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58. the dream and the Awakening. A Prophecy Disrespectfully Inscribed to Jeff. Davis, Esq. after Marco Bozzaris. I. At midnight, in his guarded tent, Great Jeff. was dreaming of the hour When Scott, his knee in suppliance bent, Should tremble at his power. In dreams to Washington he strode, And strung Old Abe up by the road, In dreams the song of “Dixie” heard; Then heard the air with plaudits ring, And minions, pressing round him sing: “Our Jeff. shall be a crowned king, And rule the Northern herd.” II. At midnight by Potomac shores, Our chieftain ranged his loyal band, The North had opened wide its doors To whelm the traitor's land. There now ththe South had come to breed a race With lying tongue and brazen face, Who, trusted in the highest place, Turned thieves, and ran away. III. An hour passed on-great Jeff. awoke; That bright dream was his last; He woke — to hear his sentries cry: “The Yankees come!” and see them fly. He woke — to find his tent hemmed roun
87. We'll let them alone. by F. B. Copp. All we ask of the North is to let us alone.--Jeff, Davis. We'll let them alone, when the black pall of horror, That bosoms the tempest, shall gather around, And the cry of the guilty, in penitent sorrow, Shall rise from their own chosen, lost battleground. We'll let them alone, when the scaffold shall tremble With the weight of the traitors, who spotted the land With the warm blood of freemen, now called to assemble To stay the dark deeds of the traitorous band. We'll let them alone, when the cannon's loud thunder Shall cease to be heard on the smoke-covered plain, And the army of traitors is driven asunder, To rally in future time never again. We'll let them alone, when the contest is ended, And the fall of Fort Sumter is fully avenged; When the Stars and the Stripes every stronghold shall cover, And the fires of treason forever are quenched. We'll let them alone, in their dark shame forever, When every nation with scorn shall revie
n said hunto he: “My dear Times, my hold covey, go pitch into he; Let us vollop great Doodle now ven ‘e is down; Hif ve vollops him veil, ve vill ‘do ‘im up brown.” “His long-legged boots hat my ‘ed ‘e ‘as ‘urled, I'd raither not see ‘em a-trampina the vorld; Hand I howe him a grudge for his conduct so wile, In himportina shillalahs from Erin's green hile. “I knows Jefferson D. is a rascally chap, Who goes bin for cribbina the Guvurnment pap; That Hexeter ‘All may be down upon me, But as Jeff. ‘as the cotton, I'll cotton to he. “I cares for the blacks not a drat more nor he, Though on principle I goes for settina ‘em free; But hinterest, my cove, we must look after now,-- Unless principle yields, it are poor anyhow.” So spoke Johnny Bull, so he spake hunto me, Hand I ‘inted slyly to Jefferson D., Who, very much pleased, rubbed his ‘ands in his joy, Hand exclaimed: “You're the man for my money, old boy. “Go in, Johnny Times! I will feather y