--Color-Corporal S Trymp, and privates Thos. Potter.--Wounded — Privates R D Isaiah Haynes and M Teale. Corporal Jas H Payne, P Reld, and Wm Watkins, of those missing, are known to have been wounded. It is not, I believe, certainly known whether Capt. Morri
The Daily Dispatch: June 4, 1862., [Electronic resource], List of officers of the 12th Virginia. (search)
List of officers of the 12th Virginia. --D A Weisiger, Colonel; F L Taylor, Lieut. Colonel; J P May, Major; Jas W Claiborne, Surgeon; P B Baker, Ass't Surgeon; W E Cameron, Adjutant; Samuel Stevens, A. Q. Master; Benjamin Harrison, A. C. Subsistence. Company A--C E Waddill, Captain; James May, Jr, 1st Lieut.; E B Bain, 2d do.; T W Branch, 2d do. Company B--John Lyon, Captain; R R Bowden, 1st Lieut.; T P Pollard, 2d Lieut.; W G Lea, 2d do. Company C--T H Bonn, Captain; L L Marks, 1st Lt.; S J White, 2d Lt.; George Hawks, 2d do. Company D--J P Critz, Captain; W E Badger, 1st Lieut.; W L Penn, 2d do; R Turner, 2d do. Company E--R R Banks, Captain; A M Keiley, 1st Lieut.; J R Patterson, 2d do; N M Martin, 2d do. Company F--E M Field, Captain; H W Field, 1st Lieut.; E P Scott, Jr., 2d do; A W Ferguson, 2d do. Company G--J V Crawford, Captain; E W Branch, 1st Lieut.; Ed. Tyler, 2d do.; Robt Mayo, Jr., 2d do. Company H--T F Owen, Captain; W H Woo
the 3d regiment Alabama volunteers. Colonel Tennent Lomax killed. Adjutant Johnston killed. Company A.--Killed: Lt Jas H Brown and private T J Scott. Wounded: Lt T C Witherspoon, in arm and shoulder; corp'l Meeks, in shoulder; private Cost hand, slight; Geo Padgett, by wounded horse; John Callen, in side; Silas Spencer, by wounded horse falling on him, badly; Jas D Dalton, in leg; John W Mason, in ankle, slight. Thirty-three horses killed and disabled. Casualties in Company B, Killed--First Lieut R A Atkinson, Privates James J Murphy, J O Barnes, Bennett Starling, Thomas Baxley, Jackson Downing, Jas M Moore, J R Sims, Thomas J Armstrong. Wounded--Capt J N Lightfoot, Second Lieut J T R Lightfoot, Serg W P Thurman, S R Purmamore, Chas L Messar, S S Curry, Martin V Kirkland, J T Lingo, Thos Alman, Thos Trawick, John Lammons, Wm H Tiller, Jas A Hutto, F M Camron, J F Sims, Irvin Jackson, F M Armstrong J F Jackson, Reuben Harris, J L Windsor. J. N. Lightfoot,
ulder; Private Wm M Wommack, severely in thigh; Jas M Stone, severely in arm; S W Powell, slightly --Sg't Jno W Harrison; privates Henry Bartlett, Jas P Powell, and Geo L Whitley. Company E.--Cverly Rash, Thos P Whitaker, Luther R Rennegar, Jas L Walker, Lorenza G Moosefield, and David Farr.ates Francis Jones, David, Roe, Samuel Asperry, Jas H Foreman, Joseph B Simpson, Jno A Norman, Amarn right hand; Wm S Honeycutt, slightly in head; Jas A Ingram, seriously in thigh; And D Kerr, serioin thigh; Wm Chunn, slightly wounded in breast; Jas F Cowan, seriously wounded in arm and thigh; Nay wounded in shoulder; Wiley Cox, thigh broken; Jas C Graham, wounded in thigh and breast; Wiley Ghin arm; Matthew W Stackleather, wounded in arm; Jas M Turner, wounded in arm; Jacob W Willhem, wounded in arm; Jas H Holdsclaw; Jefferson A Smith. Co. C.--Privates Joseph A Houpe, Melmouth A Bor, James P Norton, John C Reymer, James A Reid, Jas M Rickert, Thos Summers, Albert M White, John R
The Daily Dispatch: June 13, 1862., [Electronic resource], Federal officers captured by Jackson. (search)
Vols. Capt James A Betts, 5th Conn Vols. Capt W D Richards, 29th Penn Vols. Capt J D Crittenden, A Q M, 1st N J Ost. Lt Jas Maguigin, 29th Penn Vols. Lt John Knoppel, 1st Md Vols. Lt Robert Neeley, 1st Md Vols. Lt Jas L Fair, 1st Md Vols. Lt J R Colony, 1st Md Vols. Lt Virgil J Mercer, 1st Md Vols. Lt Maurice Abough, 1st Md Vols. Lt Daniel L Stanton, 1st Md Vols. Lt Frank M Collier, 1st Md Vols. Lt E Gittings, 3d Wisconsin Vols. , 1st Md Vols. Lt Maurice Abough, 1st Md Vols. Lt Daniel L Stanton, 1st Md Vols. Lt Frank M Collier, 1st Md Vols. Lt E Gittings, 3d Wisconsin Vols. Lt Edward J Price, A Q M, 5th Conn Vols. Lt Geo E Johnson, 29th Penn Vols. Lt Jas C Sinton, 29th Penn Vols. Lt J H Goldsmith, 29th Penn Vols. Lt M C Spencer, 32d Wisconsin Vols. Lt Wm M Provest, 1st Michigan Cavalry. Lt Wm E George, 1st Maryland Vols. Lt John B Hoffman, Med Purveyor U S A.
an, D. B. Dickinson, W. P. Russell, J. G. Walsett, and Hospital Stoward M. A. Cleland. Maj. W S , Maj. M Clite, Capt. P. J. Smith, 1st Lt. D. L. Montgomery, Capt. Jas. Grenan, Capt. Jas. P. Speel, 2d Lt G F Raleigh, Priv G F Nichols, Capt J Tunin, Jas M Gilbert, bugler, 2d Lt J M Sprague, 1st Lt W D Wright, 2d Lt G B Wood, Capt P W Stanhope, Private B Fitzpatrick, Priv R Duvell, 2d Lt G J Brown, Capt G Mallery, Capt S J Thompson, 1st Lt Re Alien, Jr, 2d Lt M Carter, 2d Lt M Hatch, 1st Lt L McD B A Leverbury, 2d Lt Jno Doherty, Maj G A Weedward, 1st Lt J Lohman, 1st Lt G P Lamont, 1st Lt P Kennedy, 2d Lt W J Patterson, Capt F L Knight, 1st Lt W V S Robinson, 2d Lt L B Casiwad, 2d Lt S H Balley Drum Maj M Pike, Captain. The D Hern, 2d Lt Jas Mark nany, Captain J H Pestelle, Capt A Reid, 2d Lt F Jacob, 2d Lt D H McMickin, Capt One Heyne, Capt Chas Blecket, Capt D N Delta, 1st Lieut A Mellin, 1st Lieut M A Hurger, Capt B R Jenne, 1st Lieut John Fulford, Capt M R Edwards, 1st Lieut W M
ames Belger, 1st Rhode Island artillery, Capt J E Lewis and Capt H McRonald, 11th Pa; Col Richard White, Capt D W Fox, 55th Pa; Captain Henry Bichel, 6th Connecticut regiment, Captain H Jenkins, Jr, 40th Massachusetts regiment, Captain D Stone, Capt Jas H Pierce, 1st Lt and Adj't John regt 1st Lt M P Pierson, 10th N Y; 2d Lt Jas H Pitt, 118th N Y; 2d 7th Conn; Captain H M Phillips, 39th Mass; Lt, Col F T Barnett, 1st Lt and Adj't Jas Gottshell, 2d Lt Pat O'Connell, 1st Lt and Adj't P H Lay, Lt Jas H Pitt, 118th N Y; 2d 7th Conn; Captain H M Phillips, 39th Mass; Lt, Col F T Barnett, 1st Lt and Adj't Jas Gottshell, 2d Lt Pat O'Connell, 1st Lt and Adj't P H Lay, 2d Lt H , 117th N Y. These prisoners represent fifteen regiments besides Brig. Gen. Heckman, who has figured quite conspicuously in the campaign on the Southside. The Col. White, mentioned above, is a brother of the White of the Pennsylvania Legislature, who was for some time a prisoner in our hands. It was confidently stated by our wounded men that we had killed or captured an entire brigade, and it was reported yesterday evening that a large number of prisoners were on the Richmond b