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11.88 Reeve, Jas. L175th401.80 Sinton, J. C., Trustee for J. W. Clarke110H and 24th4411.88 Sanphilip, SNicholson202.52 Satter white, W. L. 5-6, and C. Thomas 1-6Valley402.52 Sharpe, JasLester27017.01 Sharpe, Richard H9Nicholson503.15 Smith, Jno. WG4th601.62 Smith, Jno. WD5th1002.70 Shook, JacobWebster & Madison1232.21 Shook, JacobCabell and Alley2153.87 Shook, JacobMason and Alley610.55 Snyder, W. KSmall lotB. Road....0.90 Townsend, Darrel, est7Lester216.44 Wicker, F., est212Rocke411.88 Sanphilip, SNicholson202.52 Satter white, W. L. 5-6, and C. Thomas 1-6Valley402.52 Sharpe, JasLester27017.01 Sharpe, Richard H9Nicholson503.15 Smith, Jno. WG4th601.62 Smith, Jno. WD5th1002.70 Shook, JacobWebster & Madison1232.21 Shook, JacobCabell and Alley2153.87 Shook, JacobMason and Alley610.55 Snyder, W. KSmall lotB. Road....0.90 Townsend, Darrel, est7Lester216.44 Wicker, F., est212Rocketts31 ¾3.67 Watt, Margaret and Jane6020th50.81 Williams, Wm. C., est7949th1488.46
ivates James R Crowe, fore arm fractured; J A Cosby, painfully in thigh; Wm H Fiquet seriously in arm; Jno Couch, slightly in shoulder; A B Downs, cannister shot in shoulder, (painfully); W D Johnston, slightly in side; Samuel W McKerrall, dangerously through body; James M Snirus, slightly in hip; Oliver H Spencer, slightly in side and head; George F Stevens, seriously in hip; Stephen W Pleasant, painfully in knee. Company C, Captain Dawson.--Killed-- R B Bohannan, E G Ussery, W A Lowry, Jno R Stone. Wounded.--Q M. Sergeant A O Price, 3d Sergeant L A Daniel, 4th Sergeant Boykin Goldsby; Privates W G Boyd, J R Caugntry, F M Cunningham, J R Daniel, T R Harrill, W H Harrison, sr, J M Jordan, A E Kennedy, W R King, T S Motter, G A Morris, F W Peeples, Ben J Tarves, W E Taylor. Being unacquainted with the wounded of Captain Dawson's company, I am unable to specify the nature and character of their various wounds. Many others in these companies received slight scratches and con
. The Court having adjourned temporarily for the purpose, Captain Collins came forward and spoke for one hour, in the most gallant, patriotic and eloquent manner, upon the subject of the war, and at the conclusion of his speech was cheered long and most enthusiastically by his friends and hearers. Rev. A. M. Poindexter being present, was then called for and came forward, and spoke with an ability and patriotism upon the subject of the war rarely equaled. In the evening, after the speaking was over, Capt. James R. West organized his volunteer company, which makes fifteen companies old Halifax has raised for the war. Capt. West's company elected as their lieutenants, Thomas G. Coleman, Jr., Col. P. Tuck and Major Henry Tuck. The Rev. Jno, A. Scott, I understand is raising an artillery company in the county with every prospect of success. This will make sixteen companies for this county. Her quota is only 1,106. Old Halifax is determined to do her duty in this war. South.
Wanted. --I wish to hire for the ensuing year, or during the war, as the owners may prefer fifty able Negro men, for the various departments of labor at the Carbon Hill Mines, in this county, under and above the ground. Our mining operations are not more dangerous than ordinary occupations--one single life only having been lost by accident in that department during the past eight years. oc 15--ts Jno. J Werth, Agent.
Wanted. --At the Carbon Hill Mines, in this county, 15 to 20 able Negro men, from the country. They will be employed by the north, and if they prove to be good hands, will be hired during the war, if the owners prefer it. Also Carpenter, for the balance of the rear; and good white Miners, at liberal wages Jno. J. Werth Agent.
The Daily Dispatch: January 7, 1862., [Electronic resource], Escape of Negro prisoners from Fort Macon. (search)
The Lecture season. --We understand it is in contemplation to inaugurate a series of lectures, by gentlemen of well-known literary antecedents and high reputation, for the purpose of raising a fund for the benefit and relief of our soldiers. The card, as we have seen it, is a rich one, and numbers on its list the following names. Hon. J. L. M. Currie, of Alabama, Prof. A. T. Bledsoe, Dr. A. Subwden Piggot, Thompson, Esq., Rev. Jno-C. McCale, D. D., Cliver P. Baldwin, Esq., Hon. H. W. Hilliard. Dr. G. W. Raghy, Key. Dr. Moore, Dr. M. Edgoworth Lazzrus, and the promise of President Tylor that it can find time during the course he will also make one of the party. Those gentlemen have already accoutred high reputation as lecturers in the prominent cities, and at the object for which they have consented to give their aid in there intellectual and instructive is a noble and one we predict for the
e I can subsist until our organisation is perfected, We have been so constantly fighting that we have not had time to complete our muster rolls — I have now over twelve hundred men. If I could make a forward movement, the effect would be good upon the country. Mr. Thomas has just received, from the Governor of Florida, a commission as "Aide-de-camp," with rank of Colonel. I cannot insist on retaining him from such increased rank. Send somebody else. If the enemy should move by way of the Pound, I have not a sufficient force to resist them — no artillery — no entrenching tools, nor exes, speeds, nor picks, If they come we will give them a fight; but this will do us no good but to destroy a few of them. I have just learned from a any that a steamboat arrived at Piketon yesterday with supplies to the enemy. Major Howes wants more money; he has bought hogs, horses, wagons, &c, &c. Your obed't serv't Jno, S. Williams, Colonel, C. S. A. [Official.] H. W. Chilton. A, A, G
The Congressional election. The following is the complete return of the election in this city on Monday, for a member of Congress to supply the vacancy occasioned by the death of Hon. John Tyler Jefferson Word--James Lyons, 263; Wm. H. McFarland 172; Geo. W. Randolph, 34; Jno, B. Young, 13; John Robertson, 5; Robert Saunders, 4; Martin Meredith Lipscomb, 2. Madison Ward.--James Lyons, 325; Wm. H. McFarland, 292; Geo. W. Randolph, 29; Jno. Robertson, 12; Robert Saunders, 11; John B. Young. 9. Monroe Ward--James Lyons, 265; Wm. H. McFarland, 240; George W. Randolph, 27; John B. Young, 6: John Robertson, 3; Robt Saunders, 1; M. M. Lipscomb, 6. The contest in the city was between Messrs. Lyons and McFarland, and the result may be thus summed up: Lyons.McFarland. Jefferson Ward263172 Madison Ward321292 Monroe Ward265240 849704 Showing a plurality of 145 for Mr. Lyons. We append a few returns received from the counties: Henrico.--Cour
of North Carolina, moved that the Hon. R. M. T. Hunter, of Virginia, be unanimously chosen President of the Senate pro tempore. Carried. The election of a Secretary of the Senate being in order, the following nominations were made: Mr. Sparrow, of Louisiana, nominated Richard Charles Downs, of Louisiana. Mr. Clark, of Missouri, nominated Andrew H. H. Dawson, of Alabama. Mr. Oldham, of Texas, nominated J. Johnson Hooper, of Alabama. Mr. Preston, of Virginia, nominated Jno L Eubank, of Virginia. Mr. Barnwell, of South Carolina, nominated James H. Nash, of South Carolina. The first ballot resulted as follows: Dawson, 6; Nash, 4; Hooper, 4; Eubank, 2; Downs, 2; Montague, 1. No candidate having a majority. Four additional ballots were had without an election. The following was the result of the sixth and last ballot, in detail. For Mr. Nash.--Messrs. Barnwell, Baker, Brown, Clark, Haynes, Henry, Hill, Hunter, Orr, Preston, and Simms--11.
us not despond, but make united, repeated, and determined efforts to repel the vandal hordes of the North; and, if necessary, let every mountain pass be a Thermopy , before the foot of the fanatical invader shall again poliute the soil of the Confederate States. Sylvania. In addition to the foregoing, the editors of the Dispatch have received a letter from 1st Lieutenant James H. Mason, company K, 56th Regiment, giving the following statement of easualties in his company: Killed--Captain Dabney Carr Harrison. Wounded--Private John T Tucker; not mertally. Taken prisoners — Lieuts P H Clopton and Geo. W Hay; Privates H C Earnest, H T Tucker, E M Peace, W H Wood, B F Marshall, E. H. Acree, Jno Adams; D. W Anderson, R Baskett, Wm Balley, L W Heath, Wm Ingram, A. J Jenkins, Thos Jackson, E W Kelley, H P Kelley, Jno S McGhee, Bo P Richardson, Jos J Smythe, T J Truman, Wm Truman, Wm White, P J. Woody, and Wm H Peace. The balance of the men are safe and accounted for.
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