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ed, Cols Terry and Mays wounded Capt. Samuel H. Early, of Gen Early's staff, wounded. In the 19th Virginia the following losses occurred: Col. Gant, wounded in neck and arm; Lieutenant Colonel Ellis, killed; Major Charles Peyton, slightly wounded; Adjutant Jas. McIntyre, seriously wounded. Co A Capt. J. C. Callin wounded. Co B: Lt. Palma Hanner wounded, Lt. Wood missing. Co C: Capt. Irving wounded and missing. Co D: Capt. Dick Harlan wounded; privates Fortune, Drumheller, Strange, and Johnson, killed, Woody missing Co E: Capt. Wm. Gross killed; Lieut W. B. Lettellier missing; Serg't Munday killed. Co F: Capt. Bennett Taylor missing. Co G: Capt. Boyd killed, Lt. Powell wounded. Co H: Capt Brown wounded and reported dead; Lieut. Landrum missing. Co K: Capt. Woodson wounded, Lt. Guintear killed. The regiment went in with 250 men and came out with 80. Col. Stewart, of the 56th Va., is wounded; Col. Eppa Hunton, 8th Va., wounded; Lt. Col. Berkeley wounded and Major Berkeley
Gen Edward Johnson. It was not this officer who was wounded in the battle of Gettysburg. He was not burt.
The Daily Dispatch: January 7, 1864., [Electronic resource], Two hundred and fifty dollars reward. (search)
Two hundred and fifty dollars reward. --Ranaway, during the holidays, my boy Gerard, about 25 years old, 6 feet 5 or 6 inches high, dark ginger bread color, bushy head of hair, very likely and genteel in appearance, and well dressed. No doubt he is in company with his brother, Plummer, whom I sold to Mr. Johnson a few weeks since, and who ran away from about the same time. I will pay the above reward for Gerard if delivered to me here, or lodged in any jail where I can get him. David N Walees. [ja 7--6t*]
100 dollars reward. --Ranaway from my store, on the 28th ult, my servant boy Plummer. I purchased him of Capt David N Walker, of Richmond, about three weeks ago. Said boy is about 21 or 22 years old, 5 feet 9 inches high, light gingerbread color. Had on when he left dark pants and a light blue military overcoat. The above reward will be paid for his delivery to me or to any jail so that I may get him. B J Johnson. Va and N C Tobacco Agent, On Cary, between 18th and Va sts. North Carolina papers will please copy once and send bills to me. ja 1--7t*
Confederate States Congress. In the Senate the proceedings were opened with prayer by the Rev. Mr. Minnegerode, of the Protestant Episcopal Church. Mr. Johnson, of Ark., offered the following, which was agreed to: Resolved, That the Committee on Military Affairs inquire into the expediency of an act to reform the system of enrollments, and particularly of an act to fix some limitation upon the class of persons or officers who may be appointed or assigned to positions of enrolling officers, and to prescribe by whom they are to be selected or assigned, and to limit the length of time during which any such officer shall be allowed to serve over one and the same district, county, or beat, and to establish some rule or regulation by which an Inspector of enrolling districts may be appointed for separate States or sections, and regulations by which such enrolling officers shall be restricted in the number of men placed in their provost guards. Mr. Phelan, of Miss., in
vision were united with and another North Carolina brigade, and assigned to Maj.-Gen., Heth, who, with Maj.- Gen. Pender, were promoted from the rank of Brigadier-Generals. Gen. A. P. Hill was assigned to the command of this corps, whilst Gen. Ewell retained Jackson's old corps, consisting of Early's division, Early having been made a Major-General in February, and receiving command of Ewell's bid division, Rodes's division, (D. H. Hill's old division) and Trimble's division, to which Gen Ed. Johnson, then just promoted to a Major-Generalship, was assigned. It will be observed that five of the six Major-Generals now in the infantry department of this army, and the two corps Generals, received their promotion during the year just ended. The army thus reorganized began to prepare in earnest for a forward movement, as was generally believed, into the enemy's country. Gen. Ewell's corps took up the line of march from its camps near Fredericksburg on the morning of Thursday, June
Confederate States Congress. The Senate met at 12 o'clock M. yesterday. Prayer by the Rev. Mr. Dogget, of the Method at Church. On motion of Mr. Johnson, of Ark., the resolution fixing the day of adjournment was taken up, and the blanks in the resolution being filled with the words "Tuesday, the 31st of May," the resolution as amended was passed. Ayes 11. noes' 7. Mr. Baker, of Florida, introduced a bill to amend the act imposing regulations upon the foreign commerce of the Confederate States, and to provide for the public defence. Referred. House bill to exempt railroads from certain duties was reported back from the Finance Committee, with the amendment: In line four, after the word "roads," insert the words"imported by any railroad company for its own use." Amendment agreed to and bill passed. Mr. Oldham, from the Committee on Commerce, reported back Senate bill to establish a Bureau of Foreign Supplies, with an amendment by way of a substitute. The
alluded to above, was withdrawn during the night. This left Maj Gen. Johnson, of Ewell's corps, whose division, heretofore considered one of nto the angle at 4 o'clock yesterday morning, when the force which Johnson reported to be massing in his front, made a vigorous assault upon coming involved, soon followed its example, and the last seen of Gen. Johnson, the hero of Alleghany, he was standing almost alone, with a musd fell at the Wilderness Walker was wounded yesterday; Stuart, and Johnson, the commander of the division, were taken prisoners, and the Coloigade had not given away it is possible, though not probable, that Johnson would have been able to maintain his ground. He is one of the besns Hays of Louisiana, Benning of Ga, McGowan of S. C., Romseur and Johnson of N. C., and James M Walker, (Stonewall Brigade,) H H Walker, and Pegram, of Va. Captured: Maj Gen Edward Johnson of Ga, and Brig Gen. Geo H Stewart of Md. Gen Lee made more than one narrow escape
Telegraph road, seizing the Massaponax, and massing a considerable force on our front. During the day yesterday Gen Anderson swung his forces around on our right, (the enemy's left,) and found the enemy "clean gone."--This required new dispositions on our part, which were accordingly made. In making this advance for the purpose of reconnaissance Gen. A.'s forces recaptured thirteen caissons and twenty-one gun carriages. These were the caissons and the gun carriages which were taken from Johnson's division on Thursday last. The enemy, it is supposed, hauled the guns away in wagons, and left the caisson and carriages for want of horses to take them off. To-day I rode over the battle-field in front of Fields's front and found a large number of dead Yankees scattered everywhere about over the field. As usual, their clothing had been stripped from them, and they lay with their swollen forms stretched at full length upon that soil which they had come to desecrate and desolate, an